Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Food Journal (Monday & Tuesday) – High Raw, Vegan, Organic

by Kristen Suzanne in food journal

Just weighed in at the gym and wearing my shoes I was 119.4. I’m not trying to lose weight, but I’m creating quite the calorie deficit when breastfeeding and working out as hard as I am. I need to eat more!


Top of the morning: Ate 1/2 a melon. Then, 30 min later in preparation for my workout I had a small green smoothie – filtered water, 1 T hemp seeds and 2 T hemp protein powder, 1 banana, handful of local CSA grown arugula, ice, 1/2 t homemade curry powder (I like adding spices to my smoothies for their antioxidant and anti aging powers!)

I went to the gym and had a GREAT workout. By the way, when I’m there, I usually have my water bottle filled with filtered water and a bag of organic green tea and a bag of organic raspberry leaf tea inside it. After my workout, while still at the gym, I had Vega’s power packed Sport Performance Shake in chocolate. Once I was home, I had a banana.

3cups Green Juice made with my Breville Ikon (love that machine): 2 cucumbers, 1 bunch curly kale, 1 stalk broccoli, 1 carrot (Greg and I split this) 

Lunch: Large Salad with red bell pepper, heirloom tomato, dried cranberries, pine nut dressing. Greg said, “It’s yummy the second it hits your tongue!” Oh, and I had the heel of a loaf of bread that was majorly whole grain. The dressing was the spread I have been making… I listed the ingredients and approximate amounts on my facebook fan page under the comment area where someone asked for the recipe a couple of days ago. It’s a thick spread, so I put all of the salad ingredients in a big bowl, added a few dollops, and used my bamboo hands to toss the salad really well and the water from the tomatoes and red bell peppers mixed with the thick dressing so it would thin out a bit. I tossed til the salad was covered. By the way, using bamboo hands and really giving your salad a good tossing helps you reduce the fat calories in your dressing because you can use less dressing without compromising taste since you get it all over everything!

Snack: 1/2 Cucumber Boats and 3/4 Vanilla Chai Frozen Shake


Dinner: cherries and homemade black bean soup (with beans that I made in my pressure cooker). My black bean soup had water, black beans, hot sauce, tamari, nutritional yeast, garlic, onion, heirloom tomato, carrot, beet, kale, zucchini, garlic powder… I think that’s it.


Top of the morning: Made a Cantaloupe Slushie from 1/2 canteloupe blended with ice.

About  20 min later I had raw Pancakes to fuel my workout! The syrup mixture I made was 1 T maple syrup (not raw) stirred together with 1/2 t molasses (not raw) and 2 t Raw Coconut Nectar (love Coconut Secret’s Coconut Amber)

Went to the gym. Great workout! Before leaving, I had my Chocolate Sport Performance Protein Vega shake

Snack: Trying to get calories in… ate a Boku bar

Snack: 1/2 canteloupe

Lunch: Huge Salad of romaine, dried cranberries, cauliflower, pine nut dressing from Monday, sprinkling of black beans for extra protein AND a Sun Warrior chocolate protein shake

Snack: Lara bar

Dinner: Bowl Black Bean soup (leftovers from Monday)

Dessert: Sun Warrior protein shake (2 scoops) and a banana


Let’s see…. DHA, B12, multi, magnesium, vitamin D, anti oxidant supplements, Brazil nuts

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