Monday, October 15th, 2007

Yin Yang Smoothie, Exercise & Food

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Today was another super day in my life even though I awoke quite late again. How can I help it? Saturday night started with a party (yep, I had wine). Then, I came home and stayed up watching the Firefly TV Series on DVD followed by the movie, Serenity until 5am – they are both fantastic, clever, and addicting (clearly…since I stayed up all night watching them).

I was full of energy and I couldn’t wait to get to the gym. I focused my weight routine on chest and tricep exercises (push-ups, cable cross overs, dips, and V-bar push down). Between sets I raised my heart rate by jumping rope. For the last 15 minutes of my workout I rode a stationary bike, while indulging my mind in a magazine sharing the latest gossip on celebrities. (Did I just admit that?)

Breakfast: 4 cups smoothie (2 cups water, 2 cups spinach (packed), 2 large bananas, 1 apple, 2 tsp fresh rosemary (minced), 1/3 habanero pepper)
Lunch/Dinner: Huge salad with a mix of chopped red bell peppers, carrots, celery, cucumber on top of spring lettuce served with scrumptious Raw Italian Dressing
Snack: nibbled on 1/2 habanero pepper
Dessert: my new recipe Easy Chocolate Coconut Sauce drizzled over sliced bananas and chopped almonds (recipe included in this month’s email newsletter…have you subscribed yet? If not, why are you waiting? Visit to subscribe now.

Addendum: It’s 3:32 am and I just ate a medium size salad (same items as earlier) followed by my swirling energetic Yin Yang Smoothie. The cool and refreshing effect from the frozen bananas (Yin) opposite the spicy hot fire you feel on your tongue and the back of your throat as you swallow (Yang)…well, it’s enough to make anyone feel refreshingly hot.

Yin Yang Smoothie
1 – 2 cups water
3 frozen bananas
3 tablespoons organic raw chocolate powder
3/4 – 1 red jalapeno pepper

Blend all of the ingredients until thick and creamy. Enjoy.

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Monday, October 8th, 2007

My day so far…

by Kristen Suzanne in eco friendly, exercise, raw chocolate

It’s about 3pm and I’m just waking up. I stayed up late watching movies (something to the tune of 4:30am). The night began with going to a late movie, Eastern Promises (starring Viggo Mortensen). Great movie! Yes, I brought along my green smoothie for raw goodness. Once I arrived home, I was jazzed with energy, so I watched Batman Begins and G.I.Jane (Did you know Viggo was in this movie?). At that point I was ready to work out after being inspired by Demi Moore, but the gym wasn’t open yet. Where are the 24-hour gyms when you need them?

I’m eating Raw German Chocolate Brownies for breakfast. YUM! I created this recipe because I’m doing a demonstration at Wild Oats to celebrate Oktoberfest . I might even dress up in a costume as a bar wench – haha…we’ll see. I think I’ll eat these all day because I am out of fresh produce in my house. “What??? Kristen Suzanne, you don’t have your kitchen stocked at all times?” Truth be told, I ran out of food….except for the freezer! I have loads of raw food frozen for occasions such as these. I have made (and ready for thawing)….dressings, hummus, pate, desserts and more. You see, ordinarily I’m very organized and prepared….uuhmmm….for the times I’m not prepared.

What actually happened is I spent my weekend at the 10th annual Green Building Expo. My plan was to only attend Friday, but it was so great I went back the second day. It was filled with amazing lectures on how to make green living in your home a reality. I’m now dreaming of solar panel rooftops to make my own energy to sell back to the power company. Very inspiring.

I’m off to the gym now (thoughts of Demi Moore doing her 1-arm pushups are coarsing through my mind and practically pushing me out the door to the gym).

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Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

Tuesday’s Exercise and Food

by Kristen Suzanne in energy, exercise, fitness

It’s been a wonderful day! The sun was shining bright, the sky was brilliantly blue, and I was filled with vibrant energy all day long. Lovely.

I didn’t get to the gym, so I jumped rope 3 separate times (2-3 minutes each). I followed each jump rope session with a set of 35 push-ups and a set of walking lunges down my street. I wore my ankle weights all day, everywhere. And, my dog walked me around our big block twice.

