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(Recipe) Honey n Granola Frozen Greek Yogurt: A Summer Breakfast

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Honey n Granola Frozen Yogurt. Breakfast? Sure!

Honey n Granola Frozen Greek Yogurt. Breakfast? Sure!

Boy O’ Boy do I have a treat for you today. I’ve taken the great combination of (grass-fed) yogurt and (paleo) granola, and made it a frozen yogurt treat.

Actually, it’s a great summer breakfast to keep you cool.

Your kids will love it. Serve them frozen yogurt for breakfast? Yup.

My kid licking the ice cream maker. Loving it. #GrassfedGoodness

My kid licking the ice cream maker. Loving it. #GrassfedGoodness


It’s official. You’re the cool mom on the block.

Yum. Frozen yogurt for breakfast? YES!

Yum. Frozen yogurt for breakfast? YES!


Now, we don’t have a lot of dairy in our lives. We’ve experimented with a few options (cheeses, yogurts, ice creams), always making sure they’re grass-fed and full-fat, and we’re doing well with them. Even though it’s not a staple for us (except for grass-fed butter!), it’s a welcome option when desired.

This is one of those days. Here you go!

Recipe: Honey n Granola Frozen Greek Yogurt

1 cup full-fat grass-fed Greek yogurt
1.5 cups grass-fed whipping cream
2 tablespoons MCT oil (I like Brain Octane)
4 tablespoons raw honey
1 cup granola (I like paleo granola)

Blend the yogurt, whipping cream, mct oil, and honey in a blender. I prefer a Vita-mix and have been using mine almost daily for almost 10 years now. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Use an ice cream maker and transfer the mixture to it, using the manufacturers directions. Sprinkle the granola in gradually as the ice cream maker is running, if this is possible, during the last half of churning. If you can’t, then stir it in at the end.

This is the ice cream maker I covet. My friend has one. It’s awesome.

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