Sunday, September 30th, 2012

Raw Vegan Gluten-Free Organic Food Journal

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 Raw Vegan Gluten-Free Organic Food Journal

~ Pint water

~ Quart green juice (my favorite recipe right now: 1 bunch celery, 2 heads broccoli with stems, 3/4 bunch parsley, small pkg cilantro, 1 head romaine, 1 bunch kale, 8 med cucumbers). This yields about a gallon with our Norwalk. This is refreshing and light yet packs a vibrant punch.

~ Raw Chocolate Milk Rasperry Protein Shake (raw chocolate milk from hemp seeds, pili nuts, raw chocolate powder, salt, vanilla, chai spices, and stevia – then added… raspberries, frzn blueberries, spinach, Sun Warrior protein powders, and  ice). Plus supplements.

~ Core Bar and cold brewed green tea

~ Large Nourishing Salad Wraps

–> salad: avocado, rosemary, dill, arugula, black pepper, lemon juice, red bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, jalapeño, shredded cucumber, raw olives.) ALL WRAPPED IN MINERAL-RICH COLLARD GREENS… Plus Raw Onion Bread in it. –> Here’s what I did: I mixed up the salad ingredients in a large bowl. Using a large bowl really helps you toss all the ingredients of everything to ensure it all gets mixed properly and every bite is perfect. I took a collard green and cut off the excess stem. I laid some soft raw homemade onion bread on top of the collard green (if your bread isn’t flexible, then you could crumble it). Then, I topped the onion bread with the bright-n-nourishing salad. Finally, I folded it like a simple taco and ate it.

Two large wraps… those are for me :)

  • ProTip: I love shredding my cucumber for salads. It makes it juicy, easy to eat, easier on the mouth, and fun.
  • ProTip: Super nutrient dense collard greens are bitter so a great way to eat them is as a wrap like I detailed above. I have also made a simple wrap with collard green, spread Jem raw sweet almond butter on it and topped with shredded (or minced) apple and/or cucumber. Banana would be great, too.

A family of wraps. Raw vegan organic nutrition.

~ Herbal Beauty Feminine Ginger Tea

~ Quart green juice (same as above)

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Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

How to Easily Make a Raw Vegan Milk Your Family Will Love

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Pili Hemp Nut Milk – I love you.

How did I make that delicious looking, creamy, raw vegan nut milk? I’ll tell ya! It’s Pili Hemp Nut Milk and my new go-to for nut milk. It’s fantastic for many reasons:

  • Pili nuts, hemp seeds, and salt

    Creamy! The pili nuts… They damn near melt in your mouth when you eat them on their own. Heck, blend them and wowza.

  • Easy! This is because no soaking (or straining) required! Hemp seeds and pili nuts are naturally soft and blend easily. What a time saver. And when it comes to hemp seeds, stock up. I operate under the philosophy of “go big or go home” and I buy in bulk. They are versatile and soooo healthy.
  • Delightful Flavor! Pili nuts have a fairly neutral flavor which is great for plant strong milks, raw vegan cheeses, dips, and even raw vegan cheesecakes! (They are amazing in cheesecakes for both flavor and texture because they firm up when cold – I digress though. This is a nut milk post after all.) Hemp seeds, on the other hand, can be a little strong in flavor, but they’re huge on nutrition (essential fatty acids and a complete protein), so I try to continuously have them in my life. By blending the softly flavored pili nuts with the extra nutritious hemp seeds, you get a mild raw vegan nut milk that is perfect for use in any situation needing milk. I will say, though, that pili nuts rightly boast some excellent nutrition. They’re extremely high in their oil content (great as a beautifying food, as well as high amounts vitamin E and magnesium).

    Pili Nuts. Not usually inexpensive, so I stock up when they’re on sale.

Pili Hemp Nut Milk

Yield 1 quart



Blend everything until smooth and creamy. Enjoy served by itself, in a smoothie, protein shake, raw soup, or on top of your cereal.

Bowl of pili nuts, like a bowl of gold.


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Thursday, September 20th, 2012

DC VegFest!

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I was sent the following information about this wonderful event. I wish I could go. Someday!

DC VegFest 2012: A Free Vegetarian Celebration in the Nation’s Capital

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Sept 22 thousands of people will gather at Yards Park to explore – and celebrate – the best of everything vegetarian in and around the nation’s capital at the fourth annual DC VegFest. This FREE outdoor (and dog-friendly) festival features engaging speakers, cooking demonstrations, free food samples, a beer and wine garden, more than 100 exhibitors, a kids’ area, a cupcake eating contest and much more! 

