Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Simple Raw Food Ideas – My List

by Kristen Suzanne in food journal

Lately I’ve been eating all raw. I’ve had the urge and attraction to simple, easy, fresh, and clean raw foods. Because I wanted to stick with this for awhile, I decided to write a list of raw food ideas that I can keep on my iPhone, as well as a print out on my kitchen cupboard. This way, I’m always aware of many options and I don’t get distracted with cooked foods.

And… it’s working! After I made the list, I went grocery shopping and really loaded up.

Here is my list. These are clean raw foods that, to me, are easy and accessible. I’m not looking for gourmet options… the idea here is simplicity.

Liquid & Blended Nourishment options… I like lots of these because they’re high energy
  • Green powder mixed in filtered water or coconut water
  • Greeeeeen juice (make 2-3 quarts at a time with my Hurom and store for the day)
  • Smoothies of all kinds – There are so many options! Green smoothies, fruit smoothies (fresh or frozen), nut milk smoothies, add flavors/spices for extra variety. I also love light, bright, non-sweet fruit smoothies like the one I blended the other day with filtered water, cucumber, lemon, and a smidge of Sea Clear fermented miso chlorella & kelp. Another time I threw in a handful of fresh mint in place of the Sea Clear. It’s a GREAT way to consume cucumbers which are instrumental in giving my skin a delicious glow)
  • Protein shakes (I keep a variety of raw protein powders on hand like Sun Warrior, Vega, Hemp)
  • Nut milk (freshly made almond milk is my favorite… I make 1-2 quarts at a time and each quart lasts about 2-3 days)
  • Coconut water
  • Kombucha
  • Zesty drink with: ACV, lemon, raw coconut nectar, and cayenne spice! (kind of like a master cleanse beverage… yum)
  • Creamy raw soups made with avocado or nut butters
  • Fresh fruit (doesn’t get easier than this!)
  • Sprouted, dehydrated seeds and nuts (crunch crunch!)
  • Sprouted quinoa or buckwheat with seasonings added
  • Huge Salads (make simple or gourmet raw dressings)
  • Granola with nut milk
  • Superfoods (gobble up goji berries, cacao, etc)
  • Zucchini or cucumber pasta topped with pesto or cream sauce. I make multiple batches of my Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto (friggin’ AMAZING STUFF) and I freeze it. This way, I always have it on hand and it’s perfect for dipping with veggies, using on veg pasta, and makes a delicious salad dressing. We made it for Thanksgiving this year, but tossed gently steamed green beans with it. OMG we were all jumping up and down in our seats at how mega delicious it was!!!!!!! I am not exaggerating!
  • Brownies
  • Dates
  • Raw cheese dips for carrots, celery, romaine leaves, etc

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