Friday, May 30th, 2008

Still Purging @ Home, Oprah’s Update, Weekend!

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I’m still going through my home and purging things. It feels so great and liberating. Stuff I considered keeping for a while longer just two days ago, I’m already excited to give away now.

Today, we went to Staples to get ink for my printer, and ordinarily I’d get a little excited to be there (I love organizational stuff like post-it notes, markers, colored folders, etc), but today I was rather turned off. I wanted to get in, get my ink, and get out. I wanted nothing to do with buying anything I didn’t really need. I’m impressed at how our mindset can change quickly once we’re on a path. I worked so hard to clean my home, declutter it, etc over the past week…the last thing I was going to do was fill it up with stuff I didn’t need.

To further hit home the point, we watched a great documentary, A Crude Awakening. It’s about the oil crisis, how dependent various cultures around the world are on it, and what we need to think about going forward. People need to realize that just by driving less or getting a Prius car are NOT the only things we can do to help lighten our footprint when it comes to oil consumption. It reaches into every purchase we make, whether the oil was used to make the product or deliver it. It’s scary. But, if we all start making some major changes NOW (like I wrote about in yesterday’s blog: consuming less and teaching our kids these values while we’re at it), then we might have a chance. So, let’s get started! Join me and let’s consume less and love it. Be happy and feel empowered with fewer things. Make smart purchase decisions. It’s easy!

Oprah update: Whoo-hoo, I’m happy to report that Oprah is still rockin’ it out vegan style. I love that!

This weekend: If you’re in the Phoenix area, I’ll be at Whole Foods dishing out some deliciously fresh and nutritious Moroccan Gazpacho. Come on down! Details here.

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