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Monday, September 17th, 2012

My Raw Vegan Organic Food Journal

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All organic. All raw. All vegan. :)
Quart green juice
Core bar
Handful organic raspberries
Pint hibiscus tea
Quart organic green juice
Core bar
Large raw broccoli salad (minced broccoli, chopped cherry tomatoes, diced red bell pepper, arugula, shredded cucumber) with raw cashew butter dressing (cashew butter, lemon juice, tamari, shredded garlic)
Quart Protein shake (water, hemp seeds, coconut shreds, chia seeds, frozen blueberries, amla powder, camu camu powder, cinnamon, Sun Warrior proteins, cacao nibs, spinach).
Today, I made raw onion bread. Inspired by Kamea’s fondness for onions … I used red onions, cherry tomatoes, red bell pepper, flax meal, chia seeds, reduced sodium tamari, lemon juice, olive oil, ground sunflower seeds, ground pumpkin seeds. Our home smells delicious. We get to eat it tomorrow night.
I also used my nut butter machine to make an amazing, smooth, silky, stone ground raw nut butter mixture (brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, cashews, and hemp seeds). Talk about well rounded in nutrition using that variety (selenium, iron, zinc, vitamin e, plus more).

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Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

Mango Love Guacamole – Recipe For Lovers of Guacamole – Plus Chef Tips

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I’m pretty gaga for guacamole. What’s not to love? Creamy, fresh, satisfying, vibrant, and with a number of ways to enjoy it – raw by the spoonful, or heck, by the fingerfull, globbed on a vegan burrito (Chipotle, anyone?), or one of my favorites… Guacamole and Toast, anyone?

I’ve been upping the nutrient density of my guacamole though. Enter: organic broccoli. Do you remember not too long ago, when I used my trick of stealthily sneaking organic raw broccoli into a meal that I wrote about hereBroccoli is tres importante for adding tons of cancer fighting power to your life so it makes a very regular appearance in our lives.

Let me tell ya… there was not a hint of raw broccoli flavor in this new guacamole dish (of course, you can’t go wrong when you add some sweetness like mango or apple). So, here’s another recipe, loaded with nutrition to keep my family uber healthy, that I’ll go back to time and again: Mango Love Guacamole.

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Saturday, September 1st, 2012

The Power of the Raw Food Spectrum – Flexibility

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Note: The following is an article I wrote for the fabulous One Green Planet site. Also, the image above was compiled by them from images I submitted.

Flexibility and The Power of the Raw Food Spectrum

Amazing benefits await when you start eating a raw vegan diet. Common experiences include effortless weight loss, increased energy, softer skin, clear and bright eyes, silky hair, better sleep, mental clarity, major health improvements, and peaceful frame of mind. Sounds great, huh!? However, one common question I’m asked is, “I see a lot of different raw food diets out there, which one is right?” As with many things in life, there are different schools of thought regarding which is the best plan when following a diet of raw vegan food.

The raw food diet has a nice wide spectrum as to the different styles of raw food options that are available. After years of fielding questions on my blog, it’s clear that the wide range of options can seem confusing or overwhelming at first. But fear not! Once you realize that the options are nothing more than a continuum ranging from “a little bit” to “all” raw, most of the various ways to “do” raw fall neatly into place. The spectrum of options actually becomes a powerful tool that allows you to precisely tune your degree of raw based on where you are in your life, health situation, and day-to-day circumstances.

At the least-raw end of the spectrum are people who merely try to incorporate more salads and smoothies into their vegan diet (for our purposes, we’ll assume the beginner is already vegan). By simply eating 1-2 salads or smoothies a day, this will automatically start replacing non-raw foods, most notably, cooked and processed foods made from refined wheat/flour, corn, and sugar. Score an immediate win for increased nutrition as you replace nutrient-starved crap with healthy raw veggies!

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Sunday, August 26th, 2012

Funny Guest Post From My Mom – The Blob

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We are in Monsoon season here in Arizona. A time of true beauty to be sure. Gorgeous sunsets, cleansing rains, and…. the occasional dust storm. I wouldn’t call a dust storm a thing of beauty, but they are kind of crazy cool. My mom wrote about one last year and I had to share it on my blog because it cracked me up. She’s a funny lady – warning… she doesn’t mince words. Enjoy the post. (You can follow her on twitter here.)

