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60-Second Raw Nut Milk (VIDEO, Raw Vegan Recipe) & Food Journal

by Kristen Suzanne in food journal, video

Fresh raw nut milks taste delicious, and there’s lots of variety in the nuts or seeds you can use to make them. Plus, they can be used in endless ways…

Earthbound Brazil Nut Milk

  • Drinking it plain – as in a tall glass o’ raw nut milk (add a handful of ice for extra refreshment… mmmm so good).
  • Use in place of water for creamy flavorful raw soups.
  • Super used in fruit or green smoothies. Bonus: it mellows out greens which means you can use less fruit, if desired.
  • Make your next protein shake with raw milk and get an extra boost of performance enhancing nutrients and protein.
  • Great in raw desserts like raw chocolate puddings, raw cheesecake, and raw mousse.
  • Use on raw granola or any cereal of choice, whether raw or not.
  • Add to coffee and tea.

The down side to keeping a ready-to-use stash of raw nut milk is that it generally means a routine of soaking, blending, and the dreaded straining in order to make it. Not anymore though! Here is a great way to make raw nut milks that is easy and fast. No straining! So… guess what that means? No excuses!

All it requires is raw nut butter and water. That’s it! My typical ratio is 1 cup water to 1 tablespoon raw nut butter, but some people might like it thicker and use 1 cup of water with 2 tablespoons raw nut butter. If desired you can play with the recipe and add Irish Moss Gel (see how to make your own here) or raw sunflower lecithin (or non-gmo soy lecithin). Using one of these adds creaminess to your raw nut milk. You can also have fun and add some flavor extracts. I love adding some vanilla extract drops (or raw vanilla powder) to my raw cashew milk. And, sometimes I add almond extract to my almond milk to punch up the flavor. Lots of options for you. This makes raw nut milks so fun! And, finally, you can always sweeten your raw nut milk by adding a pitted date or two, or perhaps raw coconut nectar (or raw honey) is more your style.

As I mentioned above, all you need is raw nut butter and water. And… guess what? Making raw nut butter is super easy and much cheaper than buying it in the store. So, be sure to check out how to make your own here (plus a video below).

Without further ado… enjoy the show!

Food Journals

3/1/12 Mostly Raw

A rare instance… organic espresso. Twas delightful.

Yes. You are seeing a salad with banana on it.

  • Decaf/reg mixed espresso. Obviously this is not something that makes a regular appearance in my diet. But. I stayed the night at mom’s and we used to have a lovely tradition of espresso in the morning when I was growing up. Now that I finished the raw part of my raw reboot, I indulged. Just a bit. It was lovely …. Raw Vegan Defender oat bar by CoreFoods
  • Tea …. Apple …. Pint raw almond milk …. 2 cooked brussel sprouts
  • Large salad (romaine, banana, chickpeas) with quickie dressing I made last night (I made 3 cups to last a few days. Water, a few spoonfuls of miso, hefty splash of ACV, splash of tamari, and a few big spoonfuls of raw cashew butter.) I know you might be thinking BANANA ON SALAD? Well, YES! I’ve been eating banana on my salads for a while now. So good. So fun. So easy. Bananas are not just for smoothies. :)
  • Protein shake (double scoop Sun Warrior)
  • Brazil nuts, sprouted/dehydrated sunflower seeds, and raisins
  • Kombucha …. raw granola bar …. grapefruit …. strawberries
  • 2 bites organic tofu, cooked asparagus, and avocado
  • raw chocolate mint pie

2/29/12 Mostly Raw

Homegrown sprouts developing their chlorophyll in the sun.

  • Pint veggie juice
  • Awesome Heavenly Creamy(!) green smoothie of frozen persimmon, raw vegan yogurt – I’ll teach you how to make this “hold onto your seat it’s so good” yogurt!, pure vanilla extract drops, and spinach. holy shit this was good. I am sad my persimmon stash is gone now but stoked to make other green smoothie creations with raw vegan yogurt.
  • Quart veggie juice
  • Apple
  • Sprout Salad… (Avocado n Kraut n Sprouts! Here’s a fantastic way to enjoy sprouts for those of you out there not crazy about them. Hide them in a mash avocado and kraut. Effin’ great stuff!) …. Raw chocolate
  • Kombucha
  • Spicy A.K.A. Bliss (avo, kraut, apple, raw hot sauce) …. Tea
  • 2 big salads with 4-Ingredient Magic Dressing and chickpeas (cooked) …. Fruit salad (banana, apple, brazil nuts, raisins, and raw coconut yogurt —> massive friggin’ YUM!)

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