Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

How I Eat Raw Eggs: Down The Hatch, Baby

Raw egg yolks for a primal n sexy food.

Raw egg yolks for a primal n sexy food.

When I’m wanting to feel extra cool, and dare I admit, extra sexy…. I eat raw egg yolks. I don’t know why I like it so much because it’s not for the flavor. However, if I think about it, the flavor is pretty nice.

If I think about it even more, I probably think it’s so bad-ass because it feels primal. That’s hot.

Not to mention it’s a really fast breakfast, snack, whatever. Super nutritious.

I know eating raw eggs is controversial so you gotta do what you feel is right. I’m just sharing what I do and how, and why (it’s sexy, remember?).

So, here’s the thing though. I won’t eat just any eggs raw. It also bears repeating that these are the egg yolks only – I’m not into snotty-like egg whites (not only are they snotty in texture but they’re not even best eaten raw). I only eat raw pasture-raised eggs. That means the hens were treated fairly and healthily. They are out eating bugs and grubs which makes for nutritious eggs.

I like to serve mine in a little shot glass with some chunky icelandic flake sea salt and a crank or two of black pepper. When I eat raw egg yolks, I eat between 2 to 4. I separate the yolks from the whites (I’m a total pro at that now), and I put them in a little shot-like glass. I add the salt and pepper, and down the hatch they go – just like a shot.

They feel a bit like soft little pillows on the back of my tongue before going down my throat and into mah-belleh.

If I remember correctly, my friend in Europe said her grandma used to eat raw egg yolks with a bit of raw honey stirred in. She could be on to something there.

If you’re still freaked out about it, but you’re intrigued about the nutritious elements of raw egg yolks, you can always blend some into your morning coffee. I like adding them to my Bulletproof-style coffee when I’m not taking them down in a shot glass.

Oh, I sometimes blend a raw egg yolk into my salad dressing.

Oh, and I crack eggs into my hot bone broth which cooks them, but only a bit. Soooo yummy (I usually do the whole egg for that).

Oh, and I add raw egg yolks to homemade ice cream.

But, those other ways are NOT as sexy. ;)

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