Monday, April 27th, 2015

Kid-Friendly Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs, Herbs, and Banana

Eggs Herbs Banana. Who knew?!

Eggs Herbs Banana. Who knew?!

Eggs are a big part of our house. Big. Huge.

Why? Ummm… TASTE! No, that’s not all…

They offer quality nutrition for the brain and bodylecithin, saturated fat, cholesterol, retinol (the good form for vitamin A for immunity, beautiful skin, and healthy eyes), omega fatty acids, vitamin e, and more. We only buy pasturer-raised eggs, because those hens are treated well and their eggs are more nutritious.

I’m glad that Kamea is a fan of scrambled eggs – her growing body benefits. She especially loves them when I mix stuff into them like today.

Here is a fun and nutritious breakfast we do when our bananas are ripe for eating: Gently scrambled eggs in (grass-fed) High Vitamin Butter Oil (or this awesome ghee) with fresh herbs added. Then, stirred in a bowl with diced banana.

I first heard of adding fruit to eggs when I saw a Food Network Show with Giada De Laurentiis when she made an omelet with strawberries. Since then we make many egg breakfasts with some fresh organic fruit added.

I cook our eggs gently (i.e, low heat) with a healthy fat like grass-fed butter oil or ghee (same thing really). And, I like finding ways to get fresh immune building herbs into our diets so adding them to scrambled eggs is a no-brainer.

Cute as heck little cast iron pan.

Cute as heck little cast iron pan.

This little cast iron pan is great for Kamea’s eggs. It’s the perfect size for cooking a single serving (2 whole eggs – sunny side up or scrambled). And, cute as heck.

Oh, and this crazy chain cloth is amazing for cleaning cast iron pans really fast. I had no idea.

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