Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

Green Smoothie Popsicles! Cool & Fun!

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With summer fast approaching, I was in search of yet another way to enjoy green smoothies, so I decided to make Green Smoothie Popsicles. The extra cool thing about these is that kids LOVE them! They’re so easy, cute, and refreshing…just what we need in hot temperatures. And, the varieties are endless…making watermelon popsicles with a touch of rind is on tomorrow’s menu for me. They’re going to be so pretty – I’m such a girl! I’m going to call those Princess Popsicles. Here are the ingredients for the Green Smoothie Popsicles featured in the picture:

Cinna-Spinach Man
splash lemon juice

Blueberry Ginger Affair
splash lemon juice

Simply blend the ingredients together for the recipe you choose and pour into popsicle molds and freeze. If you don’t have popsicle molds, then you can freeze them in an ice cube tray and have Green Smoothie Popsicle Bites.

I’ll be at Whole Foods this Saturday featuring my recipe for Summer Strawberry Cobbler. With Father’s Day coming up, this is the PERFECT dessert to take (or to any summer party). I promise…people will be begging you for the recipe :) If you’re interested in trying it, stop by Whole Foods (Raintree/101 location) between 11am-1pm.

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Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

Ten-hut! Sweet Army Green Smoothie Here

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Ten-hut (the full version: a-ten-hut) is the abbreviated military term for “Come to attention!” And, that’s exactly what this smoothie does…gets my attention! It’s sweetly delicious, reminds me of the army green color, and attention getting with great nutrition. Can you imagine if we fed our military with green smoothies? (They deserve the best after-all!)

I had it for lunch today (I love drinking smoothies and juices for breakfast and lunch because they’re easy to make, loaded with superior nutrition, fill me with unstoppable energy, and taste so dang great).

Sweet Army Green Smoothie
Yield 1 quart

1 1/2 cups water
3 frozen bananas
2 medium leaves lacinato kale
big handful cilantro
1 tablespoon Vitamineral Green Powder (y’all know this is my fave!)

Blend it up and feel your body ten-hut!

PS…Oprah update. She’s still rockin’ it out vegan style – boohyah!

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Monday, June 9th, 2008

Herbin’ Ranch Dip – You Must Try!

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I’m getting together the goods for my next email newsletter (sign up here), and one of the featured recipes is this delicious dip (or it can be used as a salad dressing like I did here). I promise…the next time you’re jonesing for a ranch style dip or dressing that is so satisfying and keeps you coming back for more, make this! It’s amazing.

It was a great day. We ran errands, food shopped (scored delicious organic peaches and apricots), worked out at the gym, drank energizing smoothies, ate fresh salads, watched The Next Food Network Star, and read What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children’s Vaccinations.

Kristen’s Raw – Twitter Style
I’ve been having a lot of fun using Twitter to stay connected and meet new people around the world. Follow along with me here.

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Sunday, June 8th, 2008

Green Slurpee…What a Joy!

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I was born and raised in Michigan and the humid summertime in Michigan (as a kid) just wasn’t the same if you didn’t indulge in a slurpee from a 7-Eleven convenience store. Well, today I was taking a stroll down memory lane as I slurped on a delicious concoction that transported me back to childhood days. Granted, it certainly didn’t look or taste exactly like the all-too-sugary-sweet experience of the past. But! The texture was the same and with my transformed vegan crudivore taste buds and desires, I loved the “green, raw, organic” version so much more. It was so great that I’m headed back to the kitchen to make another one when I finish this post. I can tell this is going to be a staple all summer long here in the dry Arizona desert heat. I can’t wait to make a bunch of other combinations…just frozen fruit and green powder…that’s the trick to making it just like a slurpee’s texture!

Green Slurpee
Yield 3 cups

1 cup water
1 cup frozen organic mango
1 cup frozen organic peaches
1 heaping spoonful Vitamineral Green Powder (this stuff kicks butt and takes names!)

Give it all a whirl in your blender and enjoy fresh, pure energy when your body’s cells jump for joy as they swim in nutrition.

Daily Conversation Question:
What one question would you ask a psychic about the future?

