Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

Recipe Garam Masala Orange Chicken Paleo Gluten Free

Although I often just like having my chicken made in a slow cooker as a stew or soup, this recipe deserves a spot in the chicken recipe rotation because it’s so damn delicious.

Garam Masala Orange Chicken served with carrots and greens.

Garam Masala Orange Chicken (paleo gluten free) with carrots and greens.

I’d say we have chicken probably once a week, and when we do, it’s with the skin on and it’s always pasture-raised AND organic. I was excited to see that I could buy it online – and soy-free to boot! – from Good Earth Farms, since I wasn’t able to find it at any stores. Pastured chickens are small by nature since they’re not loaded with chemicals, hormones or anything nasty.

My chicken recipes are usually made with a pasture raised chicken that is 2 to 4 pounds (whole or pieced – to be honest though… when baking chicken I prefer it pieced because I stink at carving it post-roasting). This is enough to feed my hearty-appetite family (Greg, Kamea, myself) with some left over. With leftovers, I like to add it to my pastured eggs at breakfast or I add broth and make soup for lunch.

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