Kristen Suzanne is an accomplished Raw food chef and former competitive bodybuilder. Through radio, television, books, classes, and her blog and email newsletter, Chef Kristen Suzanne helps people live life to the fullest with the healthiest cuisine in the world.

Kristen is based in Scottsdale, AZ, and offers the following services:

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What If I Miss the Aroma of Cooked Food?

Consider this: Have you ever noticed that no cooked food smells good once it's cold? Imagine cold pizza or Chinese take-out. At best, it smells like nothing; at worst, it smells like garbage. Our bodies, digestive systems, and metabolisms evolved for millions of years without any cooking at all. If you have to heat something up to make it appetizing, doesn't that strike you that maybe something isn't quite right?

Cooked food smells good, to be sure. But have you ever thought about what exactly that smell is? It's not just air; it's air and moisture carrying millions of molecules away from the food — literally, organic compounds that used to be in the food are dispersing into the atmosphere every time you smell food. Unfortunately, these compounds are precisely the same nutrients that make Raw food so healthy. If you can smell the food cooking, you are directly experiencing the food losing its nutritional value.

It's very simple: When you cook living food, you kill it. That's not just a metaphor, fresh Raw plants literally are alive. They still have living, metabolic, and enzymatic processes going on inside their cells. When you think about it this way, the idea of enjoying their dying aroma almost seems perverse, like enjoying watching the soul leave a body because it looks beautiful. Wouldn't you rather preserve that living essence by consuming the Raw food in its living state? Think about the nutrients and enzymatic richness of whole Raw foods being assimilated directly into your body.

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The above is one of the more frequently asked questions that come up when I give classes and talks about Raw food. For a very comprehensive introduction to Raw Food lifestyle and expert tips and advice on making it work for you, see my ebook:

Kristen's Raw: The EASY Way to Get Started & SUCCEED with Raw Food