Sunday, November 4th, 2007

Into the Wild – Movie, Food Intake & Exercise

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I recently saw the movie, Into the Wild, and was inspired to think “outside the gym.” So, Friday we took our dog hiking (into the wild – well, kind of wild). It was gorgeous, relaxing, exhilarating and best of all…fun. It’s important to find physical activities you really enjoy because it’s the easiest way to get more exercise into your life. Other ways I get more physical activity…hula-hooping (I’m lousy, but it’s fun), dancing (lousy here, again, but I love it! I think I heard the words, “Girrrl, you ain’t got NO coordination!” – haha, oh well), and playing golf and tennis (all of these qualify as great physical activities). Oh yeah, and when I go to the store, I park way out in BFE so I get more walking into my life.

Saturday, I went to the gym and lifted weights (chest/tri – heavy weight and low reps). I want to build more muscle to burn more fat all day long. Sometimes weight lifting is fun and sometimes it’s just “okay,” so I rely on great music to keep me motivated. Same story for the gym cardio. I do have days when I’m not thrilled to be on the treadmill, but when I have a great magazine (my favorite is VegNews!) or a super book to read, then I truly look forward to my time with the treadmill or stairstepper. It’s about being smart and making it work for you.

Food for Friday and Saturday are the same (I don’t mind eating the same delicious food a few days in a row).

Breakfasts: 1 qrt Smoothie (water,bananas, cranberries, basil, red jalapeno pepper)
Snacks: Kombucha
Lunches: 1 qrt Smoothie (replaced cranberries from before with Raw chocolate)
Dinners: Large portion of Carrot Pasta with Indian Marinara
Desserts: Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake

Zen Mind – Experience all things with the enthusiasm of a child, as if you were seeing it for the first time. This is the Zen Mind. Always new, always aware, always that of a beginner.
~Daniel Levin, Zen Cards

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Friday, November 2nd, 2007


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Here is a cool idea that I’m so excited to do this holiday seasonI’m asking family and friends to go vegan for 5-7 days, as their gift to me. (Asking them to go Raw is probably too much of a stretch, so I’m starting with vegan. Next year I’ll hit them up with Raw! Remember, baby steps are important.) It’s a chance for them to feel great, learn about the health benefits, reduce their carbon footprint, see how simple it is, and hopefully start making better choices about their food in the future. This is a great gift for any occasion (birthday, anniversary, etc).

With the money they won’t be spending on me, I told them to buy a few staples to last the week (soy or hemp milk, fresh/frozen vegan foods, fresh Raw produce, etc). I’m providing them with a shopping list and I offered to go with them to show them how easy it is. I’ll also give them simple and delicious vegan recipes (as well as easy and great Raw recipes), a list of restaurants in their areas for great vegan food (I’ll use the Internet for areas that I’m not familiar with), as well as giving them ideas for breakfasts, lunches and dinners. The goal is to give them everything they could possibly need for making the week easy and fun. I’m also giving them a free vegetarian starter kit from “GoVeg” that I pre-ordered early to arrive in time.

Let life scoop you up and change you somehow
~Juicy Living Cards by SARK

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Thursday, November 1st, 2007

I Dream of Jeannie Halloween Costume

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Happy Halloween! Here I am all dressed up for a day and night of excitement! I hope everyone is having as much fun as I am. This is just one of the reasons I love Arizona…I can wear a costume like this at the end of October and the weather is glorious.

My food today:
1 banana
1 quart green smoothie (spinach, apple, kiwi, cinnamon)
large salad of chopped veggies and Raw Italian dressing
1 quart banana, chocolate, red jalapeno smoothie
plenty of water
Let’s move our bodies in new and joy~full ways.
Dance with color ecstatically!
~Juicy Living Cards by SARK

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Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Succulent Wild Woman

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Be Delicious. Eat mangoes naked, lick the juice off your arms. Discover your own goodness. Smile when you feel like it. Be rare, eccentric and original. Describe yourself as marvelous. Paint your soul. Investigate your dark places with a flashlight. Make more mistakes! Tell the truth faster. Celebrate your gorgeous friendships with women. You are enough, you have enough and you do enough. ~“Juicy Living Cards” by Sark

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Sunday, October 28th, 2007

Raw Holidays ebook Now Available

by Kristen Suzanne in holidays, raw chocolate, raw recipes

Hooray! My newest ebook is now available, Kristen Suzanne’s EASY Raw Holidays. This ebook has the perfect Raw vegan recipes for the holiday season. You’ll find one of my favorites, Oktoberfest German Chocolate Brownies (pic here), along with many others. My mom and I taught a handful of them yesterday at our class, Raw Holidays, and everything was a hit!

