Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Salads & Dressings – Now Available in Print!

by Kristen Suzanne in raw, vegan

Whoo-hoo! My 8th book is now available in print, Kristen Suzanne’s EASY Raw Vegan Salads & Dressings. Now, most of us think of salads as healthy, but not much more. But we’re going to change that here and now. Get ready to get EXCITED about SALAD! This recipe book introduces you to a world of salads and dressings that taste so good, you’d be willing to have them as your main course!

As with the launch of the other books, I’m taking a survey for the best photo. Check them out and let me know what you think.

More Great News…
I have another exciting Awesome Giveaway for the month of January that you don’t want to miss! I’m giving away a Lexen Healthy Juicer (great for manually juicing wheatgrass and leafy greens)! Be sure to check back soon!

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Sunday, January 18th, 2009

Warming Plant Blood – Ginger Is the Trick

by Kristen Suzanne in Breville, ginger, Kristen Suzanne

Today I made Warming Plant Blood (recipe at the end of this post), which includes one of my all-time favorite ingredients – Ginger. I always have fresh organic ginger in my house. I love adding it to juices, smoothies, salads, and other Raw vegan dishes (it’s so nourishing). I’ve often referred to garlic as the king of spices. The queen spot goes to ginger. It rocks.

Ginger offers multiple health benefits. It has warming qualities, as noted in the recipe title Warming Plant Blood. When I feel cold in the winter, I start adding more ginger to my diet. Even though most of my food is Raw (and sometimes a little chilly by nature), adding ginger helps make my digestion and body feel like it’s warming up. Speaking of digestion, ginger is a major helper in that department. Next time you have an upset tummy, try drinking some warm water with a little fresh grated ginger, lemon juice and maybe a dash of raw agave nectar or a drop of stevia. Or, simply drink some ginger tea from a box. I just picked some up at Whole Foods last night from the company Traditional Medicinals. They have a nice tea called Organic Ginger. If I think I’ll have a meal that might challenge my digestive system, I often drink a cup of this about a half hour before the meal.

Ginger is a rich source of powerful antioxidants which have anti-inflammatory properties, and there is evidence that ginger’s antioxidants might help fight/inhibit the growth of certain types of cancers. Not only that, but studies show ginger can also help boost the immune system.

Storing ginger is easy. Fresh ginger can be stored for up to 3 weeks in the refrigerator (or up to 6 months in the freezer) when tightly wrapped.

Warming Plant Blood
Kristen Suzanne of Kristen’s Raw
Yield 1-2 servings

1-inch piece of fresh ginger*
4-5 carrots

1 medium/large-ish beet

1 bunch of baby red Swiss chard**

I used my Breville juicer to juice the ingredients.

* This is a lot of ginger and it definitely gives the juice a kick and immediate warming sensation. You might try half this amount and taste the juice. Then, decide if you want to add more.

** The baby red Swiss chard I used today was from the farmer’s market (locally grown, organic – YAY!). The leaves were little, which is why I referred to it as “baby” Swiss chard. If I was using a regular, full grown bunch, I probably would have juiced 1/2 – 3/4 of the bunch.

For more information on great juicers, check out my blog post, My Favorite Juicers – GreenStar and Breville.

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Thursday, January 15th, 2009

I’m Cheating on My Blendtec… Oh My!

by Kristen Suzanne in review

I’m having an affair with a Vita-Mix 5200. Am I ashamed? Well, it’s hard to be when you experience this awesome piece of machinery. For many years, I’ve had both a Blendtec and a Professional Series Vita-Mix blender, and I’ve always told people that both are great, but if I had to pick one, I would have gone for the Blendtec. The primary reasons for me being that it fits neatly on my counter (under the cupboard – due to its overall height being shorter than the Vita-Mix) and because it’s easier to scrape food out from the bottom due to its two-pronged blade vs. the 4-pronged Vita-Mix blade. I’ve had both side by side all these years and I always just went to use the Blendtec. I figured that meant it was my blender of choice, not realizing that I was probably partial to the machine since I had it first and was very comfortable with it.

Well, all that has changed now. I recently got my hot little hands on the new Vita-Mix 5200 and immediately fell in love. First of all, the container is BPA-free (Hello! BPA-FREE!) with improved sound dampening so it’s not crazy loud. Secondly, obviously the blender is powerful, reliable, and awesome. Thirdly, the warranty kicks butt! Vita-Mix offers a 7-year warranty on both the container and base (under normal household use), while Blendtec offers a measly 3-year warranty on the base and only 1 year on the container (this is important for me which I’ll detail in a moment). There are other improvements in the Vita-Mix which make it easier to use such as the new lid (now it’s super easy to take on and off). Finally, the Vita-Mix has excellent customer service, which is important to me and always weighs heavily in the equation of whether I buy a product. I still feel like the food (most notably Raw cheeses and dips) are a little easier to get out of the Blendtec container, but not so much that I would now choose the Blendtec over Vitamix.

