Wednesday, March 18th, 2015

Everyone Needs An Aloe Plant – I Burned My Hand.

by Kristen Suzanne in herbs, Kristen Suzanne


I burned my hand. Thankfully I had aloe to put on right away.

I burned my hand. Thankfully I had “fresh” aloe to put on it right away.

I was cooking organic yams in the toaster oven the other day and I reached in to adjust them. In the process, the top of one of my knuckle touched the burner coil. OMG —>> OUCH!

Step 1: Remain calm.

Step 2: Cut a piece of fresh aloe. (Filet the aloe, dig out the insides… put on burn… cover with bandage.)

Phew… feels better instantly.

Every kitchen needs an aloe plant for burns and every home, in general, needs an aloe plant for skin boo-boos, beauty, and even consuming internally to help fight wrinkles. Yes, internally to fight wrinkles. Who knew?!

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Sunday, March 8th, 2015

My “Skills” Bucket List For Bad-ass-ed-ness

by Kristen Suzanne in Kristen Suzanne, Meditation


Cooking live lobster in culinary school.

Cooking live lobster in culinary school. Smiling but completely terrified.

I made a skills bucket list last year.

These are things that I want to do to improve my skills – which are good for body, brain, soul, work (if you work), and just basic bad-ass-ed-ness.

Here’s my list and how they have (or will) help.


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Monday, March 2nd, 2015

My Imperfect, Too Small (But Cozy), Evolving Kitchen That I Kind-of Love

by Kristen Suzanne in Kitchen Tools, Kristen Suzanne
Bird's eye view of my cozy kitchen.

Bird’s eye view of my cozy kitchen.

I feel drawn to write about my kitchen.

It’s been my kitchen for over 10 years. I’m a girl of change and I like to move around, but I can’t bring myself to leave our rather small condo in Scottsdale. I love the location. I love the area. It’s been home for awhile now.

But, it’s not as big as I’d like.

My husband works from home and has one of the bedrooms as his office. With me as a stay at home mom with a four year old, we’re all a bit close. That’s ok though because I like the closeness. Most of the time. The only time I didn’t like it was when I had a sitter come stay with Kamea for a few hours a week so I could sleep work, I found that I couldn’t escape or get anywhere to really be on my own.

My kitchen has gone through some changes over the years though. Nothing huge, but as my diet changed from vegan (with a lot of raw food) to omnivore, my kitchen evolved. From there, as I learned how I like to cook best and what makes it easiest, I found myself making some kind of weird changes. Basically, I have a lot of stuff hanging everywhere.

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Monday, February 23rd, 2015

Need Help With Email Marketing? Take My Husband’s Killer Course On It.

by Kristen Suzanne in Business, Kristen Suzanne
Take this online course to learn from the best: email marketing.

Take this Email Marketing online course to learn from the best.

I’m happy to announce that Greg launched an online course to help people and companies with email marketing, which might include you (or someone you know).

Email Marketing is one of the most cost-effective and powerful marketing channels that has ever existed. Yet few businesses take full advantage of Email Marketing’s full potential, which creates a huge opportunity for you and your business. I know many of my readers are bloggers or self-publishers – this course is great for you, too!

Modern Email Marketing is much more than building a list and firing off occasional batch-and-blast emails. Yet because many companies fail to take advantage of email’s full potential, or fail to use even the full set of tools they’re already paying for, there exists an opportunity to seize low-hanging fruit for any marketing professional who makes the decision to learn the basics of Email Marketing. This course lays the foundation for you to become an expert.

My turn to brag a bit, cuz I’m his wife: This isn’t just any email marketing class from just anyone. My husband and his business partner, Pam, have an impressive client list (I’ll do some name dropping: Amazon, Cold Stone Creamery, Taser, to name only a few), and they’ve been working in this field for a looooooong time. Now, their expertise is available to anyone and everyone, small company, large company, or just starting out. It’s a really smart course.

I asked Greg for a promo code to offer my readers (or for the family and friends of my readers). Seeing as he’s my husband, I got you all the hook up. :)

Go to this link here.

Once you land there, you’ll see the use of the promo code in action, KRemail. (If you end up at the website and don’t see the code, simply enter it upon checkout.)

The class is available to you for only $49 (it’s normally $199), and there’s a limited number of promos available. Don’t wait to take advantage of this offer to make you a smart email marketer. You’ll be glad you did. The coupon expires: 3/3/15.

If you do nothing else, at least click the link and open the page to view the intro video in the upper left corner. I dig the music and images.

So.. I want to share some specifics on what you’ll learn with the course.

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Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

A Peek Into My Makeup Bag

by Kristen Suzanne in beauty, Kristen Suzanne
Peek into my makeup bag.

Peek into my makeup bag.

I was in mom’s bathroom a moment ago, and I dumped out my makeup bag so I could access it all. Goodness, I love makeup.

It’s small and I don’t carry much… not like the old days, geesh, you should’ve seen me back then. Goodness, I love makeup.

Anyway, here’s what I got!

Tarte lipstick: This particular color isn’t my most prized, but it’s what I’m carrying because I used up the one I liked more. I refuse to spend more money on more lipsticks until I use up the ones I already have. For now.