Now, you can try them, too. Learn how to make some of your holiday favorites, except now they’ll be healthy, delicious, and Raw! They’re easy to prepare, great to take to parties, and perfect for your family gatherings. At a time when the rest of the world is packing on pounds and clogging their arteries with all kinds of yule tide crud, you’ll be getting super healthy and full of energy by eating this amazing food — at the time of year when you need energy the most!

And, it’s not just recipes. I’m giving you great ideas, tips and tricks that are sure to help you breeze through the holidays while living the Raw lifestyle. Hurry up and get your copy today by visiting Kristen’s Raw.

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Sunday, October 28th, 2007

Youth Is a State of Mind – Pumpkin Carving & Costumes

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Staying young isn’t just about what you eat.

Back track two days ago…my boyfriend tells me he wants to carve a pumpkin this year. I think to myself, “Are you serious? That’s cute, but I’m sure we have better things to do, right?”

Fast forward to today: I had a great day. Mom and I taught our fabulous Raw Holiday Class to a sold out crowd. We started the class wearing witches’ hats, as we made BOO! Halloween Hummus. We then traded the hats for Indian headdresses while teaching Raw Thanksgiving recipes, and finished the class wearing Santa hats. Oohhh…it was a sooo fun! Here is what I found myself thinking at the end of the day…Keep your body youthful with Raw food and keep your mind youthful with playful behavior.

After a long day of having fun, I came home and found my almost-40-year-old boyfriend carving his pumpkin. He was even listening to scary Halloween music! When he finished the pumpkin, he put a candle inside, and called for me to see his finished work (and now you can, too, with this picture). I looked up and saw this adorable, big grinning pumpkin staring back at me and I couldn’t help but smile as big as the pumpkin was. I felt like a kid looking at it and imagined my boyfriend must have had a blast carving it. I realized at that moment that we all have different ways of “playing” in trying to keep that youthful state of mind (and it’s important to indulge now and then). For myself, I played “dress up” all day in front of a room full of people. My boyfriend? Well, he kept his youthful state of mind by carving a pumpkin…umm, and yeah, I feel like a kid every time I look over at it. In fact, I just might go and put my witch’s hat on while I’m surfing the web tonight.

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Saturday, October 27th, 2007

What Is Pangea Day?

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A friend pointed me to this and I thought it was very cool! Watch it and see for yourself what Pangea Day is. After you watch the trailer, be sure to click the “about us” link and watch “Jehane’s Ted Wish.” View World Pangea Day

Here is another great link, Miniature-earth, that is a must see. It definitely gives you something to think about. Once you arrive at the website, just choose your language, sit back and watch.

Have the courage to hold on to your beliefs, even if the world around you chooses to believe differently. Have the courage to change those beliefs that no longer fit the person you have become.
In doing so, you truly become yourself.
~ Daniel Levin

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Monday, October 22nd, 2007

Hazelnut Chocolate Snowballs – A Great Gift

The holidays are my favorite time of year, and now is a good time to start planning. One of the things I love to do is give Raw desserts as gifts. Gone are the days of giving unhealthy, fattening, processed chocolate to people. Make way to usher in gifts of healthy exquisiteness…Raw organic cookies and candies. What better way to introduce this amazing lifestyle to others, right? Keep in mind, Raw desserts as gifts don’t have to apply only to the winter holidays. You can do this all year long with birthdays, retirements, anniversaries, house-warming gifts, etc. Go to a craft store and buy cute little bags and boxes. Or, do what I did and look for things to reuse…see those gold boxes in the picture? They were given to me last year with gifts in them. I’m reusing them to be environmentally friendly.

