Friday, February 15th, 2008

Don’t Know What You Got Till It’s Gone

by Kristen Suzanne in Uncategorized

The song Don’t Know What You Got Till It’s Gone is the song running through my head yesterday and today. I love food and the thought of not having it for 21-days fills me with a little sadness (no restaurants, no chewing, no wine, yikes!). At the same time, however, I’m reminded of the fact that you don’t know what you got till it’s gone also applies to health, and for this I’m grateful and excited about my juice feast. From what I’ve researched, I am setting myself up for intensely high energy, increased mental clarity and an overall sense of well-being that can only be accomplished with fasting (juice feasting). I’m eager to see if this is all true.

Yesterday at the end of the day I told my boyfriend, “This juice feasting thing isn’t so hard.” He replied (laughing), “Yeah, you slept most of the day!” That was true, I took a long nap in the afternoon. By the time I woke up, made another juice and went to the gym, the day was done and it was time for bed. (That’s part of the trick – stay busy or sleep.)

Things I’m noticing…green fingernails from squeezing all of the juice through the straining bag (straining the juice is my least favorite part of the feast). Every time I clean out the green from underneath my nails, they just get dirty again the next time I juice. My mom and I have probably lost a pound each already. I weighed in yesterday evening at 124.5 pounds after a day of juicing. I don’t want to lose much more weight (maybe 2-3 pounds will be fine) so I’ll probably raise my calories a little with hemp oil and a fruit juice every couple of days. We all have headaches today. We’re not sure if it’s the weather or detox (seems a little early to have detox symptoms). It’s a very gloomy day here in Arizona…perfect for curling up in bed with a book or dvd.

WATCH water drop onto the rock beneath it. One drop does nothing, but many drops over time create a hole in the rock. Such is the POWER of patience.
~Daniel Levin (Zen Cards)

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