Thursday, June 26th, 2008

It’s So Fun At Mom’s & A Special Thank You

by Kristen Suzanne in Uncategorized

We’ve been spending the week at my mom’s house and it’s so much fun. I know I’ve written before about times such as these, but I can’t help but share again. She only lives about 40 minutes away, but I swear, we feel like we’re at a retreat when we’re here. We bring our laptops, books, dvds, dog, tennis shoes for long walks, swimsuits for late night swimming under the stars, and mom provides the rest…

She stocks up her refrigerator with our favorite foods and we all just relax, hang out, and graze on yummy food all day. I especially love spending time in her backyard because it’s very zen…with wind chimes, shady trees, flowers, bunnies and birds (they love eating up her organic scraps), big fluffy cushioned chairs, and warm sunshine. I feel like I’m transported away to a special garden with only the sounds of nature floating around me.

Most of you know that my mom and I are very close. So, you can imagine her excitement with all of my baby talk. Let’s just say…huge! It’s going to be such a beautiful time in my life to share with my mom, just like she shared with her mom when I was born.

This week we made some refreshing and phyto-nutrient packed coleslaw. We made a gigantic batch of it and have been eating it for a few days now. We’ve also been drinking lots of Plant Blood and smoothies made from The Ultimate Meal. But, that’s not all, of course…we’ve also had our share of fun treats (we are, after all, at mom’s).

I want to say a special thank you to everyone who has been posting comments on my blog with respect to my plans for pregnancy. All of you are saying how great of a mom I’m going to be and it feels so lovely, warm, and encouraging to read those. Y’all are just like family and I love it. Thank you again and again for all of your support. I’m sending you a huge right now…feel it? Nice and big!

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