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EASY Beauty Routine – Oil Cleansing


Beauty Routine Oils

Beauty Routine Oils: Coconut Oil, Sea Buckthorn, High Vitamin Butter Oil / Coconut Oil Blend

I’ve mentioned on a few occasions about one of the biggest and quickest improvements I experienced going from decade-long-vegan to omnivore was improvement in the condition and aging of my skin. I also mentioned a few times about how ridiculously easy (and can be inexpensive) my beauty routine is. Well, as you might imagine, a lot of ladies wanted to know what I do for skin care.

So… apart from eating a skin loving diet high in skin enhancing nutrients (retinol, collagen, essential fatty acids just to name a few), I have a simple skin care routine.

Enter: Oil Cleansing.

Here’s what I do every night. I basically get my face wet with warm water. Put a pump of oil in my hand (suggestions listed below). Rub the oil on my face, giving it a little massage as I go. Put a nice warm wet washcloth over my face for few seconds (a minute if I have time). Use washcloth to rub off the oil. Done.

Well, sometimes. At this point I often go to bed. But, sometimes I add a bit of extra oil on my face. Then, I’m done.

In the morning, I either do the same routine or nothing at all other than rinsing my face well with warm water.

What are the specific oils I use? Well, these rotate. The following is a list which I oftentimes actually mix together.

If I want to get fancy, which I often don’t, I’ll take an extra step for a relaxing mask or exfoliating. For these, I enjoy products from

For makeup? Lately I’ve stuck to 100% Pure with a few items from Tarte as well. Update (May 12, 2015): I’ll be honest, I find that the older I get the less makeup I like (I’m 38 as of this update). It’s not an anti-makeup gotta be natural thing.. I just think my skin looks better (i.e., younger) without too much. That said, when I get gussied up, I rely on some eye makeup (because that still looks good), blush and lip stain. I’m staying away from foundations, concealers, and powders if I can help it.

** Update (January 23, 2014): I’m now making my own Vitamin C serum for my whole face, including under eye area. I have high hopes and will report back with a recipe and how it’s going. UPDATE (May 12, 2015): Um… the C serum wasn’t exactly great so I stopped that. Kind of sticky and weird. But, I’m planning on another post in the next two months sharing my updated skin (and oral routine) as I’ve tried a couple different lines (with lots of products in each) and I’ve found my beauty groove. I love it. It’s banishing old acne scars and hyper pigmentation, giving me a dewy glow, and it feels wonderful.

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