Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Food Combining App for iPhone

by Kristen Suzanne in energy, weight loss

I’m excited to announce FoodCombo, a brand new food combining app for iPhone!… and yours truly had a hand in its creation, including making sure that the app’s publishers made it vegan-friendly and even raw food-friendly!

I’m not a hard core food combiner, but those who are, or who want to experiment, could really use this. You’ve probably heard from various people that food combining properly helps with digestive difficulties, energy, and sometimes weight loss. But one of the biggest issues with doing food combining is that the rules are so hard to remember! There’s no shortage of graphs and charts out there attempting to help, but I’ve always found them to be a pain to use and impossible to remember the rules about what combines with what.

Well, that’s not a problem anymore. With the FoodCombo app, you just enter foods and see if they combine well. The app also makes recommendations. No more charts to memorize! But the big surprise to me was that it’s really fun, too, almost like a game as you try to guess what foods will combine well. I can’t help but want to play with the app whenever I make smoothies.

Here’s a video demoing the app and the story of how I came to be involved with the project (and here’s a link to the app store where you can buy it):

Do you food combine? Have you found it useful? Do you like it?

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