Monday, April 17th, 2017

Here’s How I Added Protein Without Meat to Dinner

No meat, but has still protein. 

I usually like making pasta with grass-fed ground beef but there was none to be had tonight.

I wanted a protein boost in our dinner though. 

Here’s what I did.

I made pasta (gluten-free) with marinara (organic, from a jar) using my Instant Pot (as always – see how this 15-minute meal works here).

In my Instant Pot I also added spinach (some protein) plus Dr. Cowan’s Veggie Powders (1 tablespoon mixed) and butter to the noodles and sauce. (Don’t forget 1 to 1.5 cups water.)

I cooked it on LOW for five minutes. 

Once I quick released it, I added 6 to 8 tablespoons hemp seeds (protein) and raw mozzarella cheese (protein).

Pasta… come to mama.


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Saturday, March 18th, 2017

Easiest Burger in the World

by Kristen Suzanne in grass fed beef, recipe

Easiest burger in the world.

In a mad rush one night earlier this week, I came up with a fantastic way to make burgers. Fast.

I knew I had ground beef. But instead of making patties, seasoning them just so, and standing over the stove as I cooked ‘em up. I decided I simply wanted to smash the beef into one big square, bake it, add some cheese, cut. Done.

Minimal handling. Quick cooking. 

And? Ha. It worked like a charm! I’ll forever whip up burgers like this cuz it’s just too darn easy. 

I like easy.

So here’s how to do it in pictures. :)

Toss that pound of (grass-fed) beef in the center of a pan.

When possible, let that beef sit (wrapped) on the counter to take the chill off from being in the refrigerator. When I was in my mad frenzy to make dinner the other night, I called my husband from the road and said screamed, “GET THE MEAT OUT!”

It’s time to get the beef flat for easy cooking. No making multiple patties here. Think of it as one big-ass burger.

Giver ‘er a quick smash. No crazy handling, just a quick smash to flatten it out.

I envisioned a giant square, when I thought this idea up, and that’s what worked for me. That way I could cut it into four nice patties after cooking.

Also, my intention was to keep it on the thinner side to help it cook faster. 

Okey-dokey. Smashing success. ;)

Get out the salt. And pepper (and anything else to sprinkle on top, maybe garlic powder or turmeric powder? When in a rush, stick to just salt and pepper).

Season generously with salt and pepper. Repeat after me: Season generously.

I baked mine at 375 for about 10 minutes (which of course you turned the oven on before starting the prep, right?). You might cook for a shorter time to get a medium-rare burger. The idea here is that it cooks pretty fast and that’s the whole point of this exercise, eh? 

Bake away. Love my lil Breville oven.

When it’s reached the right temperature for you, add sliced cheese. Turn off the oven and stick the pan back inside, with the oven door closed so it melts.

Ahhhhh the cheese. Yes cheese please! (grass-fed, of course)

Cut that big square of cheesy beef into four smaller squares. You’re ready to serve on buns, sourdough bread, a lettuce bun, or just eat that deliciousness as is. With mustard.

Side note: Hopefully, while the meat was cooking, you made a healthy side dish veggie. However, the first time I made this… the time I was in a crazy rush, I didn’t even bother with a side. I figured the homemade pickled onions I threw on top were enough. That’s motherhood, though, right?

At least the second time I made this, so that I could capture the process in photos for you, I threw some brussels sprouts in my INSTANT POT(!). They cooked with perfect timing to the beef cooking.

(I used my Instant Pot three times today to make veggies: the first time I made dandelion greens, the second time I made carrots, and the third time I made the brussels sprouts. I definitely eat way more veggies now that I have an Instant Pot. They’re just SO EASY to make in it.)

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Thursday, February 11th, 2016

Recipe: 1-Pot Beef Heart Goulash (Gluten-free). Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Beef Heart Goulash (gluten-free, grass-fed) for Valentine's Day.

Beef Heart Goulash (gluten-free, grass-fed) for Valentine’s Day. I promise it’s delicious.


I present the most perfect Valentine’s Dish ever… Goulash made with beef heart.

Good for your heart, beef heart.

Good for your heart, beef heart.


What could be better for your sweetheart than to eat some beef heart (grass-fed that is)?

With this recipe, you’ll boost your lover’s heart health with healthy ingredients from the cocoa to the turmeric to the cinnamon to the beef heart and more.

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Monday, May 25th, 2015

3 New Things I’m Trying: New Bar, Herbal Flu Shot, Pavlok.

Snack Bar Basket is a time and sanity saver.

Snack Bar Basket is a time and sanity saver.

I’m trying three groovy new things this week:

  1. Bar (the kind you eat)
  2. Herbal Cold & Flu Shot
  3. Pavlok (zapping behavior modding device)

Let’s dive in and start with the food. Duh.

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Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

My Quick Menu Mod at Blu Burger – Striving To Optimize

My Blu Burger Mod

My Blu Burger Grille Mod

Here’s another quick mod to a restaurant menu I do when we eat at Blu Burger. (Here is my Chipotle ModHere is my True Food Kitchen Mod.)

Why do I modify my foods at restaurants? Probably because I won’t truly enjoy my meal if I don’t. Simply put: most restaurants aren’t cooking with ingredients or methods that optimize health (i.e., burgers on grills or health destroying oils like canola oil). I know you might think I’m a bit … errrr … extreme. Hello, my name is Kristen, have you met me?

