Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Food Journal

by Kristen Suzanne in food journal

It’s been a while since I posted a day’s eats here but I have been frequently sharing food deets on my facebook page here.

Today, I decided I want to start having my heavier (typically carb loaded) meals in the earlier part of the day and trying to eat lighter at night. It’s something I’ve never been good at doing, but I’ll give it a deliberate go today. The goal is to have light digestion at night which is better for sleep as well as being effective for weight loss and possibly anti-aging. No, I’m not in the market for weight loss, but this should also help me maintain my weight (I’m cool with that).

As for the anti-aging, well, the story goes that by reducing carbs late at night, it enables better release of growth hormone (eating carbs late at night results in insulin being released, which could compete with the growth hormone you should be releasing, and you’d miss out on that. Boohoo.). Growth hormone is reputed as amazing for anti aging, muscle growth, and weight loss. (Another way to release growth hormone is through exercise.) However, there are some competing sources who say growth hormone does nilly willy for anti aging. We’ll see about that. And, be sure that I’m not promoting the idea of getting growth hormone injected! I’m just talking about ways to improve your own body’s ability to enhance it’s natural surge. Geez, this is supposed to be a post on what I’m eating for the day. I’m a bit passionate about the topic of longevity and anti aging…

On to the food for today!

  • Black organic decaf coffee w coconut milk (2 cups)
  • Organic, locally grown, apple
  • 3 cups Organic Green Smoothie (raw almond milk, bananas, cinnamon, ice, goji berries, vega chocolate protein powder, Romaine/chard, Udo’s DHA oil).
  • Blue Mountain Organic’s Cheezy Nutty Kale Chips
  • Large organic salad with 4-Ingredient Magic Dressing, heirloom tomato, cucumber, purple cabbage, celery, apple, and olives.
  • Big ol’ serving of gently steamed organic broccoli and moderate serving of diced organic tofu
  • Large Green Juice (cukes, celery, carrots, cabbage, broccoli stalks, chard, lemon juice) made with my Hurom juicer
Not a particularly large amount of food, but I haven’t been getting to the gym regularly, so my calorie needs are a bit lower.
So… what are you eating today?!

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