Arizona’s 2011 Wind Storm – The BLOB?

by Sunny Larson

Weather in Arizona is mostly predictable. Sun…Sun…Sun. While other areas of the country worry about snow storms, flooding, hurricanes or tornadoes, we have more sun.  BUT, we have monsoons. Monsoons bring rain and wind usually in July and August.  The day can be full of sun….and then at 4:00pm the clouds roll in… the wind starts… followed by rain if we are lucky. We are in the desert so rain is at a premium.

If you were watching the news the other day… a 7000 foot dust wall that was miles long was rolling across Phoenix and surrounding cities. It was so dense you could not see one foot in front of you. It reminded me of an old movie called, “THE BLOB.”  It was described as a massive event native Arizonians have not seen in 30 years. When I saw it filmed on TV, I called my daughter, Kristen, immediately.  She was about to go to Whole Foods.

“Hell no you’re not going! A huge dust storm is heading your way. They’ve closed the airport. Don’t leave. Take cover.” Only a mother in panic would yell. She went to her balcony and saw it rolling in the city. It was engulfing Camelback Mountain.

I called everyone I knew. This BLOB was rolling in at 60-70 miles an hour.  Some people thought I was joking.

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Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Healthy Cancer Chick – Have You Heard of Her?

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A couple of weeks ago I received an email that moved me. A husband emailed me to see if I would mind sharing his wife’s story and blog on my blog. His wife is a cancer survivor and on a mission to live as long as she can and sharing her story with people along with way (it involves lots of veggies and healing!). He wanted to do everything he could to help her and realized that one way was to support her new endeavor. That’s where I come in. As some of you know, starting a blog can be overwhelming and the one thing we all love is having our blog get visitors, right? Well, her husband emailed me to see if I could share her work with my visitors; thereby, getting her visitors.

I was more than happy to help this fellow veggie out. I’m so happy to share the following with you. So, without further ado…. Kristen’s Raw readers, please meet Kristen of Healthy Cancer Chick.

I asked Kristen of Healthy Cancer Chick to share her story of cancer and healing with you. It’s inspirational. And, it reminds me of the part in my Raw Awakening book where I write about how people can think they’re eating healthy, when they really aren’t. I actually have a potty-mouth label for it – hehe. Those of you who have read it, you know the one. ;)

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Saturday, August 11th, 2012

Sprout Skincare – Great Stuff & COUPON!

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Ooooh beauties… do I have a great post for you —> Skincare. Animal friendly. Non-toxic. Need I say more? Are you interested? Let’s get to it.

Sprout Skincare: I’ve been a fan of Sprout Skincare products for a couple of years now. Although I’m always trying new beauty goodies and sharing my finds with you, there are some that are always going to be found in my bathroom. Enter: Sprout Skincare. This fun little company is owned by Adina Grigore and she’s a total gem – solid gal – good energy vibin’ woman. She makes great products and her love in them shows. So, I was thrilled when she sent me some of her products in their new packaging … as well as offering my readers a treat! Lucky you!!

What did she send me?

Eco friendly, Natural, Non-toxic Skincare by Sprout Skincare (I love the glass packaging)

I was the blessed recipient of her amazing all over cream (I’m playing beauty goddess with it and using it with my new passion, essential oils. It’s a nice carrier product for them). She also sent me a travel size cleanser and toner, which is perfect because we’re planning a camping trip soon. Not only are they a great travel size, but the way to use them is great for camping. You see, the cleanser uses a cotton ball to wipe over your face, and then a quick splash with water to rinse off. That will be easy to do while camping instead of lathering up a cleanser, getting my hands all soapy, etc). She also sent me a kit of her lip balms. Adorable little case for them. As you can imagine, I’m stoked and grateful. Thank you, Adina.

So, what can you get as a reader of mine? Well, I loved the travel size cleanser and toner so much that if you make a purchase and use the coupon code KRISTEN when you check out, you’re getting a travel cleanser and toner for free! How awesome is that?! And, during the month of August, there’s free shipping, too. Double score!

Hop on over to Sprout Skincare and treat yourself to something marvelous. If I can make a recommendation, you will not go wrong with purchasing Adina’s cream. It’s one of my favorite creams ever.

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Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

Must Watch Video – This Could Save Your Life

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I recently bought this DVD (Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death) on Amazon by Dr. Michael Greger, and I’m so glad my family saw it. We’ve actually watched it a couple of times. It filled us with pride and excitement over our dietary choices – as if we didn’t have enough already.

We’re also sharing it with our omnivore family and friends because it really hits home to the importance of eating plant based foods. Plus, it’s funny, in parts. Dr. Greger has a great sense of humor.

Great news! It’s now online for free. Enjoy.

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