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Monday, February 16th, 2015

EYE of the Round (again)…A Cheap (and delicious) Way to Eat Grass-fed Beef

by Kristen Suzanne in gluten free, grass fed beef, paleo, recipe
Grass-fed Eye of the Round all sliced up to serve.

Grass-fed Eye of the Round all sliced up to serve.

I have blogged about grass-fed eye of the round beef in the past. I decided to chat about it again because I made it recently and it was a smashing success (again). It was such a success because it was rich in flavor and mega tender to boot, not to mention cheap.

But, if you know anything about the different cuts of beef, eye of the round is usually known as a tough-y. The game is changed though. Now, you can use a sous vide to gently cook it for hours and hours and hours, effortlessly, and yielding a result that is as tender as any other cut in my opinion. Even better is that you don’t pay out the nose for this particular cut. It’s one of the cheapest so that makes everyone extra happy.

Cheap and Tender – that should be a country song.

Using a sous vide to cook it is the best way in my opinion (yeah, those cost money, but pay for themselves over time when you make things like I’m writing about today).

This past time, however, I made it just a tiny bit differently than the last time. I dare say, I like it better this time. Here’s what I did…

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Sunday, February 15th, 2015

Rosemary Infused Purple Cauliflower Mash – It’s Purrrrrty

Rosemary Infused Purple Cauliflower Mash

Rosemary Infused Purple Cauliflower Mash. Family style.

I was at the market and saw organic purple cauliflower. Cauliflower isn’t my favorite by any stretch, but it was purple so I had to buy it.

I bought a lot of things that day and I made my way through the rest before approaching the cauliflower. I hadn’t decided what to do with it. Roast it with ghee? Make a purple soup from it? Oh! I know… I’ll make a cauliflower mash.

But, not just any cauliflower mash.



Infused with rosemary.

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Friday, February 6th, 2015

My Big-Ass Brisket Makes Two(!) 4-Person Meals – Go Big or Go Home

by Kristen Suzanne in grass fed beef, omnivore, recipe
My Big-Ass Brisket - go big or go home.

My Big-Ass Brisket with Mashed Potatoes – go big or go home.

My Big-Ass Brisket recipe serves four people. Twice. That’s like eight servings I’m talking about. So, for my family of 2.5, I’m getting around three dinners from this meal (you gotta make the vegetable side dish though).

It’s seriously delicious and mega healthy comfort food. You just want to put your head in the bowl (provided you serve it with seriously buttered and fluffy mashed potatoes, as seen above), and take a nap in it.

I like naps.

That’s the kind of meal I like to make in 2015 since I’m taking it easy this year. It was easy to put together and it fed my family for three nights. Wow. Imagine everything you can do with the free time because your dinner is basically already made for three dinners! I’m thinking reading a book, taking a nap (did I mention I like naps? When will Kamea like naps?), watching an episode of Suits. Oh the options are endless.

Brisket and purple cabbage - mmmmmm is all I can say.

Brisket and purple cabbage (from day 2) – mmmmmm is all I can say.

You need to make this.

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Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

Here’s What I Order to Get What I Want at True Food Kitchen

True Food - a pretty darn decent place for a quality meal. #RealFood

True Food Kitchen – a pretty darn decent place for a quality meal. #RealFood

Going to restaurants requires some creativity and planning on my part if I’m to be satisfied.

Obviously, for starters, I pick restaurants with (at least) mostly quality food, when possible. One of the places we visit in Scottsdale, AZ is True Food Kitchen because they offer grass fed beef options as well as organic vegetables and dairy (I think the dairy is all organic there – not sure if it’s grass-fed).

The next challenge is making sure I pack necessary items to complete my meal or to make it healthier than it would otherwise be. For example, I’ve been known to bring my own grass-fed butter and MCT oil to restaurants along with the usual things I already carry in my purse like sea salt and organic turmeric powder. I’ve written about how I mod my Chipotle bowl here with a variety of ingredients – check it out.

Still, just going somewhere that has some good ingredients doesn’t mean I’ll want anything on the menu. Luckily, True Food Kitchen likes to satisfy their picky customers, like me, when I take various components from the menu and make my own meal. (They even have a coffee drink called Paleo Coffee which is similar to Bulletproof Coffee in that it’s organic coffee blended with coconut oil and butter.)

Here’s what I do when I eat at True Food Kitchen.

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Friday, November 28th, 2014

Recipe: Mama Mia Braised Meatballs

by Kristen Suzanne in gluten free, grass fed beef, omnivore, recipe, tomato
Mama Mia Braised Meatballs

Mama Mia Braised Meatballs

One of my favorite recipes to make is meatballs. Simply, it connects me to my Italian heritage and gives me a warm feeling in the kitchen. As I drop each meatball into the tomato sauce, I think of past generations… wondering what they were thinking about as they made meatballs.

This is an easy recipe that can be thrown together quickly with a few ingredients and some grass-fed ground beef. I intentionally created the recipe with only a smattering of ingredients to inspire myself to make it time and again.

Mama Mia Braised Meatballs is one of my family’s favorite dinners, too. Kamea has fun eating the meatballs because, well, they’re balls. And, Greg? He just chows down without saying much between bites, and then proceeds to lick everyone’s bowl of leftover sauce. Read More »

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