Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Special Announcement! My New Book, Raw Awakening, Available for Pre-Order!

by Kristen Suzanne in Kristen Suzanne

I’m so happy, excited, and proud to say that my next book, Raw Awakening, published through Chronicle Books, is officially available for pre-order. Right now.

Whoo hoo!!!! Can I just do a little jig right now? Will you do it with me? Shake it here… shake it there… duck, turn, boing boing, jump, shimmy shake… Whew! That was fun. :) Thanks for sharing in my joy with me. I’m really really really happy about this book.

So…. on to some exciting news for you. While my new book, Raw Awakening, is available for pre-order, I’m offering a FREE copy of my Easy Raw Vegan Transitions EBOOK to anyone who purchases a copy of Raw Awakening during the pre-order phase. Simply email me a copy of your amazon receipt and I’ll reply with a copy of my Easy Raw Vegan Transitions ebook.

A little something-something about Raw Awakening from Amazon.

“Raw” food is energizing people around the world. Eating raw no longer means consuming carrot sticks and boring fruit plates-it’s a whole new cuisine and lifestyle. Featuring the same fun and passionate style that has made hers one of the most popular raw food blogs, chef Kristen Suzanne takes readers step by step through the raw food lifestyle: equipping the kitchen, grocery shopping, eating out, dealing with setbacks (and family members!), improving digestion, and losing weight, until eating raw becomes second nature. Plus, the book features 50 fabulous recipes-no cooking required!-for treats like sprouted protein bars, lasagna, soups, brownies, and even cheesecake! Accessible, fun, and packed with information not available anywhere else, this volume is a must-have for anyone who truly cares about health and nutrition.

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