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The Benefits Of Trampolining / Rebounding

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This post about the benefits of trampolining (some of you may know it as “rebounding“) was written by guest blogger, Rita G, who is a former nutritionist, researcher (she helped with research for The China Study!), and is writing a book about incorporating healthy living habits in our stressful, busy lifestyle.

The Benefits Of Trampolining

One type of fitness and recreational activity that is often neglected or forgotten about is that of trampolining. This can be a very enjoyable type of workout and will also provide a number of fitness benefits. For many people it will not even feel like they are doing a workout at all, therefore is a great resource to turn to when you’re just plain bored with your classic gym routine.

Here are some of the main benefits you’ll get from trampolining.

Extreme Stomach Strengthening
One of the biggest benefits you’ll get with regular trampoline sessions is a great abdominal core workout.  If you’re searching for a six pack, this is one exercise type you won’t want to miss. Each and every time you rebound into the air your body will have to tighten up to support yourself for landing, which will primarily be accomplished by the abdominal muscles tensing up.  This constant tensing-relaxing cycle is enough to help strengthen the core and also improve posture in the process.  In fact, the abdominal muscles are going to be called into play to a larger extent during trampolining than in most of the boring sit-up movements you may have performed in the past.

Low Impact
The second big benefit of adding trampolining to your workout program is that it is very low in overall impact. You may have thought the opposite – after all, you are rebounding up and into the air, but remember that because you are heavily cushioned when you land back on the trampoline, this takes much of the pressure right off the joints. If you usually suffer from knee pain during normal exercise such as running or biking, this is a good substitution.

Lymph System Improvements
A third nice benefit of trampolining is that it tends to help out with lymph system drainage. This will aid with the removal of any toxins or other poisoning substances that may be present in the body, ensuring that your immune system stays nice and strong.

Cardiovascular Benefits
One of the most common goals of any fitness program is to enhance your overall cardiovascular system.  This is what ensures that your heart stays working effectively and that you have blood pressure readings that are within the healthy range. If you can keep up with your trampolining for a good twenty to thirty minutes you will get these cardiovascular benefits and also help to enhance fat loss as well.  It is a very calorie demanding activity if you are continually jumping up and down and you can almost burn as much as you would if you were skipping.

Bone Strengthening Benefits
Maintaining strong bones is also an essential element for promoting good health and being able to stay active for many years to come and trampolining will also help you accomplish this task. Any weight bearing activity is often regarded as bone strengthening and since each and every time you jump up and down on that trampoline you will be bearing your weight, it is just as effective as running would be.
If you are bouncing on a smaller rebounder rather than a larger scale trampoline you will see greater benefits with regards to bone strength since the number of impacts per minute will be higher.

Enhanced Coordination and Motor Skills
Finally, the last benefit that you’ll see from participating in a regular trampolining routine is improved coordination and motor skills.  Being able to effectively control the body as it moves through space especially at the accelerated rate that it will be after coming off the rebounder takes a lot of coordination.  Then you must also prepare the body for landing and ensure that you maintain proper form to rebound up again. This improvement in balance and coordination can transfer over to any other recreational activities or sports you might perform improving your overall performance there.

So if you’re looking for a change of pace with your usual workouts, why not consider trampolining? You can purchase small rebounders at a very cost effective price and you may even want to check your gym or a local gymnastics facility for adult rebounding glasses. It’s a great way to get out, try a new activity, and get more fit in the process.

Kristen Suzanne’s note: It’s recommended that you check with a physician before embarking on any new physical fitness routine.

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