Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

Eating Healthy With Limited Time – Food Journal of a Busy Day

by Kristen Suzanne in food journal, home school


I keep these in the car for enhancing foods I eat at restaurants.

I keep these in the car for enhancing foods I eat at restaurants.

We had a very busy day so I thought I would share how we sometimes eat when we have a full schedule and we’re on the go. The majority of our meals are all made from scratch three times a day, and almost always eaten at home. However, sometimes I need a bit of help in the kitchen so there are few organic premade items that I buy from the grocery store (jars of organic tomatoes as they’re often more delicious than fresh tomatoes depending on the season, organic pasta sauce – with no sugar added, snack bars, gluten free crackers, sardines, smoked wild caught sockeye salmon, etc). And, sometimes we eat at a couple of carefully chosen restaurants.

Here was our schedule on this busy day…

  1. Butterfly Wonderland with 90+ people in our local homeschoolers group
  2. Lunch at Chipotle
  3. Park meetup with other moms n kids (Now that we made new friends we’re extra busy. Learn how you can make more friends here)
  4. Little Gym for Kamea’s dance class
  5. Home for dinner
  6. Harvest broth that I had cooking in the Sous Vide for 24 hours (learn how to make your own bone broth here)
  7. Food shop at Trader Joes and Whole Foods





We ran to Chipotle because we wanted something quick while we were out. Sometimes I pack our lunches but I just wasn’t able to on this day. I don’t like that Chipotle uses industrial seed oil which is a huge no-no for me, but it’s not very often so I don’t freak out about it. In fact, they used to use shitty gmo soy oil but at least they have made it a teeny tiny bit better now that they use rice bran oil. Don’t be fooled though because I’m feeling that it’s still a trashy refined oil.


  • White rice and guacamole – Our consumption of grains is extremely low. If we have any, it’s in the form of white rice 95% of the time because we eschew brown rice nowadays. Did you know? White rice is all the rage. According to Chris Kressers’ new book Your Personal Paleo Code, apparently some studies show that more nutrients are absorbed from white rice over brown rice (gasp!) because brown rice has anti-nutrients (like phytic acid) in it preventing nutrients in the rice from being absorbed. Not only that but brown rice can also reduce dietary protein and fat digestibility. To me that’s good news because I always liked white rice better anyway.


  • White rice, guacamole, steak and organic turmeric I brought from home (fighting inflammation and preventing Alzheimer’s starts young and turmeric can help with that) and this MCT oil for extra brain power, fat burning and energy. On some days I can also be found modding my Chipotle bowl with even more. I pack a diced red bell pepper or celery or whatever fresh veggie I have on hand plus I bring Raw Organic Farmhouse Kraut and a dollop of grass fed greek full fat yogurt. I put it all in a glass bowl with a lid. Then, I buy the Chipotle bowl with white rice, steak, and guacamole, and I dump my extra fixings on top and go to town. The turmeric packets and MCT oil are pictured above.
  • I also brought a small organic, homemade green smoothie to drink which was made of cucumber, celery, parsley, cilantro, basil, lemon, filtered water and ice.


Greg, Kamea, and Me

  • Wild caught smoked sockeye salmon – Here’s a smart staple pantry item because 1) it can store in the pantry for a long time, 2) it’s easy, fast, nutritious, and 3) it’s great for travel. I buy it through Amazon’s Subscribe n Save program to save money.
  • Frozen broccoli, topped with grass fed butter. I cooked this in my Valentine’s day present and one of my now favorite pans(!) for it’s perfect size, clear lid, and it’s easy to clean. I’m taking a 6 month Practical Series cooking course at a local cooking academy and the chef instructor is almost always using a pan like this for cooking various items so I had to get one. 
  • Raw organic soaked almonds
  • Organic orange

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