Monday, February 6th, 2017

Golden Egg Salad in Pictures

Let’s dive in. Golden Egg Salad.

I love egg salad. It’s creamy, a bit tangy, nourishing and full of flavor and satisfaction. 

Here’s how I made Golden Egg Salad the other night. 

I started by pressure cooking organic broccoli in my beloved Instant Pot, which effortlessly takes only a handful of minutes. 

Instant Pot broccoli. Easy!

While the broccoli is cooking, I get a bowl together with the dressing mixture. 

Egg Salad dressing goodies

For starters, I don’t like conventional mayo because they all have some kind of vegetable oil in it (canola or sunflower or soybean oil) of which I currently eschew. I’m not crazy about the primal mayos out there either. 

Instead, I love and always use Straus whole-fat Greek yogurt which is a kiss from heaven. It’s thick, rich, and tastes like cream cheese(?) to me. I use it in place of all things mayo and my gut thanks me as a result (boost of gut-health probiotic love). I can’t speak for other Greek yogurts though, as far as heavenly taste. 

To the bowl, I add:

I stir it all and look for more stuff to add texture and pizzazz to my egg salad. 

Oh. Whoops. I should mention that I already had my hard-cooked eggs made in my Instant Pot earlier today. Reason alone to buy an Instant Pot to make the perfect-every-time hard-boiled eggs

Ok so I found some red bell pepper and chopped it. 

I added sauerkraut and chopped bread-n-butter pickles (my favorite in egg salad).

Bell pepper for texture, brightness, and nutrition

Then I chopped the freshly cooked broccoli, added more Greek yogurt cuz you should make it really creamy. 

I need a bigger bowl.

Added the chopped eggs. 

Stirred it up and tasted. 

Almost perfect. 

Diced up an apple and added it. 

Now, it’s perfect. 

Oh yeah. Bring it.


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Sunday, February 5th, 2017

I Add Dr. Cowan’s Vegetable Powders To My Chipotle Bowl

by Kristen Suzanne in gluten free, omnivore, sauerkraut

Nutrient and Flavor Boost w Veg Powders

I look for ways to add vegetables to my life. 

Dr. Cowan’s Garden Vegetable Powders make it super easy. With most meals I simply add a 1/2 teaspoon each of a couple different veggie powders. It’s that easy. 

No washing of extra veggies. No cooking required. Just add a sprinkle of the powders for extra flavor and a serious boost of nutrition. 

By the way… my readers get a 15%-off coupon to use with Dr. Cowan’s online store:

Coupon Code: KRISTEN

Note… they often sell out of their veggies powders so add your name to their email list and always know right away when the online store is restocked. 

I even bring my veggie powders to restaurants. 

Today, I brought a couple jars to Chipotle so I could mod my bowl. 

Leek is my FAVORITE!!!

It. Was. Awesome. 

I could’ve stopped with just the veggie powders, but I also brought Straus whole-fat Greek yogurt (tastes like sour cream and cream cheese – fucking delicious), plus organic orange bell pepper, and purple sauerkraut. 

Ta-Da! Chipotle bowl mod.

I was licking my bowl. 

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Friday, October 16th, 2015

My Life: Naked Dolls, Qigong, Lemon Water, Matcha, Hot Yoga

Lemon water did more than I realized.

Lemon water did more than I realized.

Here’s a day in my life.

700 am Wake up naturally. Sometimes I oil pull at this time.

715 am Drink some spring water with organic lemon juice squeezed in. I’ve heard about people doing this forever. I never got into it… til now. I read recently that drinking it on an empty stomach does something to help digestion, which helps you better absorb nutrients from your food later. Interesting. Okay, I’ll try. (The rule is that it’s on an empty stomach and you don’t eat for about 30 minutes.)

717 am Rebounding to start moving, getting the kinks worked, blood flowing, and because it’s fun. (Bellicon is the best rebounder.)

740 am Brew Upgraded coffee in my groovy Technivorm coffee pot. While that’s brewing I get other ingredients ready to make Greg’s and my Bulletproof Coffee (Greg likes his in a cold shake form), or I grab my Bulletproof Frozen Cubes.

745 am Make Kamea’s breakfast (usually gently scrambled eggs – something like this)

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Thursday, April 10th, 2014

Modding My Chipotle Bowl With 5 Ingredients For Higher Performance

by Kristen Suzanne in energy, Kristen Suzanne, omnivore, sauerkraut, travel
Modding my Chipotle Bowl with ingredients for higher performance.

Modding my Chipotle Bowl with 5 ingredients for higher performance.

As you all know by now, I’m a wee bit picky when it comes to my food. I want the highest quality and most nutritious goodness for my body and for my family. I want high performance, longevity, and energy. So, to ensure I get all of those things I prepare all of our high quality foods from scratch. That’s no small task as you might imagine, but it matters to me.

