Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Review: Earth Source Organic’s Righteously Raw CHOCOLATE!

by Kristen Suzanne in review

Eureka! I’m in heaven. I was at Whole Foods today buying some Raw granola from Go Raw. As I stood in the “raw foods aisle” I found myself in a sudden frenzy for some organic raw vegan chocolate. I noticed a new (at least new to me) chocolate bar company, Earth Source Organics. They have these Righteously Raw Cacao Bars: Righteously Raw Goji Cacao Bar and Righteously Raw Caramel Cacao Bar. I picked up the caramel since that was the most unique (there aren’t many “caramel” things in the raw food universe). I carefully read the label. Hhmmm I see the words, “90% Cacao Bar” and “Righteously Raw” and “USDA Organic” on the front, and so I’m getting excited. My spirit is grinning. I flip the bar over to ensure it’s “raw-ness” and I read the ingredients:

100% Raw Ingredients: Organic Cacao Butter, Organic Cacao Powder, Organic Bahri Dates, Organic Lucuma Fruit, Organic Agave Nectar, Organic Vanilla Bean, Himalayan Pink Salt

Loooove those ingredients. I adore the fact that there are dates in it and that the agave nectar ingredient isn’t featured as one of the first few ingredients. By that time, I was almost tap dancing in the aisle. I tore into it. I tried a bite. I was impressed at its richness and the fact that it’s truffle like. But it was about 10 seconds when it really hit me. I had to have more. I ate the whole bar. I decided to buy the Goji Cacao Bar as well. They have a Maca flavor, and I admit I’m intrigued because I’m so impressed with the Caramel, but y’all know I am not a fan of the maca flavor in general (plus I’m choosing to stay away from maca while I’m pregnant). Later though, I plan on trying it.

Only now as I write this review do I see that there are 3 servings per bar (oops! lol). I am a tad regretful at having eaten the whole thing. But, it was so damn good! Oh! Wait! That means I also had 3 grams of protein. See how I rationalize? Now, I’m actually sitting here contemplating opening another one. No! Kristen! One is enough. Monkey will be doing backflips all day if I do. OK! I’ve gotten past the urge to have another. After all, they are 6 bucks a piece. BUT! When it comes to quality organic raw ingredients… sticker shock never lasts for long because it’s worth it. I’M WORTH IT! My health is worth it. The Caramel Cacao Bar is probably my favorite chocolate bar on the market. I love the texture of the slight crunch as it breaks open to reveal a rich softness inside. I love the flavor. I love how I felt my inner child smile when I ate each bite.

When I arrived home, I checked out their website and saw this on the page about the Caramel Cacao Bar:

All our chocolate bars are certified to be Organic, Kosher, Vegan, and Gluten Free. They are made entirely from raw, high frequency foods and retain their raw state throughout the entire process from raw ingredients to finished product.  No refined sugars are used and everything is processed in a nut free facility.

OK OK – I had to try the Goji bar so I could review it right now, which meant tasting it, in spite of my having eaten the whole Caramel Cacao Bar earlier. I twisted my own arm! The Goji Cacao Bar is awesome, too. My kind of chocolate: rich, raw, awesomely-firm-and-love-how-it-breaks-upon-biting-it texture on the outside, and super fun chewy consistency on the inside. What a TREAT!!!!!

I’m a huge raving fan of these organic raw vegan chocolate bars. Score for Earth Source Organics. You officially have a loyal fan!
UPDATE: I realize that it can seem harsh to pay $6 a bar (especially when you want to have a few a week). BUT! Here’s the thing. There are many people (myself included years ago) who don’t bat an eye at spending $5 on a specialty coffee drink (daily! ehem… sometimes 2-3 times a day!). Spending a buck more and getting something MUCH more nutritious, all organic, all raw, and all made with love is fine by me. 

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