Monday, September 28th, 2015

Got Kids? Popsicle Sticks For Hours of CHEAP Fun – Epic Fun House

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Epic fun house from popsicle sticks and creativity.

Epic fun house from popsicle sticks and creativity.

My husband gets credit for this post. Using popsicle sticks to create what has turned out to be an epic fun house was his idea. He wanted to teach Kamea a bunch of skills and concepts in a way that’s accessible to a 4-year-old, as well as convey that activities don’t all have to be pre-packaged, that you can do big amazing stuff with simple objects. He’s very big on teaching her to use things for their unintended purposes (to teach lateral thinking), kind of like “coloring outside the lines” on steroids. Also, he wanted her to engage in a multi-month project to augment the single-serving creative sessions we usually do. There’s something about seeing a project grow and expand over time into wild directions, some planned and some unplanned.


And, so, I share this crazy fun idea with you, parents, out there if you’re in need of a creative activity and long-term project for kids. Keep in mind though, it requires some participation from you, the parents, but it’s easy and relaxed fun. Even mindfully meditative, at times.

My husband bought a bunch of popsicle sticks, and he started gluing them together with Kamea (she’s five years, but this project started while she was four).

Excited to get to work on the fun house.

Excited to get to work on the fun house.


The house started to really take on quite a life for itself and they started to decorate it with paint, stickers, markers, clay, found objects from the recycle bin, and much more. They also incorporated colored popsicle sticks. It’s become the center of attraction for play-dates as kids stare at it in awe. In fact, so do the parents!





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Wednesday, September 16th, 2015

Experiment in Non-Sedentary Living: Moving All Day vs. 1-Hour in the Gym

Hikes are becoming routine to increase our movement.

Hiking for more movement.

In spite of going to the gym for an hour a day, most days, I feel like my life is missing more movement. But, how could that be? I go to the gym almost daily. Surely that’s adequate.

Or, is it?

I took a look at our lives recently and realized there’s just too much sitting… whether it’s eating food at the table, working on computers, playing video games, watching TV, or reading, I had to admit that we’re members of the species homo sedentarius.

Sitting this much just doesn’t feel right. And research says that “sitting is the new smoking,” meaning deadly… even for people who exercise daily! Yikes.

So, on a whim I suggested to Greg that we get rid of our couch, which would make us move more. It was just an idea that made sense to me.

He wasn’t buying it. I mean, who doesn’t have a couch?

Well! Turns out, I’m not the only one to think about this. Apparently there is a movement (pun intended) known as “furniture-free” and I can’t help but be intrigued. There’s even experts on the topic. When Greg heard Katy Bowman, ummm, an expert, he realized it wasn’t just a crazy idea of mine – people are doing this.

Long story short, we got rid of our couch. (Gasp!)

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Tuesday, September 15th, 2015

A Day Without My Kid – What To Do?

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Mom's Secret Zen Garden - a place for play, imagination, or meditation.

Mom’s Secret Zen Garden – a place for play, imagination, or meditation.

Mom is taking Kamea for the night, which really means I get all day today, all night, and most of tomorrow to be child-free. Kamea loves going to mom’s sort-of citrus orchard, especially now that they’re creating a zen secret garden of it  – statues, wind chimes galore, and hummingbirds a plenty.

So, what shall I do today? My list is long with much that I can blast through… things like…

  1. Blog
  2. Follow up emails
  3. Make new recipes for my maybe new book
  4. Make kelp capsules
  5. Go to Trader Joe’s
  6. Make liver pate
  7. Qigong
  8. Yoga
  9. Meditate
  10. Read about qigong, yoga, and meditation
  11. Clean
  12. Shower and blow dry my hair
  13. Dinner alone with Greg


I could just lay lie on the floor and stare at the ceiling for 30 hours.


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Friday, June 19th, 2015

Pomegranate Black Raspberry (Nutrient) Gummies – Healthy For All Ages

Pomegranate Black Raspberry Gummy Cubes. #Fun

Pomegranate Black Raspberry Gummy Cubes. #Fun

I’m fascinated with making gummies, using my own healthy ingredients, because they’re an excellent (and fun!) vehicle for getting extra nutrition in my daughter’s body (and, really, the whole family).

Now that there is a reputable source that I trust for collagen/gelatin, I make them regularly.

Let’s talk about that source a bit…

You all know I’m a fan of Dave Asprey’s Upgraded products – I use most of them regularly in my life. Bulletproof Coffee, anyone?

He recently came out with a collagen that has gelatin in it for making gummies and other delicious foods like chocolate pudding. I’m a fan.

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Thursday, February 5th, 2015

Oh, Drambuie. Where Have you Been All My Life? I Love You.

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Drambuie - my favorite alcohol. Warmth. Gently Sweet. Mmmmmm.

Drambuie – my favorite alcohol. Warmth. Gently Sweet. Packs a punch. Mmmmmm.

Drambuie is a unique blend of aged scotch whiskey, spices, and heather honey, to quote directly from their bottle.

What do I say?

Drambuie is decidedly wonderful and I looooooove it.