Breakfast: 4 cups smoothie (1 cup water, 3 bananas, 3/4 pound strawberries, 2 tbsp fresh rosemary and dill combined)
Dinner: veggie bowl of 4 cups diced carrots and cucumbers, 1 cup packed alfalfa sprouts, 1/4 cup fresh basil, and 1/4 cup mustard seed dressing
Dessert: large piece of pumpkin pie

What you want to be eventually, you must be every day. With practice, the quality of your deeds gets down to your soul.
~Frank Crane

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Friday, September 28th, 2007

I Live the Raw Lifestyle – Do You?

by Kristen Suzanne in eco friendly, exercise

Raw is a lifestyle, not just a diet. This idea can intimidate some, because they never entertained the idea of an entire “lifestyle” relating to their food choices. For others, like myself, I love referring to it as such. It makes my life easier and keeps me focused because there are no contradictions.

This is my life’s…style. I immerse my entire self into it. Everything is effortlessly connected…from the Raw food I eat to how I feel physically as a result (I feel energized for working out) to whether my mind is calm (I’ll watch the beautiful sunset) or focused and alert (I’m ready to go play in the kitchen) to what I can do with Raw food to control these aspects to affecting things around me such as our home, the earth. All of this matters.

My Raw lifestyle is a part of everything I do…physically, mentally, spiritually, socially, and globally.

Today’s Exercise and Food:
It’s my day off from the gym so I put on my bikini, went to the pool, laid in the sun and swam a few laps.

Breakfast: fresh energizing smoothie (1 1/2 cups water, 3 bananas, 1/2 bunch Italian parsley, 2 tsp minced rosemary, 1 tsp chopped fresh ginger, peeled, and a pinch of cinnamon
Lunch: 2+ cups chopped veggies (carrots, zucchini, red bell pepper stirred into Savory Pecan Pate) same as last night’s dinner
Dinner: zucchini pasta marinara, pumpkin pie

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Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

Today’s Workout and Food Intake

by Kristen Suzanne in exercise, smoothies

I just bowled a strike in this photograph. I love bowling!!!

Following my exercise and food consumption?


Cardio: Treadmill 40 minutes
Music: Beastie Boys, Carrie Underwood, Tori Amos, White Zombie, Depeche Mode (ecclectic mix, I know)

Breakfast: 3 cups fresh energizing smoothie (water, bananas, rosemary and dill)
Lunch: 2 heaping cups veggie salad (new recipe featured in my upcoming ebook, Kristen Suzanne’s Raw Holiday Survival Guide), 1/4 cup sauerkraut
Dinner: 2 cups chopped veggies (carrots, zucchini, red bell pepper stirred into Savory Pecan Pate)
Dessert: Pumpkin pie
“Nothing is worth more than this day.”

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Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

Today’s Workout and Smoothie

by Kristen Suzanne in exercise, smoothies, weight loss

Ouch! That’s what I say about this workout. My legs were shakin’ and I almost couldn’t walk out of the gym (in a good way of course!). My workout was hard and intense…just the way I like it. If you’ve read my website, Kristen’s Raw, then you know I was a former competitive body builder. As a result, I’m definitely hooked on weight training for fat burning, staying in the best shape, and building strong bones (yes, there’s a place for cardio, but weight training takes the cake in my opinion).

Weights: Legs; 4 straight sets for each exercise; low reps, heavy weight
*Walking lunges with 15 lb. dumbells, leg press, lying leg curl, and one set (each leg) of single leg squats
Cardio: Treadmill 15 minutes > combo of run (zero-incline) and fast-paced walk (7-incline)
Music: Fergie, George Michael, Linkin Park, Lucy Woodward

Post-workout Smoothie: 2 bananas, water, 2 packed tablespoons (mixture of minced dill, rosemary, & mint) YUMMMMMM! I felt amazing after drinking it, and ready to take on the world (after my legs rested of course).

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Thursday, September 20th, 2007

Today’s Workout and Food

by Kristen Suzanne in exercise, fitness

I kicked butt at the gym today and took names! If you’re not exercising by now, what the hell are you waiting for? Remember…to be considered optimally healthy, you must be physically fit. The longest living cultures in the world have excellent diets, yes, but they are physically active daily! Are you?