Christopher Drummond Beauty concealer: I was introduced to this makeup via an old friend. It’s quality stuff and non-toxic. My favorite product of his is the concealer which I like to dilute with a pump of Eminence Bamboo Firming Fluid (or any moisturizer), which makes the concealer more like a foundation. It’s fast become a staple in both my mom’s makeup drawer and mine. I bought my first one through his website and then the second one mom treated me to via Amazon. Thanks, mom!

MaidenFern Blushing Balm: This is one of my most prized beauty possessions and it’s from Living Libations. It’s totally #allnatural and actually GOOD for your skin. Gives cheeks and lips a glow, but requires frequent application.

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Friday, February 20th, 2015

I Didn’t Expect This From Yoga

My yoga mat… ready to help me get flexible. Ommm.

My yoga mat… ready to help me get flexible. Ommm.

Unexpectedly, yoga has given me confidence… in the way I move.

Some backstory: As I have gotten a little bit older, I have become more protective in the way I move. I frequently make sure that my posture is proper and I make sure that I’m not mindlessly bending in positions that could cause an injury. You know how it is… digging toys out from under couches or constantly picking stuff up off the floor. 

A couple times I have bent over to pick up a doll and I tweaked my back. The tweak made life miserable for days. I now squat when picking up things, but there are many times I find myself in weird positions cleaning or carrying things or digging around cupboards. Or this(!)… I find that when I am getting my daughter out of her car seat (or strapping her into it) and tightening that belt while I’m in an awkward twist, I can’t help but think I’m perfectly primed for a tweak.

I lived life in such a way that I was a little guarded in my movements. I figured it came with the territory of getting older.

But something unexpected happened…

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Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

“In A Minute” Comes Out Of My Mouth To My Daughter Too Often

by Kristen Suzanne in Kristen Suzanne
My sweet daughter patiently waiting for me to play with her.

My sweet daughter patiently waiting for me to play with her.

After a morning of running around to get Kamea fed early enough to get out the door…

to fight traffic so I can get to the farmers’ market in time  (which is across town)…

just to get home in time to unpack the veggies and have a snack …

so I can get to my Deep Stretch and Meditation class on time…

and spending most of my time in the kitchen, when I’m home, because I try to make all meals from scratch…

I just gotta throw up my hands.

I’m going “crackers” as my friend, Myriam,​ would say.

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Saturday, February 14th, 2015

A Starbucks Date With My Husband

by Kristen Suzanne in family, Kristen Suzanne
Greg & Kristen. Valentine's Day 2015. Madly in love.

Greg & Kristen. Valentine’s Day 2015. Madly in love.

Right now I’m in Starbucks, on a date, with my husband, Greg. It’s Valentine’s Day and we carved out some “alone time” while Kamea spends the afternoon with her Nana.

It’s weird though, we’re at Starbucks of all places. We’re in Sun City West area, a retirement community because that’s where mom lives, so there’s not a lot of hot-n-happening places from which to choose. We considered a movie, but strangely, it wasn’t attractive. We couldn’t help but find ourselves with laptops, Justins’ peanut butter cups, green tea, and coffee at Starbucks. (I was secretly hoping they’d have their new coconut milk option but it doesn’t roll out until Tuesday).

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Monday, February 9th, 2015

Three Ommms to Start the Day (and two deep breaths) – Highly Recommend.

by Kristen Suzanne in kamea, Kristen Suzanne, Meditation
Kamea depicts how I feel many mornings.

Kamea depicts how I feel many mornings.

Do you have mornings like me where it’s all go-go-go? I think Kamea’s face shows you perfectly how I am many mornings.

  • Get up!
  • Make coffee! Oh, the dishwasher can be emptied – empty dishwasher while scrambling eggs between going to and fro from dishwasher to cupboards.
  • Get Kamea up, dressed, feed her – wait! No, feed her first and then dress her so she doesn’t get food on clean clothes.
  • Now… brush teeth. I missed brushing them first thing. Darn.
  • Charge phone. Check email quickly and delete the crap.
  • Yadda yadda yadda.

It seems like that is my morning on at least three days a week and it’s just too darn crazy. Man, I think to myself, I gotta slow down more. But who has the time? I certainly don’t want to wake up any earlier because sleep is too precious.

Life shouldn’t be this way.

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Sunday, February 8th, 2015

Our Aging Parents… How Do We Deal?

by Kristen Suzanne in family, Kristen Suzanne
Family. Making memories for all of us, including my daughter.

(Thanksgiving 2014) Family. Making memories for all of us, including my daughter.

I’m suddenly feeling like I’m in a chapter of my life that I’m not ready for and I’m unsettled. It feels weird to write about this but perhaps by writing about it I can gain some insight and peace.

Here’s the thing: I’m getting older which means my parents are getting older, which means I’ll be in a time of my life where my parents won’t be here.

I don’t think I would’ve have paid so much attention to this except that in the past few months, my good friend’s dad’s health started deteriorating to the point where he might pass sooner than later. Then, my step-dad became ill, and long story short, I don’t know if he’ll ever be back the way he was before falling ill, and I don’t know how long I have with him. Even if it’s 5 years or 10 years, he’s changed. Then, my old best childhood friend’s dad suddenly died last month. Just gone. My new good friend’s dad is having difficulties with his heart.

It seems like it’s all around me, and this is the course of life. I get it, but I don’t like it. I know, duh, cuz who would like that? But, seriously, no one told me about this. No one prepared me for it. It’s like I am supposed to expect it because parents get older as you get older, and one day they pass. But, I feel unprepared.

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