Saturday, September 6th, 2008

Back To Regular Posting…

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Just to let everyone know, I’ll be back to regular posting on my blog starting this weekend. It’s been a very busy couple of weeks (you’ll soon learn why!). Frankly, it’s been hard to post about “normal” stuff without giving it away… so stay tuned, not much longer and I’ll be sharing regularly again. Cheers!!!

Hint: I’M SO HAPPY!!!

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Monday, September 1st, 2008

Exciting Stuff

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It’s been an exciting week and I have SUPER FUN news to share with everyone… but, not yet. It has to stay a secret just a little while longer. Oh!!! I wish I could share it with you now, but I must wait! Just a handful of days more! I suck at keeping secrets like this, but I’m trying crazy hard!!!

So, on to other things to distract myself from typing the news :)

Plant Blood: I’m feeling great and loving life as usual. I just polished off a delicious quart of fresh organic Plant Blood that I made with dandelion, kale, zucchini, cucumber, and celery. It was so good. I feel like my insides are glowing from the refreshing chill of it. Hard to explain, but it feels so darn healthy and good. Tomorrow, we’re cleansing and fasting by drinking just Plant Blood all day. Stay tuned…

Chocolate Colored Hair On The Horizon: My hair is starting to look interesting as it detoxes from the mud I’m using to cleanse it and letting it grow out at the same time. I’m two toned now – haha, but it makes for a great conversation piece. I love telling people why I’m going to my natural color. I’m cutting more off tonight… as my guy says, “I’m attacking it from both ends.” I’m definitely eager to get all of the dry, frizzy blond off, but I’ve always had long hair so I’m not quite used to cutting it this much. However, I embrace change and it’s actually turning out to be fun and exciting.

A Greener Existence: I’m proud because we just took another step toward a greener life by setting up a clothes drying rack to air dry our clothes. I feel like such a Mama Earth Warrior :)

Daily Conversation Question:
What would you most like to learn how to do on a computer?

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Monday, August 25th, 2008

My Latest Vice – Chili Lime Mango

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Oh goodness… I’m sitting here savoring every fantastic chewy bite I take of these Chili Lime Mango goodies I came across at Whole Foods. I simply had to write about them because I’m totally hooked. They’re basically dehydrated mango slices with the perfect amount of a both chili and lime. Not too spicy, not too sweet. Just right.

The strange thing is that I wouldn’t normally think something like this as anything really special, but holy crap! THESE ARE SO DARN TASTY! (I’m going to have to put these away or the whole bag will be gone before I’m done writing this post.) I’m not one to make it a habit of snacking on dried fruit (that is, until now – haha). I’m known to enjoy an occasional date or two as dessert or a handful of dried fruit on my cereal or granola for chewy texture, but these sassy mango slices have me loving dried fruit like never before.

If you’re interested in trying them, then consider yourself warned – they’re addictive. You can find them at Whole Foods or online here: The Raw Choice.

Daily Conversation Question:
What’s your dream job?

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Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

The Water Problem – SOLVED!

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It really makes no sense to make the effort to eat as much healthy organic produce as you can, only to rinse it with tap water. And, what about the water you drink? Think about it… seemingly healthy green smoothies of fresh organic greens and fruit and…. ummm… tap water. Now, some of you might think you’re okay because you’re drinking bottled water, but drinking water from disposable plastic bottles is an ecological nightmare due to all of the waste plastic produces and the fuel used for shipping. (Consequently, I also avoid letting my food touch plastic whenever possible, which rules out both disposable and refillable plastic bottles. Most of you know that I’m a glass mason jar gal for just about everything.)

Depending on where you live, your tap water might be relatively safe to drink… that is, relative to other municipalities. Municipal water is routinely monitored, with quality reports available for free online. Most cities do a good job of testing for and filtering out the really harmful stuff, but there are two problems. First, laws do not require testing for many dangerous substances, such as hormones and prescription drugs that make their way into the water supply via urine. Second, contaminants can make their way into your water between the treatment plant and your faucet, either in the public pipes or the pipes in your home. There is a great article I just came across from the Wall Street Journal here.

The ideal solution therefore is to filter your own water. There are many household systems available, ranging from small $30 Brita filters that screw onto your faucet, to $2000+ household systems. But the small Brita filters don’t last long and aren’t very effective. The $2000 systems are too expensive for many and don’t make sense for renters.

After much research, we found the answer! The Multi-Pure chrome counter-top (or undercounter) water filters hit the sweet spot with high-end filtration at an affordable price $320-340). Like all good filters, the Multi-Pure is independently tested and certified by the state of California, with test results available here.

But nothing quite beats the taste test. Our unit installed in less than five minutes and when we conducted our own blind taste test, my boyfriend gave me a taste of our new filtered water first. Then he gave me our unfiltered tap water, and I instantly spit it out and yelled “yeccchh” due to the chlorine smell and taste. I had been vaguely aware of it before, but once I compared it to the amazing-tasting filtered water, I could never drink it or prepare food with it again!

I’ve become a true believer. The unit comes with a filter cartridge that needs to be replaced ($60) every 750 gallons, or about 12-18 months, depending on how much water you use. We opted for the stainless steel housing, which has a 25 year warranty. When you do the math, this is absolutely the smartest, cheapest way to drink the healthiest possible and most environmentally responsible water.

This is one of those rare “Why didn’t I do this two years ago?” products. Please help spread the word, about this and the evils of plastic bottles. We plan to give a couple filters as Christmas gifts this year!

