Sunday, January 29th, 2017

First Planning Steps For Our Family Living Abroad

by Kristen Suzanne in travel

Italy… just one destination of many.

I’ve mentioned before that we’re planning to eventually spend a lot of time abroad. 

Sure, it’s still a long way off, but all this time allows me to research, research, research.

Things like: visas, projected costs (and savings!), housesitting, digital nomadism, finding the cheapest air travel, where to go, packing, and of course… can I bring my Instant Pot???

To assist, I created a “Travel” file in Evernote where I have the following notes:

  • To-Do (things like renew passports, take a self-defense class, get “global entry” and more)
  • Countries / Research (a long list of all the places we think would be fun)
  • Airfare/Train (how to get cheap air including the travel hack of “chasing miles”)
  • Packing (backpacks, carry-on, suitcases, first aid kit, clothes, herbs, food, etc)
  • Technology (adapters, cell phones, VPN, laptops, and more)
  • Accommodations (options, costs, etc)

Embracing minimalism will make this move abroad easier (and cheaper), so I’ve slowly donated and sold things. Admittedly, I get a surge of energy and excitement when I purge things (though not sure my husband or daughter share my thrill – sorry, Greg, about that bottle opener). 

Learning from Minimalism experts, I ask myself two things when deciding whether to keep or get rid of something:

Does this item spark joy?

Would I buy this now had I not bought it before?

Considering those two questions is powerful in inspiring me to just let… it… go.  

I will share what I learn about living abroad as I go. I hope it helps someone considering the same thing much as all the blogs I’ve read have helped me. 

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