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New York Trip – Don Antonio’s – Gluten Free + Plus a Kid Pizza Tip

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Don Antonio's Gluten Free Pizza (NYC). The BEST gluten free pizza.

Don Antonio’s Gluten Free Pizza (NYC). The BEST gluten free pizza. Ever. In the World.

One of my favorite restaurants in New York is Don Antonio’s for gluten free pizza. I don’t know what kind of devilry they have going on there to make such an amazing gluten free crust, but I’m hooked. If we’re in New York for 10 days, you can expect us to have their pizza about 4 to 5 times during our trip. It’s so good that we chose the apartment we rented to be near it (and Bareburger).

Don Antonio's for gluten free pizza (NYC)

Don Antonio’s for gluten free pizza (NYC)

Don Antonio’s gluten free crust, according to my husband’s reconnaissance, is made out of only four ingredients, and that makes me happy. All too often you find yourself looking at labels of gluten free foods to find that they include so many ingredients, right? That’s why I traditionally don’t buy them. Moreover, it’s usually true, simplicity is best (and typically most healthful). When I learned this crazy amazing gluten free pizza crust consisted of merely 4 ingredients (one of which is water), I was ecstatically happy.

Greg and I no longer remember what the other three ingredients are. :/ I think potato starch was one.

There is no other gluten free crust like this, I’m telling you. I’ve tried many and they all taste, well, gluten free. Don Antonio’s gluten free crust must have a 5th ingredient in it, maybe Italian pixie dust, because it’s magical. Don Antonio’s authentic margherita pizza, senza glutine, also comes with fresh basil, delicious tomato sauce, pecorino romano, extra virgin olive oil, and homemade mozzarella (they have many gluten free pizza pies from which to choose). I’m longing for it as I write this post.

The ambiance in the restaurant is a bit loud if you’re there during lunch or dinner (it’s so crowded and popular), so we found ourselves trying to frequent it during less busy times (or Greg went to pick it up, as noted in the box above). The service is always top notch, too.

Here’s an AWESOME PIZZA KID TIP…. PACK SCISSORS! We don’t eat out a lot because I prefer to make almost all of our meals from scratch (it’s the healthiest). However, one of the options we choose when eating out, for fun, is to have gluten free pizza. The problem is that every time we go out for pizza, I spend a good portion of my time cutting the pizza into bite size pieces, for my little girl, with a knife and (surprisingly, to me) much effort. Seriously. (She’s not to the point where she’s picking up a slice and eating it yet.) I finally decided that there must be an easier way. And, I was right. Use kitchen scissors! Now, every time we go for pizza (or bring it home), I cut her pizza up quickly and effortlessly with kitchen scissors. It might seem silly(?), but those of you out there trying to cut your kiddo’s pizza up with a knife know the effort it requires, especially when you’re hungry and want to eat your own slice of pizza. As a result, I packed my kitchen scissors (these are fantastic kitchen scissors and a kitchen, or suitcase, is not complete without them) when we went to New York. Sooooo smart!

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