Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

Here’s What I Order to Get What I Want at True Food Kitchen

True Food - a pretty darn decent place for a quality meal. #RealFood

True Food Kitchen – a pretty darn decent place for a quality meal. #RealFood

Going to restaurants requires some creativity and planning on my part if I’m to be satisfied.

Obviously, for starters, I pick restaurants with (at least) mostly quality food, when possible. One of the places we visit in Scottsdale, AZ is True Food Kitchen because they offer grass fed beef options as well as organic vegetables and dairy (I think the dairy is all organic there – not sure if it’s grass-fed).

The next challenge is making sure I pack necessary items to complete my meal or to make it healthier than it would otherwise be. For example, I’ve been known to bring my own grass-fed butter and MCT oil to restaurants along with the usual things I already carry in my purse like sea salt and organic turmeric powder. I’ve written about how I mod my Chipotle bowl here with a variety of ingredients – check it out.

Still, just going somewhere that has some good ingredients doesn’t mean I’ll want anything on the menu. Luckily, True Food Kitchen likes to satisfy their picky customers, like me, when I take various components from the menu and make my own meal. (They even have a coffee drink called Paleo Coffee which is similar to Bulletproof Coffee in that it’s organic coffee blended with coconut oil and butter.)

Here’s what I do when I eat at True Food Kitchen.

I take this menu option here:

Image 45

True Food Kitchen menu

I then say this:

I’d like the Teriyaki Brown Rice Bowl but:

  • no teriyaki sauce – please use lots of butter instead
  • add grass-fed steak – cooked medium rare
  • keep the avocado on it – add extra if possible (doesn’t always happen)
  • no snow peas – sub broccoli and shiitake mushrooms

I suddenly just thought of Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally and she’s ordering the apple pie – the way she wants it.

Then, when it arrives I add sea salt (ignore the container, that’s my own pink sea salt I put inside), MCT oil, and turmeric powder.

Stuff I carry in my purse for restaurants.

Stuff I carry in my purse for restaurants.

It looks like this after I add my own goodies to it: (my picture really doesn’t do it much justice – sorry – but it is totally om nom nom)

True Food Kitchen Teriyaki Bowl  - my modded (read: healthier) version.

True Food Kitchen Teriyaki Brown Rice Bowl – my modded (read: healthier) version.

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