To get you started, here is a delicious and easy recipe. The richness of the hazelnuts alongside the decadent raw chocolate will surely get anyone excited about Raw. For resources on where I get my organic ingredients, please visit Kristen’s Raw Resources.

Hazelnut Chocolate Snowballs
Yield 15-20 cookies

1/2 cup dried, unsweetened coconut flakes
1 cup hazelnuts
2 tablespoons raw chocolate powder
pinch Himalayan crystal salt
3/4 teaspoon hazelnut extract
8 dates, pitted
1/2 cup raisins

Process a 1/4 cup of the coconut (reserving the other 1/4 cup for rolling the cookies in) along with the hazelnuts, chocolate and salt in a food processor, fitted with the “S” blade, until coarsely ground. Add the hazelnut extract, dates, and raisins. Process until it is a texture, which holds together when gently pressed between your fingers. Roll into balls and then roll in the coconut. These freeze wonderfully.

~ Use raw carob instead of raw chocolate
~ Replace 4 of the dates with 1/4 cup dried cherries

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Monday, October 22nd, 2007

Cranberry Delight Smoothie

by Kristen Suzanne in smoothies

There are plenty of reasons to add cranberries to your diet, but most people only think about cranberries around the holidays. I plead guilty on this count, too, since I’m writing this at the end of October, just as fresh organic cranberries are making themselves available for the taking. Make a pact with yourself this year. Don’t forget them after the holidays. Stock up on fresh organic cranberries now, freeze them in glass mason jars, and enjoy them year round because cranberries are the gift that keeps on giving.

These little red pearls of tartness present you with vitamin C, dietary fiber, vitamin K, and manganese. We, women, know they’re wonderful for helping prevent and treat urinary tract infections (cranberries seem to work by keeping bad bacteria from sticking to your bladder). But, that’s not all. They help lower LDL cholesterol and raise HDL (“good”) cholesterol. And, get this! These ferocious warriors have five times the antioxidants of broccoli and also seem to behave as natural probiotics.

My recent fascination is adding them to smoothies. The following recipe is simple, but you could add any number of things to it….hhhmmmm….I’m thinking red jalapeno peppers or raw chocolate or fresh herbs or leafy greens. Use the following recipe to get you started, or simply enjoy it as is.

Cranberry Delight Smoothie
1 1/2 cups water
3-4 bananas, peeled
3/4 – 1 cup fresh cranberries (depending the level of tartness desired)

Blend all of the ingredients until smooth and enjoy.

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Friday, October 19th, 2007

Pomegranate Treasure Chest

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In the Greek myth of Persephone, the pomegranate is called the fruit of the underworld. This legend tells the story that Persephone was bound to hell because she ate a pomegranate seed(s) from Hades. I don’t know about you, but a pomegranate might just be worth it…to me they’re glamorous and sensuous. Cutting into a pomegranate is like opening a treasure chest…inside you find brilliantly sparkling, sweet-tart flavored ruby-like seeds.

The joy doesn’t stop there though. The pomegranate has anti-inflammatory effects and high levels of anti-oxidants. It offers you potassium, vitamin C and niacin, making this labor intensive fruit worth the effort.

To seed - Slice off the top and the tail of the pomegranate. Cut it in half (or quarter it, if needed) and turn it inside out over a large bowl to get out the majority of the seeds. The remaining seeds you pick out and pull off the pith. The ruby red seed is to be eaten whole. *When refrigerated, pomegranates will keep for up to 2 months.

Eating - In my opinion, the pomegranate deserves respect and is to be eaten by itself. I want to feel spoonful after spoonful of juicy seeds burst in my mouth, not a lame one or two seeds that get lost in a forkful of salad. I want nothing to compete with my pomegranate. My ritual of many years is donning a t-shirt that I’m happy to stain with pomegranate juice, as I seed 2-3 pomegranates at a time. I carry my bowl of precious seeds upstairs and I take pleasure in them as I enjoy a long, warm bath.

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