Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Raw Food Weight Loss Series – Part 3 (Bonus Post) – Cumulative Calorie Burning

by Kristen Suzanne in Raw Food Weight Loss

As I detailed in part 1 of my Raw Food Weight Loss Series, I will have some bonus (i.e. “food” for thought, no pun intended) posts to keep the motivation going and give new ideas to think about in the series. But, before we get into today’s topic about Cumulative Calorie Burning, I want to check in on how we’re doing after last week’s Raw Food Weight Loss post (#2). I had some homework listed at the bottom of the post… is anyone out there doing it? What do you think? What questions do you have? If you’re not participating, and you want to lose weight, then dare I ask, “Why the hell not?!” Listen, I’m not here to blow smoke up your ass butt. The ideas, tips, and suggestions I present work! But, guess what? You have to actually work(!) to get the results you’re after. We have a lot to cover with this series, so you get to work now, stay caught up, and you’ll see magnificent results. If you haven’t been doing the homework I outlined in last week’s session, you have another week to get crackin’ before we move on. So, get to it! If you have questions or comments about those specific homework items, please comment in that blog post’s comment section here.

On to today’s quickie topic at hand (don’t ya just love quickies?)

We’ll be talking in more depth about fitness and exercise with future posts, but today I want to talk about a way to burn calories with what I call Cumulative Calorie Burning. This useful and easy approach is calorie burning for people who think of exercise as a nasty f-o-u-r letter word (ehem, Mom, that’s you!). I know that not everyone has time to go to the gym, and for that matter, there are a lot of people who don’t want to go. Well, I aim to change that, but first things first. Let’s just get your little booty moving in the right direction and we’ll tackle the gym later. There are so many ways to burn calories through the day that most people waste as opportunities. No more! Today, we change that.

Cumulative Calorie Burning is simply burning calories while you’re doing other things already. They occur in short bursts, as you’ll see below, but when you add them all up for the day, they can add up to a lot! For example:

  • While blow drying your hair, do some squats, calf raises, or standing lateral leg lifts.
  • Whenever you go anywhere in your car, park in a place far from the door. I KNOW you’ve heard this one before, but how many of you are actually doing it? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Do it! I want you to pretend you drive a fancy Bentley or Ferrari. You probably would park away from other cars if you had one of these right?
  • When you’re on the phone, walk around.
  • When you’re watching TV, do abdominal crunches, knee raises, lay on the floor and do some floor exercise.
  • During commercials, jump rope, do jumping jacks, or go up and down your stairs a few times.
  • When you’re sitting at your desk, use excellent posture and squeeze and release your butt muscles for a minute or so… a few times a day. Pro tip: Buy one of these awesome balance ball chairs. I use one and love it.
  • When given the choice between elevator or stairs, choose the stairs. Duh.
  • And, keep in mind, you burn calories when you clean house (put a little extra oompf into it though and burn even more) and play with your kids… gotta love that!
  • You get the idea… where are there other ways that you can burn calories cumulatively?


  • Review homework from Raw Food Weight Loss Series – Part 2.
  • Make a list of all of the ways you can burn calories cumulatively. Write them down! Right now, start the master list. Then, take your favorite 5 items that you can do most often and write those on a post it note. In fact, write them on 3 post it notes. Now, take one of those and stick to your bathroom mirror. Put another in your wallet or makeup bag (which is likely in your purse) and place it so it’s the first thing you see when you open the wallet or makeup bag. Finally, put one on your refrigerator.
  • Do the things you wrote on your master and mini-lists!

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