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Monday, October 29th, 2012

Carrot Apple “Halloween” Soup (Raw Vegan)

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The weather is ripe for enjoying warm raw soups. My inspiration today was from fall ingredients and the Halloween holiday. I whipped up this delightful and flavorful, raw vegan soup, garnished with black sesame seeds (a wonderful “jing” food – more on jing foods for future posts), and it screamed Halloween! It’s mega easy and only has 8 simple ingredients. Check it out…

Carrot and apple make this a perfect fall season soup.

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Monday, July 9th, 2012

Easy Raw Vegan Transition Ideas

by Kristen Suzanne in Kristen Suzanne, Motherhood

Although I have a lot of days where I eat all raw food, it’s not always my norm. My schtick is all about balance, keeping it simple, healthy, delicious and doing what you can when you can. Therefore, there are some times that I don’t eat all raw. And, I’d say that although my cooked choices are usually top notch healthy (as far as cooked foods go), I do leave room for the occasional cookie, Coconut Bliss ice cream, Chipotle Burrito, and vegan fair-trade dark chocolate bars. Thankfully, I can officially call it “occasional” – I tell ya, I’ve come a loooong way since my Madame Gluttonia Days that I wrote about during my Raw Reboot.

I know that I’ve mentioned many times how I’m really busy with motherhood (attachment parenting is a busy experience), and spending time in the kitchen preparing food isn’t something I get to do much of these days. That’s OK though, because with easy to prep foods like I’m sharing with you today, you get two bonuses:

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Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Going to Barnes-N-Noble with Kamea… and Elmo… and Cookie Monster.

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With the weather warming up in Arizona, we find ourselves indoors more than outdoors. As such, we try to find activities where we can hang out with air conditioning. Oftentimes this lands us in the bookstore. Pictured below we are at Barnes-N-Noble playing with Kamea. She took a liking to the Elmo doll and Cookie Monster doll (it’s amazing the number of toys available in the bookstore), which she carried around for a good half hour before we stealthily distracted her and hid them. A few moments later, as we were making our to the door she sat down for a moment and had this look on her face like… Hmmm… I think something is missing but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

I had actually toyed with the idea on getting her an Elmo doll because she’s very much into the color red and she likes Elmo from her Elmo books (but the doll is anything but eco-friendly by looking at the materials and seeing it hails from China. Still, we do buy such things from time to time. I’m pragmatic in motherhood – I confess, we have our share of plastic shit).  Plus, she loves this fork and spoon set (it’s been instrumental in getting her to eat more solids so I have three sets – home, mom’s, and one set for my purse). Anyway, I planned on getting the stuffed toy via Amazon here, but I’m a bit dismayed on some reviews about his eyes breaking. Kamea’s fairly gentle with her things though so maybe all will be good. (On the topic of dolls and eco-friendly ones at that, I LOVE these custom handmade waldorf nursing dolls and plan on getting them this year.)

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Thursday, June 14th, 2012

Kamea and Our Potty Training Saga

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Princess on her throne

Potty training in our home has been, oh, I’d say… well, we’ve attempted a variety of things from (various) potty stools to sign language to elimination communication to organic cotton training pants.

I had dreams (big dreams) about doing the elimination communication thing, but I gotta say, I wasn’t cut out for it – at least for the most part. Humbled for sure. However, we did implement some parts of it. Maybe you could call me a part-time EC-er. Part of my problem, I think, is that I read the book while pregnant – with plans to reread my highlighted parts when the time came – but that time never came (I read this book on the topic).

So, basically, it goes like this. I’m home almost all the time with Kamea, and after she started walking (I’m guessing that’s the time but who knows, might have been earlier), I started having her go diaper free in an attempt to potty train using the groovy Elimination Communication method. It never really worked as great as I’d hoped, most likely due to user error, but I suspect it’s helped us a bit. At least Kamea was able to move around without a diaper on all the time, which I imagine is nice for her.

The thing about elimination communication is that it takes diligence in constantly watching your baby for cues before she’ll pee or poo. For the life of me, I couldn’t pick up on any, and after time went by with me staring at her non-stop, I’d go do something and moments later…. we’d have a “miss” where I missed the cue and she went on the floor. Kamea never had set times when she’d go to the bathroom. Some babies always go potty upon waking or while breastfeeding, for example, making elimination communication a bit easier to manage. Not our girl, though. Kamea has never had any designated times for it, which makes EC a bit challenging for me. I admit, I probably didn’t give it a long enough (or concentrated enough) go at it, but for the times I have (and still do)… there’s no magic formula for us yet. I haven’t totally given up, but it’s not the only training option in our arsenal.

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Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Raw Vegan Food Journal. Living Fuel. Motherhood. Running.

by Kristen Suzanne in food journal, Motherhood

Hi everyone!

Kamea is taking a nap and I’m feeling energized so I thought I’d share a quick blog post of my food for today. It was a Raw Vegan Day – high energy, nutrient dense, and EASY PEASY for this busy mama.

Before that though, I have FOUR things I want to cover:

1) How many of you have tried Living Fuel products? I’m intrigued. I realize some have vitamin D3, not vegan, but other than that… has anyone tried? Thoughts? I found these two reviews on them. Natural News and Evolving Wellness (she also did a 12-day challenge with it and blogged about it, be sure to check that out too. Lots of good details).

Living Fuel's product line

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