Thursday, March 9th, 2017

Homemade Sunflower Seed Butter – Just Too Easy

by Kristen Suzanne in recipe

Homemade goodness

I was on the hunt for some nut or seed butters in the store recently.

I wanted something to have on hand for:

  • snacking with celery and raisins
  • frozen berry smoothies (the fat in the nuts or seeds helps our bodies assimilate more nutrition from the produce)
  • just a spoonful when I want a little something in my belly that’s easy and quick

Something was holding me back from buying anything like that from the store. Something something something…

Oh yeah… price and quality. To be fair there are some good organic nut and seed butters out there, but I decided I wanted a seed butter. At the time the prospects weren’t attractive because they were either stored in plastic or they weren’t organic or they were just too damn pricey.

And, duh, I remembered that I had raw organic sunflower seeds sitting in my cupboard at home. :)

I made my own. Cuz. It’s just too easy.

Here’s what I did…

(I took the extra step to toast them a bit in a pan on the stove for fun and extra flavor.)

Put the seeds in a food processor, fitted with the “S” blade. Add a pinch (or two) of sea salt, if desired.

Let it whirl, and whirl, and whirl and whirl and whirl whhhiiiirrrlllllll

…until it’s nut or seed butter. 

Beginning stages… go go go!

A few times in the process I scraped down the sides.

Voila! Sunflower seed butter. 

Let’s eat!


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