Friday, December 5th, 2008

Simplicity Noshing All Day

by Kristen Suzanne in Kristen Suzanne

Today’s Raw food is simple… and I mean super simple. No equipment is needed (other than a knife for the avocado). With my crazy schedule lately from getting all of my ebooks published into print books, I’m attracted to noshing in its simplest form. Today is comprised of lovely, flavorful, organic whole foods.

This menu is fresh, delicious, and fills me with tons of energy.

3 persimmons (yes, I’m still crazed for them… forever)
3 bananas (always appreciative of how inexpensive and versatile these are)

1 avocado (tons of fiber and vitamins, love the squish factor)

3 carrots (adore their light sweet flavor, price, and CRUNCH!)

1/4 cup hemp seeds (chlorophyll, essential
amino and fatty acids: these are one-stop-shopping)
3 stalks celery (green, crunchy, and slightly salty)

uummm…. okay, and Laughing Giraffe’s Snakaroons will be in my tummy tonight (still falls in line with my simplicity theme since I didn’t have to make them!). We’re going to see the movie Four Christmases and I’m Sneaking in my Snakaroons! :)

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