Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

A Peek Into My Makeup Bag

by Kristen Suzanne in beauty, Kristen Suzanne
Peek into my makeup bag.

Peek into my makeup bag.

I was in mom’s bathroom a moment ago, and I dumped out my makeup bag so I could access it all. Goodness, I love makeup.

It’s small and I don’t carry much… not like the old days, geesh, you should’ve seen me back then. Goodness, I love makeup.

Anyway, here’s what I got!

Tarte lipstick: This particular color isn’t my most prized, but it’s what I’m carrying because I used up the one I liked more. I refuse to spend more money on more lipsticks until I use up the ones I already have. For now.

Christopher Drummond Beauty concealer: I was introduced to this makeup via an old friend. It’s quality stuff and non-toxic. My favorite product of his is the concealer which I like to dilute with a pump of Eminence Bamboo Firming Fluid (or any moisturizer), which makes the concealer more like a foundation. It’s fast become a staple in both my mom’s makeup drawer and mine. I bought my first one through his website and then the second one mom treated me to via Amazon. Thanks, mom!

MaidenFern Blushing Balm: This is one of my most prized beauty possessions and it’s from Living Libations. It’s totally #allnatural and actually GOOD for your skin. Gives cheeks and lips a glow, but requires frequent application.

Hurraw Lip Balm: Non-toxic lip balm. Nuff’ said.

Eminence moisturizer: I carry this little sample container and refill it with moisturizer for my makeup bag – so I can always have a bit when needed. I use a number of their moisturizers and today’s actually has their Tomato Oil-Free Control Gel.

Makeup Forever Eyeliner: Totally not non-toxic. I know. I bought it during a moment of weakness when I couldn’t find a non-moving non-toxic not-crappy eyeliner that was more natural. I use it occasionally, not daily. I’m cool with that.

Tweezers: Ugh… the hairs I see when I’m in the car that need tweezing once I’m in really natural light. Scary. Gotta have tweezers at all times.

Tiffany Heart Pill Case: I carry Activated Charcoal in it for when I dine at restaurants where I’m not happy about the food. That pretty much means that I rarely take these because I’m rarely in a restaurant like that. The charcoal supposedly binds to toxins and junk so my body doesn’t absorb it.

Bobby pin: For picking locks getting hair out of my face when exercising.

Bears repeating: Goodness, I love makeup.

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