Sometimes, I need a break, or sometimes we’re traveling and food choices are limited.

Chipotle Bowl with white rice, steak, and guacamole.

Chipotle Bowl with white rice, steak, and guacamole. It needs to be enhanced.

One of the places on our list of “OK to eat” is Chipotle. It’s by no means perfect; but, on the spectrum of fast casual restaurants, they get my vote. They try to source quality ingredients and they listen to their customers. For example, they changed their oil by switching from crap gmo soy oil and now use less-crappy-but-still-crappy rice bran oil due to customer complaints.

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Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

2 Unique Vegan Mayo Recipes (Nut Free)

by Kristen Suzanne in recipe, salad, salad dressing, sauerkraut, vegan

I love salads. But, while I’m all for a traditional salad with organic romaine lettuce, veggies, and raw macadamia nut oil dressing… I’m also a fan of chunky-n-creamy salads. You know the kind… Waldorf Salads and the like. I’m a texture gal. Problem is that those usually require some sort of mayonnaise and to be honest, I’m not really into soy or processed-icky-oil type mayonnaises that you buy in the store. No. I like to make my own mayo-type goodness that’s fresh and healthy.

And, I like to make them quickly.

And, I don’t always want them made from nuts.

I know, seems like I’m picky. Yeah, sometimes I am.

Well. :) I have two awesome vegan mayo recipes that really take no time to make if the goods are on hand. But, in all fairness, although I call them mayo recipes, truthfully, they’re not really mayo recipes. But, they serve to replace the mayo in a mayo-loving-salad. Make sense?

Unique Vegan Mayo Recipe #1

Avocado + Mustard + Lemon = Creamy and tangy goodness that is easy to mash into your salad yielding a mayo-like experience. Here’s what I do. I get a big mixing bowl and put my salad ingredients in it.. usually chopped veggies and non-sweet fruits like carrots, celery, red bell pepper, cucumber, and the like – raw sauerkraut makes for a great addition. Add a diced avocado, a couple big dollops of organic mustard (my favorite here), and a squeeze of fresh citrus such as lemon, lime, and/or orange. Mash/Mix it all up. No nuts needed. No soaking needed. Just easy peasy n dreamy n creamy. (Obviously, season with salt and pepper as desired.)

Unique Vegan Mayo Recipe #2

Sweet Potato + Mustard = Creamy and low fat deliciousness that adds velvety mayo-like texture, vibrant color, and nutrition like it’s no one’s business. The clincher here, however, is having 1-2 cooked sweet potatoes on hand in your fridge already. If you’re like me, this is a common item in your fridge (read more here). Okay, so same drill as above… Get a big bowl out and add your favorite salad veggies and foods. Put 1 to 2 peeled (cooked and cooled) sweet potatoes on top, add a couple dollops of mustard, and smish smash it up. Season as desired. When I made the salad and served it to Greg, he came out of his office exclaiming (unsolicited, I might add), “Wow, this is a 10 out of 10!”

All in all, these two options are great healthy replacements for the next time you need mayo in your salad. They add creaminess, nutrition, and flavor which is really what you’re after. Pro-Tip… (good quality) mustard makes everything better.

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Friday, February 24th, 2012

Raw Recipe: BFF Kelp Noodles (Plus Awesome Variations!)

by Kristen Suzanne in kelp noodles, sauerkraut

I have written in many of my Raw Reboot food journals that I’m eating BFF Kelp Noodles. Every time I Facebook and Tweet about them, I get asked about the ingredients. Let’s put that question to rest and learn how to make them right here and now.

BFF Kelp Noodles

Let’s start by understanding that there are some staples to this recipe but the rest of it is open to different options. I’ve made different variations of this many times and they’re all superbly fabulous. I also want to state that I am not generally a kelp noodle fan. However, I learned a couple of years ago some ways to enjoy them, but this latest recipe, BFF Kelp Noodles, really takes the cake and hits it out of the park. They’re forever near and dear to my heart.

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Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

Recipe & Review: Lightly Onion Bread & Farmhouse Culture Sauerkraut

by Kristen Suzanne in sauerkraut

Today I’m sharing a review for some amazing raw organic sauerkraut I had the pleasure of tasting as well as a new recipe of mine… Lightly Onion Bread.

