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Travel: Kauai, Hawaii. Art Cafe Hemingway Restaurant

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My favorite breakfast: In Our Time

My favorite breakfast: In Our Time

We went to Art Cafe Hemingway for breakfast every day of our vacation (that they were open) on the verdant island, Kauai.

The food was that good.

Adorbable cafe in Kauai - the best coffee.

Adorbable cafe in Kauai – the best coffee.

The attention to detail and the flavors in their food were such that I savored every bite. Truly. Each forkful kept me mindful effortlessly.

Although I was tempted to try darn near everything on the menu, I couldn’t stop ordering the “In Our Time” (I think that was the name) pictured above. It was the most ridiculously delicious omelet… made with small pockets of soft and warm cheese, reminding me of a little pillow like you’d eat with ravioli. The omelet was never saddened with any brown splotches (from overcooking, which you often find with omelets). It was moist and yellow – super fresh and delicious.

See? Little pillows.

See? Little pillows.

The omelet also came with a side of creamy yogurt jeweled with a few fresh berries. I’m a lover of yogurt and I’d swear this was the best yogurt I’ve had.

There was also toast served and I opted to upgrade to the chef’s homemade gluten-free bread. This bread deserves its own whole post – it was the best gluten-free bread: thickly sliced, easily held together without falling apart, moist, and wonderfully tasty. No beverage required to swallow this gluten-free bread because it wasn’t dry and choking.

I will cherish the memories of this bread. The chef told me she used lots of olive oil in the bread making.

Coffee time:

Best coffee I've tasted.

Best coffee I’ve tasted.

I also tried a couple of the different coffee options. For heavens sake, this coffee was the best on the island and probably the best coffee I’ve had in my life (coffee is my favorite beverage next to spring water, herbal tea, err and matcha).

I’ve never been to Europe and this was my opportunity to sample a little of Europe with each wonderful sip. I loved it so much – pardon me as I reminisce while I write this – their coffee was rich, fresh, effective, happy… I could go on and on.

Iced coffee, made the way it should be made: espresso and ice.

Iced coffee, made the way it should be made: espresso and ice.

I tried the iced coffee a few times because the weather beckoned it (their iced coffee is two shots of espresso served over ice – one time I requested it with fresh whipped cream – so good). I also enjoyed their hot coffee by the cup, served as an americano. I really could do a whole post on the coffee as well.

They take pride in their coffee, as well they should. I wanted a cappuccino on my last day but sadly they were out of organic milk. Organic and fresh foods are so important to the chef that she came to my table to apologize (and warn me) that I couldn’t have one unless I wanted it with non-organic milk. As a person who places importance on organics, I appreciated this and passed on the cappuccino. I will get one the next time I’m on the island.

My husband, Greg, tried the quiche one day. As you might imagine, it was fabulous (wish I had taken a photo but he literally devoured it before I could). A few other times he opted for simple scrambled eggs topped with parmesan cheese, which were wonderful and not overcooked. The days he went simple he had plans for surfing and didn’t want a full belly.

Another day he had a savory crepe. A true crepe – perfectly balanced. I expected nothing less than perfection from this restaurant.


On our first visit, we were delighted as one of the owners brought my daughter a toy box with which to be occupied. How thoughtful (and smart).

Croissant, bread, and spreads.

Croissant, bread, and spreads.

My 5-year old daughter, Kamea, enjoyed bites of our dishes as well as the gluten-free bread. She also experienced her first croissant, which was served with a tray of tantalizing spreads (honey, strawberry marmalade, butter and cream cheese). The croissant was not free of gluten, nor homemade, but I wanted her to try her first croissant as a treat. She liked it but preferred the homemade gluten-free bread from my plate, so most other mornings she had the gluten-free bread slathered with butter and shared our egg dishes.


Dessert sampler from Art Cafe Hemingway in Kauai.

Dessert sampler from Art Cafe Hemingway in Kauai.

The dessert?

Where do I begin? They were all so delightful – creamy tiramisu, passionfruit panne cotta, and chocolate pot de creme.

My daughter was in love with the chocolate dessert. I couldn’t get enough of any of them, but if I were pressed to choose, I’d opt for the panne cotta for its lightness and fresh flavors or the tiramisu for taking me on a journey with a little spice and sweet pick-me-up.

The last few things I’ll mention: The service was always great. The prices appropriate. And, the daytime decor was airy, light, and refreshing.

My only regret is we never experienced their dinner options as I’m positive they’d take my soul (and taste buds) to another place. I have promised myself another trip to Kauai where my family will enjoy their evening creations.

Tip: usually plenty of parking in the lot across the street.

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