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Sunday, August 10th, 2008

You Can’t Help But Smile When Watching This…

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This is such a fun and beautiful video to watch. It’s cool to see all the different places around the world and you can’t help but smile seeing everyone dancing. Cheers! *Note: you can turn off HD if it’s playing too jerky, but the HD makes it look much better :)

Here is one of the comments from the website:
Truly epic. No other words for it really. I’m sitting in front of the tv with the laptop on, and on sky news, there is a story about the muslim extremists who were planning on bombing civilian planes. When I watch this video though, it makes me think maybe we will make it after all.

Dancing World Video

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Saturday, August 9th, 2008

Another Great Week & Thanks ShannonMarie!

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It’s been a terrific few days since my last post (let’s just say that a lot has been going on in my life – all great stuff!). I’m feeling fantastic, as usual, and filling my body with tons of fresh Raw food nutrition. I’m drinking lots of Plant Blood (a.k.a. green juice), and it’s so refreshing during the hot summer months in Arizona; definitely helps keep me cool, especially when I make the base with cucumber. I’m also taking in about 10-15 minutes of daily vitamin D (sunshine), getting restful sleep, eating healthy organic food, taking daily walks, and just having a ball :)

Special THANK YOU to ShannonMarie of Rawdorable for nominating me for VegNews Annual Veg Awards. I’m not an official nominee, but you’re allowed to add “other” as an option and she did that for Favorite Cookbook!!! I’m so honored that you thought of me, ShannonMarie, thank you!

We purchased a kick-ass water filter (this thing is so great!) that I can’t wait to tell you about (a future post will give you details). My water is officially delicious, fresh, clean, healthy and it’s another step toward a more environmental life (no plastic water bottles!)

Well, I’m off to spend part of the day with my mom :)

Rainbow Plant Blood
1 delicious quart

1 beet
1 zucchini

1 lg cucumber

3 lg rainbow Swiss chard leaves

Daily Conversation Question:

If you didn’t have to worry about money what would you do with your life?

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Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

VegNews Magazine Contest – My Recipes WON!!!

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GREAT NEWS!!! I was just contacted by my ALL-TIME FAVORITE MAGAZINE, VegNews, and told that two of my recipes were selected as winners in VegNews Magazine’s first-ever reader recipe showdown! I’m doing so many happy dances right now, yelling at the top of my lungs, Whoo-hoo! My winning raw vegan eats will be featured in the upcoming September/October Issue, which hits newsstands in a few short weeks.

My winning recipes:
Chinese Hemp Noodles
Spinach Thyme Soup

*UPDATE! I just received my copy and noticed that they altered the names of my two winning recipes… so you’ll see them listed under Raw Teriyaki Noodles and Sumptuous Spinach-Thyme Soup.

If you’re not a subscriber to this magazine, NOW would be a great time! And, if you don’t sign up in time to get this issue, be sure to get it hot off the press at a bookstore or health food store. I love supporting this magazine as a subscriber, because it’s ALWAYS (and I mean always) filled with loads of terrific and super fun information. Let me just share some of what this amazing magazine offers:

~ Monthly feature that has me laughing out loud until my stomach hurts (Dan Piraro)
Monthly advice column by one of my favorite authors, Rory Freedman of Skinny Bitch, who dishes out practical, tough-love advice
~ Up-to-date news on vegan happenings around the world

~ They’re featuring more and more raw lifestyle goodness all the time

~ Amazing recipes (eh-hem)

~ Great global veg travel information for cool veg-friendly places to visit

~ Super book and media recommendations

~ The latest and greatest in products and foods

This is the second time Kristen’s Raw has been featured in VegNews Magazine, so you can imagine I’m one proud and smiling gal :)

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Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

Make Money With My Affiliate Program – Yeehaw!

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A lot of bloggers out there have been asking me to create an affiliate program so they can help spread the word about Raw Vegan food and make money at the same time. Today I’m happy to announce that your wish has been granted! Becoming an affiliate is free, fast, and super easy.
Full details here.

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Monday, August 4th, 2008

Christian The Lion – I Love This Story

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Even though I’ve seen this a few times already, I still love watching it.

Here is a touching video about a lion who was raised by a couple of guys and then sent to the wild when he became too big for them to care for. The video shows what happened when they went to see him in the wild after being separated and he was considered a “wild” animal. (And, if you have seen it, you’ll probably want to see it again because it’s so sweet.) Oh, I love animals. They’re my biggest passion.

Enjoy this video and the following link to Dr. Ben Kim’s website, which is filled with lots of great health information.

Update: I was nominated for the third and fourth time for another blog award. Thank you so much to Vegan Tickles and Julie’s Raw Ambition for this honor :) I’m thrilled that so many people are enjoying my blog. Thank you to my readers. Y’all ROCK!

News to Peruse:
European Commission Supports Organic Food – Cool. Maybe someday we’ll follow suit ;)
Can Changing Your Diet Help You Have A Baby In Your 40s? – With all the pregnancy talk on my blog, this fits.
Trans-Fats Banned In CA – Okay, if I can’t live in Europe, maybe I should move to CA because they’re always ahead of the game on issues I care so much about.

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Friday, July 25th, 2008

Weblog Award – For Me :) YIPPEE!

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Hi Friends!

This post is dedicated to giving thanks to the two people who awarded me this fun weblog award. Thank you Isle Dance and Ginger Is The New Pink, you’re BOTH awesome!!! I’m truly honored :)

Here is the hard part!!! I have to nominate 7 others for this, and while I want to nominate everyone, many people have already been given this award. So, I’ll do my best to nominate a handful of blogs that I love reading and if you’ve already been nominated, then you’re REALLY loved because I had to nominate you again!

1) VeggieGirl
Raw Fit Mama
Julie’s Kind Kitchen
Julie’s Raw Ambition
Frugal Babe
Natural Family Living Blog
Natural Living Cuisine

Daily Conversation Question:
What amendments should be made to the U.S. Constitution?

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