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Friday, June 6th, 2008

New Word: Crudivore

by Kristen Suzanne in raw

For those of us eating a Raw diet, did you know there is a term used to describe our eating behavior that goes beyond the typical “Raw” which is so commonly used? There is! We’re called crudivores (pronounced like crude, as in unrefined, unprocessed). Throw that term around at the next party you attend. Check out more here (it’s really cool!). More specifically, for my purposes and most others living the Raw lifestyle (who omit animal products and by-products), we should call ourselves vegan crudivores.

If you google crudivore, you’ll see that there are about 6,000 results which is very low. Even lower are the results you get when googling vegan crudivore (about 800). To put that into perspective, herbivore yields about 1.4 million results.

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Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

Fast Food Goes Organic

by Kristen Suzanne in Hemp

Times are changing and it’s exciting. Check out this article about some fast food chains going organic. As a High Raw All Vegan (HRAV), I love knowing that our nation is starting to desire healthier food choices, which, in my book, means more people learning about Raw in the long run. We have to start somewhere and fresh organic food is a great place.

Organic and eating locally grown foods are both “hot” trends for chefs right now, and this means more organic options at restaurants. Yippee! How great would it be to enjoy gobbling up fresh salads and dishes made from organic ingredients when you dine out?

My HRAV Food Today
Organic coconut black tea
1 quart Blueberry Power Packed Green Smoothie (recipe below)
1/4 cup Manitoba Harvest Hemp Seeds
that’s it so far…

Blueberry Power Packed Smoothie
Yield 1 quart

2 cups water
2 cups blueberries
1/4 cup Manitoba Harvest Hemp Protein Powder (the best available)
1 tablespoon Vitamineral Green Powder (my favorite!)
1 tablespoon chia seeds (these are so fun!)
3 handfuls spinach
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

Blend this power packin’ goodness up and enjoy some mega energy and fulfillment!

Daily Conversation Question
If you could have front row seats to any concert, who would you like to see?

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Monday, June 2nd, 2008

A Perfect Monday

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Today has been nice and easy (perfect for a Monday), which is the result of my recent purging/cleaning of “stuff.” I love my new “decluttered and super clean” home. I have more space with fewer things and it makes it much more airy, light feeling, organized and healthy. It feels so wonderful, simple and easy…just the way I want my life to be.

My Food Intake (so far): I polished off some watermelon (shocker, I know – haha) and now I’m having a Green Smoothie w/ spinach, blueberries and hemp protein powder. This will keep me fueled for a while. Can I just say how much I love fresh Raw vegan food? YUM!

Today’s exercise: We’ll be going for an epic walk later in the evening when it’s cooler. My dog has been begging us to take him on a long walk, and today is our day off from the gym, so it’s perfect timing.

Daily Conversation Question:
What life experience has strengthened you the most?

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Saturday, May 31st, 2008

Plant Blood All Day Long…Yowza, I Feel Great!

by Kristen Suzanne in green juice

Today, I made a mother of a Plant Blood (my name for juice). Here is what it was and it kept me high on juice all day long (made about 3 quarts):

1-2 cups water
3 cups fresh, home grown sprouts
2 red delicious apples*
1/2 bunch celery
1 red bell pepper
2 cucumbers**
4 large rainbow chard leaves
4 large curly kale leaves***
1/4 cup fresh lemon juice****
juice from 2 oranges****

* This variety is reported to have the highest level of phytonutrients!
** Great for your skin!
*** Potent cancer fighting antioxidants in these babies!
**** Say “hello” to Vitamin C!

I used my Blendtec blender (the best high-powered blender on the market in my opinion) to liquefy my produce. Then, I strained it through a nutmilk bag into a large bowl, and transferred it to three glass mason jars (I filled them to the tippy top to reduce oxidation). I savored them all day long. Yowza! This plant blood was loaded with so many powerful nutrients. It rocked!

Daily Conversation Question:
Would you like a quiet life of safety or a life of great adventure and uncertainty?

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Friday, May 30th, 2008

Still Purging @ Home, Oprah’s Update, Weekend!

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I’m still going through my home and purging things. It feels so great and liberating. Stuff I considered keeping for a while longer just two days ago, I’m already excited to give away now.

Today, we went to Staples to get ink for my printer, and ordinarily I’d get a little excited to be there (I love organizational stuff like post-it notes, markers, colored folders, etc), but today I was rather turned off. I wanted to get in, get my ink, and get out. I wanted nothing to do with buying anything I didn’t really need. I’m impressed at how our mindset can change quickly once we’re on a path. I worked so hard to clean my home, declutter it, etc over the past week…the last thing I was going to do was fill it up with stuff I didn’t need.

