Monday, March 28th, 2016

Chop Wood. Carry Water. Make Yogurt. Make Butter.

Beautiful homemade yogurt in this smoothie. #ChopWoodCarryWater

Beautiful homemade yogurt in this smoothie. #ChopWoodCarryWater

You’ve seen that I make my own kefir now.

And, you know that just because I drink kefir doesn’t mean I don’t still eat yogurt. I want them both in my diet because they benefit my body in different ways. Who knew that?

Naturally, I was inspired to make my own yogurt.

It feels good to actually make ingredients. I’m not talking about making recipes… I’m talking about making the ingredients for the recipes.

They’re different.

I think it’s quite beautiful when making my own ingredients whether it’s growing my own herbs or vegetables, harvesting citrus from my mom’s citrus orchard, making my own kefir and yogurt, and even making my own butter.

Making my own grass-fed butter. #BadAss

Making my own grass-fed butter. #BadAss

Yes. I’m even making butter.

Here’s the tutorial I used to make my own butter with my KitchenAid mixer (I knew I’d end up using that mixer someday for something) …

Funny thing about making butter… it’s not saving me much money, which is one reason many people take to making their own ingredients like yogurt or growing their own food. But butter? I’m not saving much money and it’s taking time to make it.

But, that’s the thing. I enjoy the process so much… Chop wood. Carry water.

Now, if only I could get my hands on a cow. Greg? We need a farm!

Back to the yogurt…

Making yogurt from grass-fed, whole-fat milk.

Making yogurt from grass-fed, whole-fat milk.

I bought a great starter from Cultures for Health as pictured above. It’s so easy and making the yogurt and kefir actually DO save a nice chunk of change. I don’t have a yogurt maker so I use my awesome sous vide to guarantee temperature but I think the cultures for health website offer different options for those without a sous vide or yogurt maker. I also use my favorite kitchen tool, this instant read thermometer for all things I’m making… yogurt, kefir, meats, No-Mayo Deviled Eggs, and sourdough bread (<– yup, admission there – more on that in another post).

And, it bears repeating… I love the process. Making my own ingredients, making my own foods… It’s something special.

For those wanting the delectable and refreshing smoothie pictured at the top of this post, blend the following together…

  • homemade yogurt
  • cucumber
  • strawberries
  • fresh cilantro and rosemary, just a bit of each

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