I wrote that the warranty was important earlier, as well as customer service. Regarding my Blendtec, I’ve recently not had the best experience. My Blendtec started blending at an unbelievably loud pitch. So loud you must plug your ears or it pieces them with pain. When I attempted contact with Blendtec about this – three times! – I received no response. After researching their website about the warranty, I read that my container was only under a 1 year warranty (testing the Blendtec’s sound with and without the container leads me to believe that it’s the container causing the new nasty noise). On top of that, my mom’s Blendtec (much newer than mine, but still over a year old) is doing the same thing!

My Blendtec (container noise problem) and new Vita-Mix 5200 experience both occurred within the last couple of months, and I wanted to share it with you, since for so long I’ve been saying, “They’re both great, but I’m a Blendtec gal.” Not so much anymore.

Move over Blendtec, it’s time for something greater! Vita-Mix 5200, you’ve won my heart.

UPDATE: I have updated my thoughts on the two blenders here.

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Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Raw Vegan Recipe: Capri Lemon Chocolate Bars

Aaaaahhhhh LEMONS! Aaaaahhhhh MACADAMIA NUTS! These two ingredients are a couple of my favorites and I’m excited to feature a delicious Raw vegan recipe with them. Capri Lemon Chocolate Bars – major deliciousness if you like lemon and macadamia nuts. These bars are dense, full of flavor and a little goes a long way. Sometimes I have it for dessert and sometimes I eat a little one for breakfast with my cup of tea. Don’t you just love that you can have dessert for breakfast when it comes to Raw food?

I love lemons because they’re so refreshing and good for you. Lemons are alkalizing and an excellent source for vitamin C. But, that’s not all. These yellow darlings have folate, calcium, vitamin A, potassium, and flavonoids (known for fighting cancer and heart disease!). I had dreams of the Italian island of Capri when making this recipe because they’re known for lemons. The island is filled with lemon trees and they put lemon in just about everything.

I love macadamia nuts because they’re buttery-rich in flavor and texture… and unbelievably satiating. This nut is good for you! They provide monounsaturated fat, which is shown time and again with helping to lower levels of heart disease and cancer. Macadamia nuts are loaded with nutrition such as… phosphorus, calcium, potassium, some fiber, magnesium, a little selenium, and phytosterols. (Keep in mind that they are high in calories, so you probably don’t want to eat the whole platter in one sitting. That’s why I said a little bit goes a long way with this recipe.)

Capri Lemon Chocolate Bars
Kristen Suzanne of Kristen’s Raw
Yield one 8-inch glass baking dish

2 cups raw macadamia nuts

2 1/2 teaspoons lemon extract

3 tablespoons raw agave nectar

1/4 cup fresh lemon juice

10 dates, pitted, soaked 1 hour, drained

1/2 cup dried apple, soaked 1 hour, drained

8 dates, pitted, soaked 1 hour (reserve “soak water”)

2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

3-4 tablespoons “soak water”

3 tablespoons raw chocolate or carob*

2 tablespoons raw agave nectar

2 tablespoons chopped macadamia nuts

1/4 cup coconut oil

For the bars: Process the nuts in a food processor, fitted with the “S” blade, until coarsely ground. Add the lemon extract, agave, lemon juice, and process to mix. Add the dates and dried apple and process until the mixture is thoroughly incorporated. Press (or spread) the mixture into the bottom of the glass baking dish. Place in the freezer while you make the frosting.

For the frosting: Blend all of the ingredients together (don’t worry about blending the macadamia nuts until entirely smooth if you don’t want; they can add a nice texture to the frosting). Spread on top of the bars. Place in the freezer for about an hour. After they “set” you can store them in the refrigerator (up to 5 days) or in the freezer (up to 6 months).

*Truly raw carob is available here.

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Sunday, January 11th, 2009

The Winners of My 6th Awesome Giveaway!

by Kristen Suzanne in Uncategorized

Congratulations Mrs. Money and Anonymous (details below)… You won!!! Your prize: You each will receive a jar of Fruits of the Earth Powder™(360 grams; $48.95 value). I hope you’re ready to load up on antioxidants! Simply send me an email with your address so I can get your gift to you right away.

Here is what Mrs. Money and Anonymous had to say when asked, “What is one of your favorite movies and why?”

Mrs. Money: I love Coyote Ugly. While it is a total chick flick and so old, I still love it. Thanks for the opportunity to win! :)

Anonymous: I like Flight of the Navigator, because it is one big adventure. :)

I have to admit, I’ve always liked Coyote Ugly, too. I think it’s so fun. And, Flight of the Navigator? I have not seen, but I’m always up for an adventure, so I’ll be on the lookout for that one.

My next Awesome Giveaway is scheduled for January. Check back for details. Thanks to all of you who participated!

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Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Kristen’s Raw 6th Awesome Giveaway – Fruits of the Earth Powder

by Kristen Suzanne in Uncategorized

My 6th Awesome Giveaway is here – YEEHAW!!! The prize if your name is drawn? I’m sending you a jar of Fruits of the Earth Powder($48.95 value). This stuff is great. I use it on a regular basis in my smoothies to add loads of antioxidants.

Update! I’m having so much fun with this Awesome Giveaway that I’m going to draw two names!