To further hit home the point, we watched a great documentary, A Crude Awakening. It’s about the oil crisis, how dependent various cultures around the world are on it, and what we need to think about going forward. People need to realize that just by driving less or getting a Prius car are NOT the only things we can do to help lighten our footprint when it comes to oil consumption. It reaches into every purchase we make, whether the oil was used to make the product or deliver it. It’s scary. But, if we all start making some major changes NOW (like I wrote about in yesterday’s blog: consuming less and teaching our kids these values while we’re at it), then we might have a chance. So, let’s get started! Join me and let’s consume less and love it. Be happy and feel empowered with fewer things. Make smart purchase decisions. It’s easy!

Oprah update: Whoo-hoo, I’m happy to report that Oprah is still rockin’ it out vegan style. I love that!

This weekend: If you’re in the Phoenix area, I’ll be at Whole Foods dishing out some deliciously fresh and nutritious Moroccan Gazpacho. Come on down! Details here.

Daily Conversation Question:
What do you miss about childhood?

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Thursday, May 29th, 2008

A Goal For Simplicity – Declutter, Owning Time & Being Green

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I have a long-term goal of living a more simple life, which is a far cry from where I was in my mid-twenties. When I was in the corporate world, my boss owned my time. And, since I didn’t own my time, I felt compelled to own things. I looked to my possessions to define me and represent who I was. The cycle was: get paid more, work more, buy more.

Then, some years ago, I heard the saying, “The things you own end up owning you.” My buying behavior came into perspective and I found myself buying fewer things, because I didn’t like the idea of being owned by my possessions (it was bad enough being owned by my boss – haha). It didn’t take long before I realized that I yearned to own my time, not material objects, and that I longed for a more simple life. (Here is a very cool story regarding stuff that further strengthened my resolve.)

I’ve been successful at reducing my consumer footprint, and I’m happy with the results. I know what I’m doing is healthy for my soul and for the earth. It didn’t happen overnight, and it took some getting used to. Now, when I think about making a purchase, whether it’s food, clothing, kitchen equipment, books, electronics, etc, I take the time to think through the following: 1) Do I really need it? 2) Do I really want it? 3) Can I wait 2-weeks and then decide whether to buy it? 4) What resources and energy went into making this product and what am I doing to the earth by consuming it? After going through those questions, I have found that in most cases, I’m eager to say “no” and happy as a result.

Fast forward to today: I still have a lot of things from my previous lifestyle and it became apparent that it was time to declutter my home by cleaning, purging, recycling and throwing many of them away. The quote I reference earlier about “…things owning you” has taken on new life for me. I always thought about it with respect to monetary issues (buy fewer things, fewer things own me). Now, it goes beyond that, because possessions not only cost money, but they also cost time, the thing I’m anxious to own. This became apparent when I started thinking about how hard it is to keep my home clean. Why? Because I own too much shit. Hence, I have too much to dust. Couple that with the fact that I live in the desert with a dog that sheds, and I have a recipe for dust-covered objects. I pretty much have to thoroughly clean every couple of days, or when that Arizona sun comes streaming through my windows it can be a gross site when I see all the dust floating through the air. I immediately think, “Oh boy, that’s either going to end up on my floor, bed, table, etc, or I’m breathing it in. Ick!” Bottom line, I was spending too much of my precious time cleaning and wanted to figure out a way to reduce that. Answer: Have fewer things to dust.

Therefore, I decided to declutter and clean my home – purge style. I spent a couple of days going from top to bottom, under beds, through closets/cupboards, etc and created a HUGE pile of stuff to recycle, give to Goodwill, and throw out. It felt so good, cleansing, and liberating.

Considering the future: As many of you know, we’re doing some family planning, and we’re definitely interested in homeschooling. Apart from the obvious benefit our kids will experience from it, we also want to travel the world with them during these childhood years (even living abroad part of it). This requires packing and moving. When the time comes (whether it’s sooner or later), I want to be able to put as few things into storage as possible, making it quick and easy to pack up and go. When I think about possessions in that perspective, it quickly becomes apparent that if I haven’t used it within the past year, odds are that I don’t need it and someone else might get better use out of it than me (time to recycle). “This house is clean.”

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