Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

My Quick Menu Mod at Blu Burger – Striving To Optimize

My Blu Burger Mod

My Blu Burger Grille Mod

Here’s another quick mod to a restaurant menu I do when we eat at Blu Burger. (Here is my Chipotle ModHere is my True Food Kitchen Mod.)

Why do I modify my foods at restaurants? Probably because I won’t truly enjoy my meal if I don’t. Simply put: most restaurants aren’t cooking with ingredients or methods that optimize health (i.e., burgers on grills or health destroying oils like canola oil). I know you might think I’m a bit … errrr … extreme. Hello, my name is Kristen, have you met me?

I do tend to be intense, at least when it comes to food. Most other things I’m super chill. Promise.

So, why do I even bother going to restaurants? I ask myself that more often than not, but truth be told, I’ll go equally crazy if I don’t get a break from the kitchen. So the war wages on in my mind… do I eat some crappy food and save my soul from the stress of cooking non-stop or do I stay at home where the food is uber healthy but tires my soul with never getting a break? I try finding balance the best way I can, meditate, eat really well all the other times, and if I can make some minor adjustments to my restaurant foods, then I do it.

Back to Blu Burger Grille… They offer grass-fed burgers and gluten-free buns. I’m not crazy about gluten-free buns because they typically include some junk ingredients in them, too, so I mostly avoid them. In fact, I opted to not eat this one shown in the picture, but I left it on for the picture. I brought the following items in case I needed to jazz up my meal with more nutrition.

  • Grass-fed butter to put on my burger. I love a burger with butter on it.
  • Ridiculously yummy tomato jam which is a sassy ketchup-like option.
  • Whole-fat grass-fed yogurt… um, just in case I wanted it for something. I like mixing this with the tomato jam.

The End. Thank you.

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