Here is what the makers of this product had to say about it:
Fruits of The Earth™ is a high antioxidant, potent combination of natures most nutritive fruits from around the world. Dried at low temperatures to preserve heat sensitive elements. The ultra-finely ground and highly bioavailable whole leaf grasses provide a huge source of nutrition including essential alkalinity and better blood sugar balance. Actual Food™ Chromium is also added to support healthy metabolism and blood sugar levels. Unlike other “Food Type” forms of nutrients, this Chromium is 100% organically bound. It is not merely in the “form” of food, it is Food!

Excited? Want the chance to win? Simply answer the following question in the comment section for today’s post. At the end of three days (Saturday night, Jan 10th @ 11:59pm) I’ll enter everyone’s name who answered the question into a drawing and announce the winner on my blog Sunday. (Please note: While I would love to hear from everyone around the world in answering this question, I have to limit the winner to someone living in the continental United States.)

Question: What is one of your favorite movies and why?

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Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Smoothies, Juices, Elixirs & Drinks – Now Available in Print!

by Kristen Suzanne in Kristen Suzanne

Another exciting day! My 7th book is now available in print, Kristen Suzanne’s EASY Raw Smoothies, Juices, Elixirs & Drinks. This book is filled with tons of DELICIOUS beverage recipes, tips, and information. Getting all of the nutrition and anti-oxidants your body needs for maximum health is SUPER EASY once you start eating Raw plant-based foods every day, and one of the easiest ways to do this consistently is to DRINK THEM! Great photos available here. Which are your favorites?

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Monday, January 5th, 2009

Living A Whole Life Blog & News to Peruse

by Kristen Suzanne in cancer

It’s been such a great weekend. I went to the farmer’s market and loaded up with plenty of fresh, locally grown, organic, Super Qi produce. I played Mah Jongg with my family today. And, now it’s time to start a new week, all fresh and energized! It’s going to be a great week, I can feel it already. In fact, I think it’s that time again… for another one of my Awesome Giveaways! Check back this week for details.

I wanted to share a new blog with you, Living A Whole Life. A friend of mine started it and I’m enjoying it very much. Check it out!

News to Peruse

FDA to Reconsider Plastic Bottle Risk – It’s about time!
How Certain Veggies Combat Cancer – YEEHAW!!!
Celebs Resolutions Include Going Veg, Raw Foods, Dropping Smokes – Yay Fergie and Eva!

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Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

Living in a World of Possibility!

by Kristen Suzanne in Uncategorized

A great friend of mine showed me this video and I had to share it with you (I’ve watched it twice already). My friend said it best – Such a great example of a gifted teacher and public speaker with a message that today could not be more felicitous.

Trust me, you’ll enjoy it from start to finish.

Happy New Year!

View video

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Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

Finally! Locally Grown Organic Food – Super Qi!

by Kristen Suzanne in Uncategorized

Eating organic food is important – we all know that. Eating locally grown organic food is even WAY BETTER! For years, I’ve longed to taste fresh, organic produce grown on land local to me in Arizona. Unfortunately, every time I went to a farmer’s market, there wasn’t anything that was both local and organic. So, I ended up opting for Whole Foods (I’m a real stickler for organic). Even though I shopped at Whole Foods, I made it a point to choose foods that traveled the shortest distance, for both environmental and nutritional benefits.

Well, all that has changed for me now. YIPPEE! A short while back, a friend of mine turned me on to a local farmer, Doug (of Lewis’ Hen House & Veggie Farm), who sells his locally grown organic produce at a nearby farmer’s market. Doug’s farm just became certified organic this past February of 2008. Congratulations to you, Doug, and THANK YOU!!! (That’s Doug weighing my broccoli in the picture.)

So, off I went to the farmer’s market to meet Doug and try out his fresh organic goodies. I purchased all kinds of produce: oranges, cauliflower, broccoli, celery, baby bok choy, carrots, cabbage, yams, romaine lettuce (the biggest and most gorgeous ever!), and more. I was like a kid in a candy store… smiling from ear to ear. I couldn’t get home fast enough to make some delicious Raw vegan dishes with my treasures.

What happened was a little unexpected. With my first bite, I was quite moved in an emotional way. I was so proud and excited to be participating in something that is so important – supporting a local farmer, tasting food grown by his very hands, minimizing my carbon footprint, and experiencing nutrition at its very best. I swear it tastes so much better than what is bought at the store, and why wouldn’t it? It’s local and organic! There is more nutrition in it because it’s picked fresh, maybe a day or two before being brought to the market to sell. There is a saying in Traditional Chinese Medicine that a food’s Qi (pronounced “chi”) decreases the farther it gets from its source or origin. Qi is known as life energy, which is thought to be intrinsic in all things. Pretty important stuff. So, I lovingly refer to my locally grown organic fruits and vegetables as Super Qi Food!

When you buy food from the grocery store, it’s usually been packed and waiting in the refrigerated area for many days, even weeks, plus the travel time and distance (Qi-loss). That’s not the case for me anymore though. Now that I’ve found Lewis’ Hen House & Veggie Farm, I’m blessed to have Super Qi fruits and vegetables year round – local, organic, and awesome. I can’t wait to go back this Saturday.

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