Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Update – 38 Weeks, Homebirth prep, (Raw & Organic!) Young Thai Coconut Water in a bottle!

by Kristen Suzanne in young Thai coconut

Hi friends!

Just a quick update since it’s been more than a few days since my last blog post.

Acute Bronchitis is about 98% gone. Yay!!!

Miso is with my mom on a full time basis now, so I’m getting rest and sleep. Yay!! Although… I’m having hip and leg pain when I sleep too long, so that wakes me up. I have a body pillow and I suspect it helps a bit, but it’s not helping all the way. I would love a massage or chiropractor treatment, but honestly, at this late stage (38 weeks, 1 day), I’m not sure I have the time or should bother. I will take some salt baths and see if that helps.

In spite of my leg/hip pain and some light nausea I’ve had on and off for a few weeks… I’m feeling quite strong today! YAY! I have a feeling that this strong feeling is here to stay.

I’m just about ready (I think!) for the homebirth. Ready as I can be I guess. It boils down to the fact that I have organic diapers, my birth plan printed out, birth play list on my iPod, food for baby (I’ll be breastfeeding), car seat installed, organic infant clothes and blankets, food in the freezer for my husband and myself (for after the birth), organic young Thai coconut water for the homebirth to keep me hydrated (found this amazing stuff at Whole Foods Market yesterday in the freezer section – Raw, Organic, unpasteurized, unheated, no preservatives, no additives – just pure organic coconut water that was frozen upon harvesting – it’s AMAZING! No more cracking open coconuts if you don’t want! It’s by Body Ecology), homebirth supplies (towels, receiving blankets, etc)…. so I have the essentials and that is what is important. Anything else that comes up probably isn’t crucial.

So… I have had to neglect my blogs a tiny bit to get all of this ready and to jam out some work on my latest project, Raw Vegan Transitions, my next book. I cannot wait to make it available. I’m super duper proud of this book.

It’s so exciting that I can go into labor any day now!!!!!!!

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