Saturday, March 18th, 2017

Easiest Burger in the World

by Kristen Suzanne in grass fed beef, recipe

Easiest burger in the world.

In a mad rush one night earlier this week, I came up with a fantastic way to make burgers. Fast.

I knew I had ground beef. But instead of making patties, seasoning them just so, and standing over the stove as I cooked ‘em up. I decided I simply wanted to smash the beef into one big square, bake it, add some cheese, cut. Done.

Minimal handling. Quick cooking. 

And? Ha. It worked like a charm! I’ll forever whip up burgers like this cuz it’s just too darn easy. 

I like easy.

So here’s how to do it in pictures. :)

Toss that pound of (grass-fed) beef in the center of a pan.

When possible, let that beef sit (wrapped) on the counter to take the chill off from being in the refrigerator. When I was in my mad frenzy to make dinner the other night, I called my husband from the road and said screamed, “GET THE MEAT OUT!”

It’s time to get the beef flat for easy cooking. No making multiple patties here. Think of it as one big-ass burger.

Giver ‘er a quick smash. No crazy handling, just a quick smash to flatten it out.

I envisioned a giant square, when I thought this idea up, and that’s what worked for me. That way I could cut it into four nice patties after cooking.

Also, my intention was to keep it on the thinner side to help it cook faster. 

Okey-dokey. Smashing success. ;)

Get out the salt. And pepper (and anything else to sprinkle on top, maybe garlic powder or turmeric powder? When in a rush, stick to just salt and pepper).

Season generously with salt and pepper. Repeat after me: Season generously.

I baked mine at 375 for about 10 minutes (which of course you turned the oven on before starting the prep, right?). You might cook for a shorter time to get a medium-rare burger. The idea here is that it cooks pretty fast and that’s the whole point of this exercise, eh? 

Bake away. Love my lil Breville oven.

When it’s reached the right temperature for you, add sliced cheese. Turn off the oven and stick the pan back inside, with the oven door closed so it melts.

Ahhhhh the cheese. Yes cheese please! (grass-fed, of course)

Cut that big square of cheesy beef into four smaller squares. You’re ready to serve on buns, sourdough bread, a lettuce bun, or just eat that deliciousness as is. With mustard.

Side note: Hopefully, while the meat was cooking, you made a healthy side dish veggie. However, the first time I made this… the time I was in a crazy rush, I didn’t even bother with a side. I figured the homemade pickled onions I threw on top were enough. That’s motherhood, though, right?

At least the second time I made this, so that I could capture the process in photos for you, I threw some brussels sprouts in my INSTANT POT(!). They cooked with perfect timing to the beef cooking.

(I used my Instant Pot three times today to make veggies: the first time I made dandelion greens, the second time I made carrots, and the third time I made the brussels sprouts. I definitely eat way more veggies now that I have an Instant Pot. They’re just SO EASY to make in it.)

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