Thursday, August 8th, 2013

Omnivore Food Journal

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Omnivore Food Journal…

A snapshot like this into my day doesn’t tell the whole picture, because I try to eat with “a week in mind” (though you’ve seen that I’ve had many days started with Decaf Bulletproof Coffee, it’s not always the case). Here’s a day from my journal for Kamea (my 3 yo) and myself.


Cinnamon Paleo Bread

Cinnamon Paleo Bread

  • Kamea had Cinnamon Paleo Bread spread with organic grass fed High Vitamin Butter Oil as well as a dish of frozen organic cherries and a scoop of grass fed bison braunschweiger. She’s a fan of braunschweiger and liver. Personally, one way I find it easier to get down is by eating a small bite of it with something else. Most people would use crackers but since we don’t eat crackers often, I have it with sliced cucumber or a berry or olive. Kamea’s vitamins for the day: Vitamins (d3/k2) pill.
  • My breakfast was: Bulletproof iced coffee. This version was using the upgraded beans (mix of both decaf and regular) blended with 1 teaspoon high vitamin butter oil, 1 tablespoon organic coconut oil, 1 tablespoon MCT oil, 2 tablespoons Straus European grass fed butter, and the upgraded vanilla. I then pour it over ice (during the summer). Delicious. This is a common (first) breakfast for me because it’s so easy to do and keeps me satiated until I have more time to figure out a meal. Sometimes I crack in 1 to 2 pastured organic raw egg yolks. If I’m not having Bulletproof coffee, I’d say the usual for me is cooking pastured eggs using my Sous Vide Supreme and veggies. Or, I’ll join Kamea in some Paleo -style bread, organic fruit, and organic raw nuts. A very easy breakfast too.


  • Both Kamea and I had: (leftover) Sweet Potato Bison Stew, Cinnamon Paleo Bread, and (fresh) organic blueberries and raspberries.
  • My supplements for the day were… Magnesium, vitamin c, turmeric, and vitamin k2 drops


  • Vanilla Chocolate Chunk Cookie (1 each) and herbal tea


Vanilla Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Vanilla Chocolate Chunk Cookies

  • Both of us had: Sardine pâté, cooked broccoli, and a Vanilla Chocolate Chunk Cookie w grass fed butter spread on top and little drizzle maple syrup. I had a cup of decaf coffee as well.

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