Weights: Biceps; 4 straight sets for each exercise; low reps, heavy weight
*Barbell curls, Hammer curls – lifted til my arms felt like falling off
Cardio: Jump rope between weight training sets, run on treadmill for 10 minutes, walk at high speed on treadmill for 5 minutes
Music: Linkin Park, Kelly Clarkson, Apryl Electra, Joe Budden

Does anyone really care what I’m eating? Should I bother blogging about it? So far today, a gigantic salad of cucumbers and carrots dressed with my Deviled Mango Dressing…which you don’t have in your hot little hands….yet! It’s coming though! I’ve been eating it on veggie salads for three days now, so clearly….it’s a winner!

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Thursday, September 13th, 2007

My Workout Today

by Kristen Suzanne in exercise, fitness, weight loss

Food is important to a healthy lifestyle…but so is physical fitness. You will get much more out of Raw when you add physical fitness to your lifestyle. These together strengthen your body from the inside out.

Two days ago, I went to the gym and that damn jump rope kicked my ass. It was really tough! But, yesterday, I kicked it’s ass and owned it! My heart was pounding, pulse racing, body sweating, and it felt GREAT!

For a really super workout, I have to listen to music ranging from “this gets me moving and pumps me up” to tunes that make me wanna say “gggrrrr“… so I have all kinds on my mp3 from Linkin Park to Trick Daddy to Seal to Madonna to Rhianna and more. Sometimes I just start doing a little dance right there in the gym….okay, not usually in front of people – ha ha…but I just love music and can’t help myself sometimes!

~Yesterday’s workout
Weights: Chest; 5 straight sets for each exercise
*Flat dumbell press, Incline dumbell press, Decline dumbell press
Cardio: Jump rope before weight training, between many of the weight lifting sets, and after lifting.
~Today’s Workout

Weights: Back; 3 straight sets for each exercise
*Chins, Seated cable row, Reverse bent over flies, Wide grip pull downs
Cardio: Jump rope and get on the treadmill for a short journey while I read VegNews magazine.

A strong body makes the mind strong.”
~ Thomas Jefferson

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Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

Back in the Gym

by Kristen Suzanne in energy, exercise, fitness

I’ve taken a couple of weeks off from going to the gym because my schedule was jam packed trying to get my Raw recipe ebooks out on my website. Yay! The first series is done. I always like to still do some form of exercise when I’m not able to get to the gym, so here are the things I do when I’m in that position.

Push-ups! I drop to the floor and crank out as many as I can…just until I’m about to fall flat on my face. Push-ups are great because they pretty much work your entire upper body and abs. Then, I go out into the street in my neighborhood (wearing ankle weights) I do walking lunges. Sometimes it’s just one set, but hey, it’s better than nothing. I keep my ankle weights on while I’m at home so I can get all the help I can get.

I also have a jump rope hanging by my desk. Jump rope is phenomenal exercise…hard core and only takes a minute of doing it before your heartrate is way up. Jump rope is so great for your body that you can do about 15 minutes of it (doubt you’ll do 15minutes straight though, it’s too hard!)…anyway, it’s comparable to doing other forms of cardio for 30-45 minutes. This makes jumproping awesome for people who are short on time. So, what I do is about 2-5 minutes of jump rope 2-3 times a day. This keeps me in great shape!

I also have dumbells in my bathroom, on the floor by my sink. (I do everything I can to make it easy on myself to exercise, so having the stuff there and ready, makes it hard to say no). Every other day or so, I grab my dumbells and do some bicep curls, tricep kickbacks and shoulder triangles. All of this keeps me in great shape when I can’t get to the gym or if I’m short on time.

Anyway…all that to say that I’m going to the gym today (and getting back to consistency with that) and I’m psyched! I feel so empowered and awesome after leaving the gym. Physical exercise does just as much for your mind as it does your body. Today, I’ll focus on cardio and spend time getting my heartrate up. Then, tomorrow, I’m hitting the free weights.

My quote for the day:
“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” ~author unknown

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