Farmhouse Culture’s Sauerkraut

I was asked to review Farmhouse Culture’s sauerkraut and more than happy to do so. I’m a huge kraut lover. I like making my own, but now that I’m a new mom, it’s not as easy to find the time. Now that I know this brand is available, I may never make it again, because these are so good – haha. Here is part of the email I received when I was asked if I’d try them…

Kathryn Lukas, the owner of Farmhouse Culture, is trained as a chef.  The krauts — while having the obvious nutritional benefits of raw fermented foods — really stand out for their terrific flavor. The krauts are now available in Southern California in Whole Foods and other specialty stores and offer a refreshing zing to sausages, salads and other dishes. An underutilized, yet flavorful addition to many foods, Kathryn’s krauts are different from industrially produced sauerkraut in their nutritional value and flavoring. The krauts come in flavors like Classic Caraway, Smoked Jalapeno, Horseradish Leek, Apple Fennel and Garlic Dill Pickle.
The krauts are raw, vegetarian, contain pro-biotic bacteria and can last for months refrigerated in their reusable glass jars.
The krauts are practical: sauerkraut is a convenient, long-lasting natural food to have on hand.
- It’s a “super nutrition” food: Sauerkraut is a true raw superfood, high in Vitamin C and full of beneficial pro-biotic bacteria. Naturally fermented raw vegetables are rich in lactic acid, an essential aid to good digestion. Research suggests that raw sauerkraut may also have anti-carcinogenic benefits.
- Farmhouse Culture krauts are local, seasonal and sustainable: they are committed to using only ingredients that are sustainably and seasonally grown by regional farmers within 100 miles of Santa Cruz.
The verdict? Mega delicious. My whole family is in love and they told me that when I order some that they want me to order for them, too. I tried the Horseradish Leek, Smoked Jalapeno, and Caraway. Loved them all! I want to try the others, too. Check out the flavors here. If you can’t find it at your Whole Foods, then you can order it online here. Although I could eat sauerkraut by the fork, my real two favorite ways to enjoy it are as follows:
  1. Krautwich! I take two pieces of hearty organic whole grain bread and lightly toast it. Slather organic hummus on one piece. Top that with lettuce and top that with a hefty serving of sauerkraut. Add the second piece of bread for an addictive sandwich that you’ll want more than one of!
  2. Kraut Mound on Raw Bread – using the Lightly Onion Bread below, I scoop a mound of kraut on top of a slice and enjoy!
Speaking of Lightly Onion Bread… here’s a new recipe of mine. Perfect for eating plain, as sandwich bread, topped with hummus, dip, and/or sauerkraut.


Lightly Onion Bread

Recipe by Kristen Suzanne of

Yield 9 to 16 pieces (1 Excalibur tray’s worth)

  • 1 cup Brazil nuts
  • 1/2 cup sunflower seeds
  • 1/2 cup oats
  • water for soaking
  • 1 yellow onion, chopped (about 3 cups)
  • 1 banana, peeled and chopped
  • 1 cup chopped zucchini
  • 3/4 cup flax meal
  • 1/2 cup filtered water
  • 2 tablespoons gluten-free tamari
  • 1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice
Put the Brazil nuts and sunflower seeds in a bowl. Add enough water to cover them by about an inch. Let them soak like this for 6 to 8 hours. Place the oats in a bowl and do the same thing… cover with enough water by about an inch. Let them soak like that for 6 to 8 hours.
Drain the water off the Brazil nuts and seeds. Rinse them and place in a food processor, fitted with the “S” blade. Drain the water off the oats, give them a rinse, and place in the food processor with the nuts. Add the remaining ingredients. Process until smooth. Allow to sit and thicken for 1 hour.

This is after flipping it and removing the Paraflexx sheet.

Transfer to a dehydrator tray, lined with a nonstick Paraflexx sheet (or parchment paper). Spread out the bread dough until it just about reaches the edge of the tray. (Using an offset spatula makes this really easy.) Dehydrate at 130-140 degrees F for one hour. Reduce the temperature to 105-110 degrees F and dehydrate for 12 hours. Flip the bread onto a tray without Paraflexx. Then, remove the current Paraflexx being used. Continue dehydrating until you reach desired dryness (approximately 10-12 hours). Cut into bread slices. I usually cut it into 9 slices.

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Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Review: Rejuvenative Foods

by Kristen Suzanne in sauerkraut

Rejuvenative Foods’ nut butters are wonderful. Of particular deliciousness is the Pecan Pie Butter and I love making it into an easy 1-Minute Nut Milk by blending 1-2 tablespoons with a cup of water. Then, I enjoy it with raw granola, as cream in my Teeccino, or just as a tall glass of cold raw nut milk. Truly delightful! They have other great raw vegan nut butters, but, not all of their products are vegan (some have honey), so you might want to check the label.

