Thursday, September 20th, 2007

Today’s Workout and Food

by Kristen Suzanne in exercise, fitness

I kicked butt at the gym today and took names! If you’re not exercising by now, what the hell are you waiting for? Remember…to be considered optimally healthy, you must be physically fit. The longest living cultures in the world have excellent diets, yes, but they are physically active daily! Are you?

Weights: Biceps; 4 straight sets for each exercise; low reps, heavy weight
*Barbell curls, Hammer curls – lifted til my arms felt like falling off
Cardio: Jump rope between weight training sets, run on treadmill for 10 minutes, walk at high speed on treadmill for 5 minutes
Music: Linkin Park, Kelly Clarkson, Apryl Electra, Joe Budden

Does anyone really care what I’m eating? Should I bother blogging about it? So far today, a gigantic salad of cucumbers and carrots dressed with my Deviled Mango Dressing…which you don’t have in your hot little hands….yet! It’s coming though! I’ve been eating it on veggie salads for three days now, so clearly….it’s a winner!

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