Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

Food Journal: Omnivore, Gluten Free

Here’s my food journal from yesterday. Although I wouldn’t call it a strict paleo diet, it’s paleo -like. I’d say I’m a cross between Nourishing Traditions type foods and Paleo. Basically, I do Paleo plus grass fed butter… and on rare occasion I have raw grass fed cheese.

I prefer Straus European grass fed butters because of the higher fat content, but I'm at mom's and Kerrygold is what she had.

I prefer Straus European grass fed butters because of the higher fat content, but I’m at mom’s and Kerrygold is what she had, which is also nice.

++ Please note that when I post a food journal it is simply a snap shot of a day in my life. My foods vary, with intention, and you can’t always see that when I randomly post food journals. Nonetheless, people continue to ask me to post my food journals. I’ll do my best to post them more often so you get a better picture.

Mini (Vegetarian) Breakfast 1 (I call it a “mini breakfast” because I’m sometimes not ready to eat for a couple of hours after waking, and this satisfies me til then. It’s easy and allows me to spend more time on Kamea’s breakfast and other mommy stuff. Kamea ate a bunch of organic strawberries, a paleo -ish muffin, grass fed bison braunschwieger, and drank water. Oh, she also had a few sips of my decaf mini-breakfast coffee.)

Breakfast 2 (Omnivore, Paleo -ish)

  • Grass fed bison Braunschweiger with lemon juice and organic spicy mustard. I mash it all up like a pate (I’m still working on loving liver, so this is a decent way to consume it so it tastes better … more details on organ meat recipes in the future.)
  • 2 Paleo -ish muffins with melted grass fed butter drizzled on top (I say Paleo -ish because lately I use organic grass fed Ghee or High Vitamin Butter Oil instead of coconut oil for added nutrition when I bake them. Paleo -ish Muffin recipes coming soon.)
  • Organic green jasmine tea
  • Supplements today (these change and aren’t the same day to day): cod liver oil, magnesium glycinate, vitamin c, soil based probiotic, chlorella. Kamea’s supplements were Garden of Life chewable and a vitamin D3/K2 chewable.)
Vibrant and satisfying salad ready to be tossed.

Vibrant and satisfying salad ready to be tossed. Specific recipe coming soon.

Lunch (Raw Vegan)

  • Large organic romaine salad with diced avocado, raw olive oil vinaigrette, cilantro (love this gentle cleansing herb), sun-dried tomatoes, and mini bell peppers (Kamea ate mostly of the avocado and veggies, plus had some organic blueberries, and she also drank herbal nettle – rose tea)
  • Kombucha
Hhmmm all done and ready to eat.

Hhmmm stew.

Dinner (Omnivore, Paleo -ish)

  • Grass fed ground bison stew loaded with organic vegetables made in my slow cooker and topped with a pat of grass fed butter (Kamea loves my stews.) Kamea had her stew with a glass of raw organic coconut water.
  • Organic strawberries and blueberries
  • (Lasts night dinner was Vital Choice wild caught king salmon and a soup of cauliflower and carrot.)

Blog update… You can see I’ve been posting a lot more lately so check back frequently for lots of recipes I’m making my family these days. And, if you have special requests, be sure to tweet them to me.

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