Sunday, December 29th, 2013

Recipe Easiest French Toast Ever (Gluten Free)

Here’s a simple french toast recipe that my kid (and husband) love. It’s just toasted paleo bread with grass fed organic ghee, and organic maple syrup… But, surprisingly it tastes quite a bit like french toast, because the bread has both an eggy flavor and texture. It’s so easy that your kiddos can make it all by themselves, supervised while using the toaster.

*I consider this a paleo recipe (though perhaps not super strict paleo) because of the use of ghee or high vitamin butter oil.

Kid loving goodness

Easiest French Toast (gluten free)

Easiest French Toast Ever

Paleo bread, syrup, butter oil or ghee

1) Buy a loaf of paleo bread – I buy Julian’s Bakery (at Whole Foods Market) that is both almond flour and coconut flour mixed. More often though, I make my own paleo bread, which I prefer because my recipe uses all organic ingredients and whole, organic, pastured-raised eggs. 

2) Toast the sliced bread.

3) Spread organic grass fed High Vitamin Butter Oil or grass fed organic ghee on top. I think the Ancient Organics Ghee lends a more french toasty flavor.

4) Drizzle organic maple syrup or  raw coconut nectar on top.

5) Enjoy.

Kamea's breakfast (we added a few bites of grass fed bison braunschweiger, too)

Easiest French Toast Ever (gluten free)

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