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Need More Cooked Greens In Your Diet? Here’s A Quick Easy Trick. Plus: RECIPE!

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Kale is ready to easily add to any dish or cook up on their own in ghee.

Kale is ready to easily add to any dish or cook up on its own in ghee.

When I look at my diet, sometimes I see the day going by without much in the way of vegetables. Cooked green vegetables, to be more specific.

After having Bulletproof Coffee Shake or my Bulletproof – ish Matcha Tea, I’m filled up for a bit. Then, I might toss down some raw (pasture-raised, of course) egg yolks like here. Sometimes an Upgraded Collagen Bar (<– we love those!) finds its way into my belly. Maybe some other snack-y things like sauerkraut and raw cheese, etc. Actually, sauerkraut is a veggie. ;)

Before you know it, I’m getting ready for dinner and I’m realizing that in the day I might have only had a serving or two of leafy greens or veggies.

It’s true, there are times I have a green smoothie or salad at lunch, but that’s not all the time. And besides, those are raw ingredients… with the green smoothie, I tend to make them with things like avocado, celery, cucumber, herbs, lemon or lime, and a light leafy green (romaine, broccoli sprouts, etc). That doesn’t help if I want to get some more (cooked!) dark leafy greens in my diet outside of dinner.

Easy 1-serving spinach ginger soup

Easy 1-serving spinach ginger soup

I found a solution.

I have an easy way to incorporate cooked, dark leafy greens in my diet (like in the picture above) more regularly.

I buy them at the store, and right when I get home, I wash and dry them.

Pretty organic spinach.

Pretty organic spinach here…

Ready to wash.

… and organic kale is ready to wash.


I store them in ziploc bags, where I poke holes in them with a knife for better circulation.

Poking holes. They need to breathe after all.

Poking holes. They need to breathe after all.

These are ready for the fridge.

These are ready for the fridge.

Now, they’re ready to grab by the handful to:

  • Throw into eggs in the morning.
  • Stir into soup at lunch, or heck, use to make a quick soup where you cook them in homemade bone broth, seasonings, and blend (once cooked) with grass-fed butter.
  • Ready to go at dinner when I don’t have time to wash and prep a bunch of things.
  • It even makes it super easy to just throw a handful in a pan with some grass-fed ghee (Ancient Organics is the best ever) or grass-fed butter along with some sea salt and pepper… maybe a squirt of citrus. Now, that’s a nice little snack.
Spinach getting cooked for a quickie soup.

Spinach getting cooked for a quickie soup.

(I teach you many ways to make your own nutritious bone broth here.)

Grab and cook. Make it easy on yourself.

Grab and cook. Make it easy on yourself.


Seems simple, and well, it is. That’s what I like.

And, for things like cilantro and salad lettuce, which I’m not cooking. I wash and dry in salad spinners which go right into the fridge (after draining). That makes for EASY salads and smoothies, and they stay fresh and crisp.

I suppose if I wanted to buy more spinners I could store the spinach and kale in those, instead of ziplocs, but that wouldn’t fit as well in my refrigerator.

The little guy on the left with the cilantro is in a cute little herb spinner. Those are helpful when buying a bunch of cilantro, parsley, or a big container of organic basil.

Salad spinners store greens right in the fridge.

Salad spinners store greens right in the fridge.


So, I just came home from a day where I took both a spin class and a yoga class. I was feeling a wee bit ambitious. Once I was home I was famished so I gobbled up an Upgraded Collagen Bar (my FAVORITE) to tame my crazy hunger, while I made a quickie soup.

Here’s the easy and delicious soup recipe that I just made in about 10-minutes.

I took my already washed spinach from the fridge and set aside.

Ingredients I used for my Spinach Ginger Soup Recipe…

  • 2 to 3 tablespoons grass-fed salted butter
  • 1 leek, white part only, sliced
  • Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • fresh ginger, about a knob, chopped
  • 1 medium carrot, diced
  • tiny drizzle pomegranate molasses , cuz I was feeling “chef-y” (optional)
  • couple handfuls freshly washed spinach
  • 1 cup spring water (better yet would be bone broth)
  • fresh herbs
  • egg yolk, raw, organic, and pasture-raised
  • cayenne tincture, optional

Pro-tip: You build flavors by adding things a bit at a time and seasoning as you go.

The first thing is to get out a little soup / sauce pot. Here’s mine.

Isn't it adorbs?

Isn’t it adorbs? It has a see through lid, too. Err… lid not shown.

Get the stove turned to about medium-low and put some butter in the pot.

Add the leeks. Add some sea salt and pepper. Stir and cook a few minutes.

Add the ginger. Stir and cook a minute.

Add the carrot and cook another five minutes or less, just want to get them cooking a bit. Drizzle on a bit of the pomegranate molasses here.

Stir and cook more. (This is easy, isn’t it?)

Meanwhile, get your blender ready with about a cup of (not cold) water (or warmed broth). Toss in some fresh herbs if you have any. Add 1 to 2 tablespoons grass-fed butter. Add the raw egg yolk. Set aside the blender.

Go back to the stove… Add the spinach, a bit more salt and pepper. Cover and cook til bright green. (They cook fast. Maybe a minute.)

Add the spinach mixture to the blender, and blend until creamy and smooth.

Taste. Add sea salt, if needed. Mine usually needs it.

If desired… add 10 drops of cayenne tincture. I like adding this to amp up the oomph. I was feeling tight from the exercise and hoped the cayenne would help with inflammation.

Serve in your favorite mug… and, be proud.

That's some gourmet sh*t there.

That’s some gourmet sh*t there.

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