Sunday, October 11th, 2009

Raw Vegan Travel – Leaving Austin, TX To Fort Worth Water Gardens

by Kristen Suzanne in goji berries

We left Austin on Thursday with a cooler full of goodies from Daily Juice. We had lunch there first and I was able to get their avocado sandwich (they call it Avocado Sammich, I think). It was quite good. Unfortunately, it didn’t have the coconut mayo on it like it normally does, but I still enjoyed it. I’d have to say my favorite things there are the tacos and enchiladas (oh, and the desserts and juices!).

Once we were on the road, it didn’t take me long to tear into my dessert. It’s a Goji Chocolate cookie-thing which was filled with antioxidants from both the goji berries and Raw chocolate. It was yummy. I also bought a cup of their vanilla pudding. It wasn’t long before I devoured that, too. I imagine I’ll be making vanilla pudding once I get home… time to buy some young Thai coconuts and get out the cleaver my husband bought me as a gift a couple of years ago (he likes to surprise me with fancy knives, including my beloved Kyocera ceramic knives).

Later, while on the road, we feasted like kings on more raw organic goodies. Here are the nori rolls we had. Personally, I can’t stand nori, because it’s too fishy to me. I wish I liked sea vegetables, and I’ve tried them many times in an effort to see if “this time I’ll like them.” But, I never do. The exceptions are when I hide dulse flakes or kelp powder in my green soups, smoothies, and dressings. That’s the only way I can tolerate them. However, these rolls had collard greens wrapped under the nori, so I simply peeled off the nori and enjoyed them without it. (This picture is with the nori on it.) A good tip for people who like nori… to help keep the nori from getting too soggy, wrap your rolls in collard greens under the nori, like they did here.

Then, we also had leftover organic romaine lettuce hearts that we used to make little burritos with the different pates we bought from Daily Juice.

After Austin, we headed to Fort Worth where we stopped at the Fort Worth Water Gardens. What an amazing and interesting place. We took some time to walk around and enjoy ourselves. Part of the movie Logan’s Run takes place there, although I’ve not seen that movie. But, I need to now. :) Once we spent some time basking in the sun and relaxing there, we headed to Oklahoma City, OK to meet Matthew Kenney and check out his new academy and restaurant, 105 Degrees.

It’s been such a great road trip. Partly because I’m overjoyed at being pregnant and partly because we’re going at a leisurely pace and not spending long amounts of time each day in the car. It’ll be great to get home and back into my kitchen though. I’m looking forward to making my own Raw vegan food. So far, I’m still feeling great. I don’t have any morning sickness, I’m craving my Raw vegan foods like normal, and there are no aches or pains. October 11th marks the beginning of my 5th week. Exciting!

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