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New York Trip – Bareburger – “Real Food” Friendly

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Bareburger (NYC) for "Real Food" friendly burgers. Grass-fed. Organic. Sliders shown here.

Bareburger (NYC) for “Real Food” friendly burgers. Grass-fed. Organic. Sliders shown here.

The last (and best) place I want to share with you about our recent trip to New York is for Bareburger, a “micro-chain of organic burger restaurants” (and like Don Antonio’s Pizza), we chose the location of our AirBnB rental to be between Don Antonio’s and Bare Burger. They’re that good. When we’re in New York we eat at Bareburger every couple of days, sometimes multiple days in a row. Thank you to Lauren for sharing this with us!

Bareburger logo

Bareburger logo

Bareburger is an amazing place and I was stoked to learn of their recent plans to expand nationwide. I’m not the only who thinks so, too. They’re Zagat voted top 10 burger in New York City (from 2011 to 2014) and Michelin recommended. They offer the highest quality of ingredients throughout the whole menu, and that’s unique. You’ll find restaurants where they offer local veggies or some organic salads, but it usually ends there. Not with Bareburger. When you dine at Bareburger, you are spoiled with pristine ingredients from the organic local veggies to the grass fed organic animal products (including their dairy). Check out these amazing details for yourself.

The menu is filled with a variety of styles of burgers. You choose the basic style, like “Roadhouse” (one of our favorites, oh and the new “Southern” is amazing, too), which comes with fixings of pepperjack, country bacon, sweet apple grilled onions, avocado, smoked paprika mayo, and more. You choose the kind of meat you want (I usually opt for grass fed beef but you can choose from elk, bison, lamb, wild boar, ostrich, and more), tell them how you want it prepared (they nail it 99% of the time), and voila. Yumminess ensues.

Bareburger (NYC) grass fed beef Roadhouse without the bun.

Bareburger (NYC) grass fed beef Roadhouse without the bun.

When it comes to ordering at restaurants for my 3 year old daughter I always order from the adult menu. Too often I find children’s menus appalling where your options range from macaroni-n-cheese crap to chicken finger crap to peanut butter and jelly crap to spaghetti crap. My young daughter has an amazing palate because I respect it. People wonder how she eats so amazingly… well, I feed her amazing food. Bareburger is unique here a bit, too, in that they offer kids their top quality burgers with a side of fries or baby carrots n apple slices plus a milk or juice. Since I’m not really into eating fries or drinking juice or milk, we opt out of the kiddie menu and get her the Sliders without buns. That’s what you see pictured at the top of the post. Their mega delicious and their “special sauce” is addictive. I usually end up eating one of them because Kamea doesn’t need 6 ounces of meat in a sitting.

Bareburger, a place with amazing service by the way, also offers some options for the vegetarians out there. I’ve not taken part in them though so I can’t speak on them. And(!), they offer a fun brunch menu. Lastly, they have intriguing dessert options that sound fantastic but we haven’t tried them. We have, however, had their Bare Shakes made with grass fed organic ice cream. Yowza yum.

I have only one tiny gripe with them. I wish they offered a side dish that was a healthily prepared veggie like steamed broccoli smothered in grass fed butter. Currently, they offer french fries, onion rings, cole slaw, and the like, but not a hot-n-healthy option. The coleslaw is okay but when it’s the dead of winter and freezing, I want something nice and warm alongside my burger. As it is, I get mine without the bun, pictured below, so I usually want something additional to eat and some steamed broccoli with grass butter would be great.

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