Saturday, January 7th, 2017

Hiking Date With My Husband

by Kristen Suzanne in arizona, movement

Black Mountain here we come!

The other day I took my daughter to find Black Mountain for hiking. I’d heard it was steeeeeeeep and a great workout.

We found it. We took some pics. We started our ascent. (Buns of steel here I come.)

My Vibrams handled this well.

This was just the beginning.

But, about 15 minutes in, my head was pounding so we turned around. We declared it a reconnaissance mission and went for oatmeal at the local coffee shop.

Grotto Cafe in Cave Creek AZ

Today, I told my husband that for date night we’d go hiking and this time I’d make my way to the top. The promised 360-view was calling me.


We did it! Hard as heck as our hearts pounded in our chests (I’m a bit out of shape) and our legs burned as we climbed over jagged rocks up and up and up.

But wow what a workout!

We made it!

The view. Carefree, AZ


After we went for burgers.

Dinner earned.

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