Rejuvenative Foods also sells fermented foods – whoo hoo!  When I don’t have time to make my own sauerkraut, I love being able to turn to Rejuvenative Foods’ fermented foods. They’re always fresh and packed full of flavor, zing, and bite. And, let me tell you… Fermented Foods Rock -> they can help fight disease, they’re great for digestion, and they’re loaded with fiber and nutrition. I love all of their sauerkrauts and kim-chi options. In particular, the kim-chis have a sassy spice to them that warms up my mouth even though they’re cold from the refrigerator. I have enjoyed them on my homemade Raw Vegan Hearty Buckwheat Biscuits, topped on salad, and just plain by the forkful. I was particularly fond of the Sea Vegetable Garden Kim-Chi because I’m not normally a sea veggie girl, but this tasted great. I love finding tasty sources of sea veggies since I don’t regularly get them in my diet. And… my husband loves their sauerkraut on non-gmo tofu brats.

I have been a paying customer of Rejuvenative’s for years, and was grateful when they offered to send me a sample of goodies. They also sent me some of their oils, and I’ve been enjoying the raw almond oil and raw sesame oil on my body as a moisturizer (including my pregnant belly!). It smells fabulous. Sometimes I add a dash to my green juice if it contains carrot juice to help my body assimilate the beta-carotene better. 

On a Green Mommy Blog note: I blogged a bit about Elimination Communication if you’d like to hop on over there and take a peek.

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Monday, December 14th, 2009

High Raw, All Vegan Food Intake – Monday

by Kristen Suzanne in green juice, hemp protein, sauerkraut
I planned this menu last night before I went to bed. Read here about why planning your daily food is a great idea and how it can help you stick to your healthy eating goals.

Organic Green Juice

I started the day by making 5 cups of green juice with my Hurom juicer. I drank 3 cups and stored the other 2 cups for later in the day. The juice had cucumber, celery, collard greens, lime, orange, and apple. It was fabulous! I tell ya… so many women say that they get constipated with pregnancy. I have to say… it’s not happening with me. I attribute it to my super healthy diet.

Protein Bar
This bar wasn’t Raw, but it was vegan, macrobiotic, had non-gmo and organic ingredients, and was high protein. It was darn tasty, too, as it should be when one of the ingredients is organic brown rice syrup, huh? Lol

Organic Salad, Crunchy Buckwheat Biscuit, and Raw Sauerkraut
Oh… yum… this lunch was so awesome. I made a fresh salad with romaine lettuce and red bell peppers from our CSA, along with cucumbers. The dressing was refreshing – organic lemon juice, Raw olive oil, Himalayan crystal salt, black pepper, and dried Italian seasoning. Alongside the salad I had one of my Crunchy Buckwheat Biscuits and topped it with my homemade organic Raw sauerkraut. The juice of the sauerkraut seeped into the biscuit, making it a little soft in spots. SO GOOD!!! I promise to get the recipe to you very soon (maybe this week!). These biscuits are full of flavor and nutrition!

Green Juice – 2 cups
Here is where I had the rest of the green juice I made from this morning. I drank it while doing a little dance to Nelly’s Tilt Ya Head Back (featuring Christina Aguilera). I can’t help but get up and BOOGY DOWN! Seriously! :) I can’t wait to have this baby and dance around the house holding him/her. :)

Savory Veggies, Crunchy Buckwheat Biscuit, and Raw Sauerkraut
I made a batch of this popular marinade recipe of mine, and I’m topping the following vegetables with it: organic portobello mushroom, carrots, red bell pepper, and broccoli. I’ll have another Crunchy Buckwheat Biscuit topped with my Raw sauerkraut with it, too.

Frozen Organic Banana Protein Smoothie See recipe here.
I’m adding extra carob for this so it’s more dessert like. I sure do love RAW FOOD!!!!

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Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

How To Make Sauerkraut (Video) – Raw, Organic, and Unpasteurized

by Kristen Suzanne in cabbage, carrots, Kristen Suzanne, sauerkraut, video

I made my third batch of organic, raw, unpasteurized sauerkraut Tuesday. This time I used organic (and locally grown!) cabbage and carrots. (I also threw in some organic cayenne pepper, but that part wasn’t shown in the video. I wish I had organic fresh hot peppers to use.) I can’t wait to see how it turns out… have to wait a month. Patience. I recorded the steps (briefly) so that you can see how darn easy it is to make this awesomely nutritious and delicious food. Fermented Foods Rule!!!

I used this food fermenting vessel. It’s some of the best money I’ve ever spent. I’ve already paid for it more than once with the sauerkraut I’ve made, so this is a great way to save money. And, it should last my lifetime.

Here is a post about my first sauerkraut adventure with some written directions on how to make your very own precious sauerkraut. And, here is a post about my first adventure harvesting it. Enjoy! (*I don’t know why these videos are getting cut off on the right side… must have been something I selected when uploading it.)

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