Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

Using a Timer Changed My Meditation Practice

by Kristen Suzanne in Meditation
A timer for meditation makes a difference.

A timer for meditation makes a difference.

Most of you know that meditation has been a top priority in my life for the past couple of years. Thank goodness I followed my intuition in pursuing it. I wish I’d done that sooner but as with many things, you gotta be open and ready. Yoga was like that for me, too.

Back story: Life was nice and all a few years ago, but I had too many rules in life (probably still do), which created too many stresses. I had too much passion for health related topics, which, too, created too much stress.

Then, after some thought, I figured I could eat a fairly crappy diet, but, if I meditated, then it might even keep me healthier than if I ate a pristine diet and didn’t meditate.

The self-created stresses in my life made my body (and mind) screamed for meditation to calm them down, and that’s why I made meditation a priority. It was so important that for a couple of years it was the only goal for my new year’s resolutions. Fast forward to today, and wow, life is so much better.

But… it’s a practice. I’m still learning and growing my meditation practice, which brings me to my point today.

I started using a timer with my meditation sittings, and it dramatically improved my experience.

Wish I’d done that sooner, too.

Here’s the thing, if I didn’t use a timer then I was too often wondering how much time had elapsed (most often just a few minutes!). The moment I started using a timer, I started with 15 minutes, and I knew it’d let me know when the time was up so I could empty my mind of time. It also helped me meditate longer in a sitting.

Sounds simple and it is.

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