Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Food Journal – Raw Deliciousness!

by Kristen Suzanne in food journal

My counter today: all organic goodness… papaya, pineapple, bananas, tomatoes, citrus, apples, garlic, avocado, and melons. Yum! I get so inspired to stay on a healthy raw path when my kitchen is filled with goodness like this, don’t you?!

Here is today’s food journal! Awesome raw deliciousness… today was High Raw (it was basically all raw with some minor exceptions) – All Vegan – All Organic (with exception to the vega smoothie only being 65% organic). By the way, Greg ate along with me. He usually does. He doesn’t eat the watermelon typically or as much fruit as I do, but he subs with more protein shakes.

Breakfast: 2 cups watermelon followed a half hour later with a Boku Bar and cup of teeccino with raw almond milk.

Lunch: Green smoothie (mango, chard, and flax meal), 1/4 cucumber with a tablespoon of brazil nut cheese followed by a kombucha

Snack: Green smoothie (pineapple, kale), cucumber boats with simple guacamole (avocado, himalayan crystal salt, lime juice, and onion powder) – I see a lot of cucumber boats in my future this summer.

Snack: Vega smoothie (I made the Choc-a-Lot flavor with raw almond milk) – Wow, have to say I’m stoked to have tried this. It was so yummy! I’m not a fan of vega’s other shakes (the complete meal ones) but the dang packaging of this one caught my eye at Whole Foods Market today and sucked me in. I just had to experience the chocolate-iness promised on the package! Well, it delivered. I loved it and wanted to savor each sip. I haven’t tried it in just water yet, but I suspect it’s still tasty. It’s 65% organic and 65% raw. I’m looking forward to drinking it again tomorrow. Cheaper to buy this on Amazon. Has anyone tried the other flavors?

Dinner: Zucchini noodles made with my turning slicer, topped with Garlic Cheese Sauce, fresh basil, and chopped tomato. Also had a side of leafy green salad with some vinegar and tamari splashed on.

Dessert: Cantaloupe Icy (blended cantaloup and ice) – My husband just told me a joke as I was typing this, “Melons can get married…. (wait for it)…. but they cant-a-lope.” ba dum bum bum ;)


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